Privacy Principles

Your privacy is important to us

This website is run by Thinsquare.'s main goal is to serve as a dynamic resource and business tool for its customers, prospective customers, employees, analysts, researchers, and the media. We are devoted to protecting your privacy and want you to feel secure while using our website. Generally, you can access the Thinsquare website without identifying yourself or providing any personal information. But occasionally, we might need information from you. Having stated that Thinsquare will not disclose your personal information with non-affiliated businesses unless (a) necessary to deliver the goods or services you've requested, (b) with your consent, or (c) in the following situations:

  • Under tight confidentiality agreements, we disclose the information to dependable organisations who support or collaborate with Thinsquare. These organizations may use your personal information to assist Thinsquare in getting in touch with you regarding offers from Thinsquare and our marketing partners. These businesses do not, however, possess any autonomous rights to disclose or publish this information.
  • We react to subpoenas, court orders, and other legal processes, as well as establish or execute our legal rights and provide defence against claims made under the law.
  • We think it's essential to share the information in order to look into, stop, or take action about any illegal activity, suspected fraud, circumstances posing a risk to anyone's physical safety, or as otherwise required by law.
  • In our opinion, disclosing the information is important to uphold or defend Thinsquare's legal rights, licences, and other property and the company's and its affiliates' safety.
  • If Thinsquare is bought out by or merges with another business, we might disclose information about you.
  • In order to contact you, let you download our white papers, give you information about subscriptions, etc., we may ask for personal information from you such as your name, address, and email identification address (hence, "ID"). We want to keep your personally identifiable information accurate and reliable.

Disclaimer: Thinsquare disclaims all responsibility for any unsolicited information you may provide. You agree that Thinsquare may use this information in accordance with its privacy policies. When you ask us to update inaccurate personal information about you, we'll do our best to do it promptly. If there are any errors in your personal information, kindly send the offending mail back to the sender. The website of Thinsquare is not intended for or targeted at children.

Cookies and other technologies

For the purpose of enhancing our ability to serve our customers, we occasionally collect anonymous data from visitors to our websites. On the Thinsquare website, for instance, we monitor the domains from which visitors come and track visitor activities. However, we do it in a way that protects the visitor's privacy. This information may be analysed for trends and statistics by Thinsquare, its affiliates, or vendors in order to enhance customer service. We keep this information secret to the best standards possible. Our affiliates and suppliers uphold the same strict standards of confidentiality.

What are cookies

Cookies are little data files that store and retrieve information about your visit to, such as how you found us, how you used the site, and what content you found most interesting.

Why do we employ technologies like cookies and comparable ones

We only utilize and analyze this anonymous data in aggregate to better understand trends and patterns. There is no individual examination of any of this data. You have two options if you don't want your transaction information to be used in this way: disable your cookies or decline the download or request. As an alternative, you can configure your browser to notify you when a cookie is received. In that case, you can choose to decline.

Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies are not under our control, and they do not provide us access to your social media accounts.

Do Thinsquare’s marketing and analytics practices involve cookies?

Yes, we may track your browsing patterns to deliver information and customized offers using tracking, advertising, and targeting cookies. When you submit data through forms such as those on the Contact Us page or our service sites, cookies may be created to remember your user details for further communications. As a result, we might also make our emails to you more relevant to the interests you've expressed on previous visits.

Additionally, Thinsquare asks technology and third-party advertising platforms to continue displaying our adverts to you after you leave our websites. The term for this is retargeting technology. For statistical analysis, retargeting data is anonymous. It is used to track the anonymous online behavior of users so that banner ads can be tailored to their preferences.

The third-party company may use that cookie for advertising or targeted purposes. When you visit its websites or use its applications, the company might display content and adverts.


If you would like, Thinsquare may send you direct mailers at the address you provided.

Anti-Spam Rule

Thinsquare has taken reasonable steps to reduce the transmission and impact of spam emails in our computer environment because we acknowledge that receiving, transmitting, or disseminating spam emails (also known as unsolicited bulk emails) is serious. Every email that Thinsquare receives is subject to a spam check. Any email that is flagged as spam will be rejected, along with enough information for the sender to take the appropriate action. Thinsquare aims to lessen the impact of spam emails with this solution in addition to other technical ones. Any suspicious spam emails may be rejected by Thinsquare and reported to the appropriate authorities for further action.

Online Survey

Sometimes, we better understand the requirements and profiles of our visitors by conducting online surveys. We will endeavor to let you know how we will use the information when we gather it from you online when we show a survey, but we are not required to.

The following gives a general summary of how we safeguard your privacy while you're here.

What kind of data do we collect? collects information in two different ways: (1) indirectly (for instance, through the technology on our site) and (2) directly (for instance, when you provide information on various pages of

Our Internet access records are one example of the indirect information collection we engage in. Your Internet address is automatically logged in our Internet access records when you visit

Several of the methods we use to obtain information directly from you are described in this privacy statement. One option is to use cookies, which were specifically mentioned earlier.

We give you the option to contact us, submit a question, sign up for a conference or event, order a white paper, or take an online survey all throughout our website. Additionally, we receive information that you willingly give us. Whether or whether you want to provide it is absolutely up to you.

What purpose does this data serve?

We examine it to learn what features of our website are most successful, to find areas for improvement, and ultimately to figure out how we can modify to be more successful. When we gather the data, we will let you know about any further uses we have for the data.

The launch of our new services invites to our events, and other informational emails from our senior management are all sent out using this information via EDMs (Electronic Direct Mails). By selecting the unsubscribe option in the mail, users can choose not to receive additional mailings.

Will we discuss this with others?

The information we gather may be shared abroad within the global structure of Thinsquare. We won't sell anyone's personal information. Thinsquare is not liable for the privacy policies or the content of any other websites that are linked to this one.

Do we provide you with access to your data?

You have the right to know whether we have information on you, to access that information, and to request its correction if it is inaccurate. You can exercise these rights by contacting us via email at [email protected].

How about information security?

We take the necessary precautions to keep all of your data secure on Understanding that data may pass over networks without security protections and may be viewed and used by individuals other than those for whom the data is intended can assist. Despite this, our website has security measures in place to prevent the loss, unauthorized use, and modification of the information in our custody. Access to the data is restricted to authorized Thinsquare employees and is protected by a firewall.

Modifications to this Policy

Please be aware that this Policy may occasionally change. Without your express permission, we will not limit your rights under this Policy. Any modifications to the Policy will be posted on this page. Previous iterations of this policy will also be archived for your review.

Modification Notification

When this privacy statement is updated or materially changed, we'll let users know by placing a notice at the top of this page for a period of 30 days. Imagine that we would use your personal information differently than how it was intended to be used at the time of acquisition. If that happens, we'll let you know so you can decide whether or not we can use your personal data in that way.