case study

A Case Study

“ Designing and Development of an Online Learning Website ”

TipDesk is an online learning website for viewing numerous video tutorials. You can become a Tipster by creating an account to upload your Tips in varied formats. Support TipDesk community by commenting, rating, sharing and following the videos.

Challenges Faced Before Hiring Thinsquare

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Business Objectives

TipDesk had a goal to offer the best online learning experience to its audience. They sought an informative yet easy-to-navigate website design for their customers.

The company wanted to focus on their target audience and thus improved search feature, modern look, ease of use and updated features were a priority.

The wanted a website that could reflect their ideology in a clear manner making it easy for their visitors to view or share multiple video tutorials.

Role of Thinsquare Professionals

Thinsquare professionals designed and developed the website for TipDesk from scratch. Following an extensive research, our proficient experts outlined a website for TipDesk to differentiate it from other learning websites. Keeping the functionality of the website in mind, responsive and search-engine friendly site was planned.

The website allows the users to directly and conveniently begin their search, or redefine it at any instance during their visit to the website. A new functionality was added, videos in multiple formats can be uploaded on TipDesk. By visiting the website, individuals can readily learn something new every day on a variety of subjects.


Creating Value Through Designing and Development Process


Thinsquare experts did a creative layout planning after analysing the client’s requ irements. The company commenced the project by designing the website using latest technologies like HTML5/CSS3 and Twitter Bootstrap. For development of this website PHP5, MySQL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) were used. Being an educational and learning website, usability was given priority over visual appearance. It was seamlessly designed and developed to offer a convenient experience to the users.

This easy-to-navigate website had a clear objective - to improve customer’s eng a gement and to give the website an edge over its competitors. The streaming time of the videos was reduced, making it easier for the visitors to watch and learn fro m the tutorials.

TipDesk was projected with a motive to help all those who want to learn from or share video tutorials. People can easily comment, follow or share the video tutorials on this full-featured website. TipDesk also give the users a chance to rate different videos or find a specific tutorial. The measures taken by Thinsquare developers yielded almost immediate results.

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easy_navigateEasy to Navigate

Thinsquare professionals designed TipDesk with an aim to offer the visitors a unique understanding of the subject. A website having good navigation makes it easy for the users to move around along with offering a positive experience. The website was designed to facilitate easy navigate making the search for tutorials hassle-free.

User experienceRich User Experience

TipDesk offers a rich and consistent experience to the online visitors as they can watch the tutorials easily on their smart phones. Thinsquare skilled team focused on the target audiences thus developing a responsive and functional website, allowing individuals to browse through it even while travelling.

loading speedLoading Speed

Visitor’s engagement on a website depends on its loading speed. A website having high loading time can drive away the users, while a site with low loading time can increase their interest on your web page. Thinsquare developers reduced the loading speed of the website to offer an amazing experience to the users viewing different videos.

seo friendSEO Friendly

TipDesk is an SEO friendly website. Thinsquare experts used different SEO tactics to increase the ranking of the page. Being relevant to the user’s queries, the website achieved better brand credibility and higher rank in Google ratings. Organic SEO for the website helped the company to achieve a better return on investment (ROI).

Consistent Consistent Targeted Traffic

It is a proven fact that having consistent target traffic on a website helps in increasing sales. Thinsquare developed an attractive and comprehensible design for TipDesk that can easily attract the prospective clients. Focusing on the targeted traffic has helped TipDesk to increase its user base.

VisibilityIncreased Online Visibility

Businesses always strive forward to increase their online visibility to stay ahead of the competitive curve. TipDesk meet its customer requirements by having a logically planned website. The responsive website has helped in increasing the online visibility making TipDesk one of the best online learning website.

videon sharing Video Sharing

The newly developed website of TipDesk has made it easier for the viewers to view, comment, follow and share the video tutorials on multiple social media websites with a single click, without logging in on the website.



  • Number of Sessions increased by 200%
  • Rapid Increase in website visitors (New and Returning) by 180%
  • Overall Page Views increased by 250%
  • Site Bounce Rate reduced by 20%
  • Sign Up Leads RAISED by 150% in the first month since launched