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Tips on Using Instagram to Boost Your Car Dealership Sales

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 18 May 2019 No Comments

Content marketing on social media has been long popular for building leads for businesses but you can easily take it a step forward and use social media for driving traffic into your car dealership or even creating opportunities for e-commerce right on Instagram or on your business website. Instagram, due to is exclusive visual orientation and a mammoth follower bases exceeding one billion is the ideal platform for small businesses with a local footprint. A quick look at how you can increase traffic to your showroom and makes sales online using Instagram:


Use a Proper Hashtag Strategy
https://blog.hootsuite.com states it is well established that Instagram posts that have hashtags typically get far more engagement as compared to posts that are bereft of them. If you want your Instagram presence to contribute to your marketing and sales efforts, you need to have a proper hashtag strategy. This means that unless you have the right hashtags in your posts, the sort of target audience that you want to attract to your car dealership will not be able to discover you. The trick to making your posts more visible is to make your hashtags relevant to the content and your objective. Evolving your very own branded hashtag and encouraging users and customers to use it can help you to build a connected community on Instagram.

Connect to Potential Customers
Using DM can be very effective in striking up a personal relationship that can lead to a profitable sale. However, make sure that all your responses are customized and personally addressed to ensure that the prospect feels special. Creating and posting Instagram Stories can be particularly effective in helping you to connect better with your followers for Instagram. You can use a series of photos or even a video to tell a compelling story that engages your customer and makes him more interested in you. You can also use Instagram to give customers an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into your car dealership and the main people in your enterprise. To increase the impact of these strategies, be sure to show off your cars without engaging in too much in-the-face salesmanship. The more human you can make your interaction; the better it is for elevating the level of engagement.

Use Compelling Content
As the owner of a car dealership, you have an advantage over many others because your products are naturally interesting and are capable of being used in visual content in many interesting methods. Make it a point to use the photos of the actual vehicles that you are selling not stock photos or photos or videos lifted from websites belonging to others. Using stock photos can ruin your credibility in no time at all. If need be, hire a professional photographer to generate shots that show your cars off the best; don’t forget to include human beings representing very happy salespersons or customers to humanize the product and increase its appeal. User-generated content can be extremely effective in connecting with potential customers.

Instagram is close to being the perfect social media platform for car dealers as they can really show off their products while being able to strike up relationships with prospects at an individual level.

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real followers for Instagram her postings.