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Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Ten to fifteen years ago, law firms largely invested in marketing services such as newspaper ads, pamphlets, radio & TV ads, and more. However, with time, marketing for law firms has changed significantly.

In today's tech-driven world, ignoring digital marketing is considered a death sentence for law firms. At Thinsquare, we implement proven digital marketing strategies to improve law firms' visibility and website search engine ranking. With no magic tricks, zero guesswork, and data-driven decisions, we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Driven by sheer SEO skill and determination, we analyze and monitor the website's 200+ key ranking factors to maximize reach and user engagement.

SEO Company For Law Firms

We assist law firms and attorneys worldwide to attract potential clients, generate leads, and grow your business. Our team implements proven SEO techniques for law businesses to rank them at the top of search engine results pages for relevant business queries.

Advanced Law Firms SEO Services

At Thinsquare, we take pride in assisting law firms and lawyers to build a solid online presence and scale business 10x times. Our top-rated law firm SEO services are designed to meet clients’ diverse budgets and digital marketing requirements.

  • Local SEO For Lawyers

    Our local SEO services for lawyers include optimizing GMB profiles, improving ranking on local keywords, and creating local business listings. We implement data-driven local SEO strategies to generate more leads and improve conversion.

  • Legal Content Services

    At Thinsquare, we craft engaging and SEO friendly legal content that effectively answers users' queries and adds value. Our content strategists and writers craft a well-thought-out content strategy to entice both search engines and potential clients.

  • Link Building

    Our SEO experts build high-quality backlinks on high-authority websites to boost businesses' online presence and search engine ranking. We employ white hat SEO link building techniques to reach clients seeking legal services and assistance.

  • On-Page SEO For Lawyers

    Our on-page SEO experts ensure that the client’s law firm website has Google-approved URLs, focus keywords, alt tags, no crawler issues, heading tags, and optimized images. We aim to make the website search engine friendly to bring more clients.

  • Off-Page SEO Services

    We help our clients become a dominating name in the legal industry with the best in industry digital marketing and SEO services. Our ROI driven off-page SEO services include niche-centric blogs, articles, digital PR, and high-quality backlinks.

  • Law Firm Website Audits

    Our law firm SEO expert performs a comprehensive website audit and submits a detailed report for free. We analyze website loading speed, broken links, duplicate content, indexing issues, responsiveness, and mobile-friendliness to ensure online growth.

Law Firm SEO Process, Simplified!

We have simplified our SEO process for law firms and lawyers.


Consultation Call

Our legal SEO experts connect with clients to understand their law firm SEO needs & requirements.


Website Audit

We audit client websites and ongoing digital marketing plans to identify issues and opportunities.


Project Proposal

Our SEO team submits a detailed project proposal, including a marketing plan, price, time, and process detail.



The team executes the marketing plan and ensures a positive return on every dollar spent by the client.



Our team submits weekly and monthly project reports for backlink creation, ranking, and paid ads ROI.



We repeat the process. Our team keeps on updating the marketing strategy to ensure maximum ROI.

Why Thinsquare For Law Firm SEO Services

At Thinsquare, we focus on what the data says rather than implementing traditional SEO and digital marketing strategies. Over the years, we have successfully delivered results to clients across several industries through data-driven SEO strategies;

  • Client-Centric Aproach

    The core of our SEO strategy evolves around the client's business and actual marketing needs. We implement digital marketing strategies that solve real-world problems, improve law firm visibility, and increase organic traffic.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    There is no magic SEO strategy to ensure business success in the digital world. That’s why we focus on crafting a custom digital marketing plan that is largely data-driven to ensure the law firms and lawyers' success in the online world.

  • Project Transparency

    At Thinsquare, we believe in cutting down the noise and providing clients with the information and reports that matter. We ensure transparency while crafting an SEO strategy and implementing the same to earn the client's trust.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We understand that law firms and attorneys require a unique and result-oriented marketing strategy to become a dominating niche player. We carefully analyze competitor’s websites to create a plan that helps you stay at the top.

  • Expert Team

    Our law firm SEO team holds expertise in search engine optimization, paid marketing, social media marketing, web design, and development. We leverage our wide spectrum of digital marketing expertise to deliver tangible results.

  • Meet Deadlines

    We respect our and clients’ valuable time, and thus, meeting project deadlines at all times is our topmost priority and forte. Our team creates a digital marketing plan that meets the client’s specific requirements and business goals.


  • What Is Law Firm SEO, and How Will It Benefit My Law Firm Business?

    Law firm SEO is a process specifically designed for law firm businesses to improve ranking in popular search engines like Google and Bing. SEO experts implement proven digital marketing strategies to improve business visibility and make it easier for law firms to reach potential clients.

    How Much Does SEO Cost for Law Firms?

    We at Thinsquare strive to assist our clients in dominating and becoming industry leaders in their niche. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions and provide custom SEO services that meet our client's specific law firm requirements. Therefore, our SEO cost for law firms varies based on the law firm's business requirements and needs.

  • Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Attorneys and Lawyers?

    For attorneys & lawyers to thrive in the online world, they need digital marketing services to make their clients aware of legal services. Law firm SEO services assist attorneys and lawyers in establishing themselves as industry leaders in their niche and promoting legal services.

    How Long Does It Take Law Firm SEO To Work?

    Search engine optimization is a long-term process as more than 200 factors directly impact website ranking. However, based on our previous SEO experience, we have seen a positive improvement in the website ranking within 3-4 months.