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The complete Counter-Strike History


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COUNTER-STRIKE – This is the first online shooter with a well-developed engine and a system of team interaction,

Which allowed the game to become and for many years to remain the best online team game.

The most popular game brought version Counter-Strike 1 .6. Some experts nowadays believe that the popularity of CS 1.6 is declining due to the emergence of new games with more advanced and realistic graphics.

Despite this, Counter-Strike 1.6 since 2003 remains the most popular team tournament game.

And the secret of success is not at all in the schedule, although it has some value. The essence of the game is to confront. Two teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists who in each round must kill opponents or execute. The task is provided on the map. At the end of the round, the winning team receives a higher cash reward, for which you can buy various types of weapons and ammunition.

Tasks and modes of play:

The hostages

The main purpose of this mode – to bring all the hostages (CT) or keep them (T). If all the hostages did not withdraw,
Winning terrorist. K Unfortunately, in this mode rather poorly thought out hostage: they cannot independently open door, crouch and so on.

Mining / neutralization

At the moment, this mode is the most popular and mainly it is used in competitions in
Counter-Strike. To accomplish the task, terrorists need to mine a bomb in a certain place.
(Usually, there are two on their maps), but counter-terrorists need to clear it up or not to mine it
(It takes 11 seconds to clear it up with a special tool, 6). Kill VIP.
The goal of the terrorists is to kill the VIP player from the counter-terrorist team or not to let him escape
(Their task is to bring this player to the safe zone). The selected player cannot buy equipment!


Now, this mode is not particularly popular. The goal of the terrorists was to reach the saving zone,
And the goal of counter-terrorists was to prevent them. In recent years, many gamers have created many maps
And invented new modifications:

Modification Deadly Run

One of the teams activates all kinds of traps (lasers, spilling acid, and so on), and the second team passes these tests, after which it takes a weapon and goes to avenge those who created these traps. You can also play PUBG Lite on PC right now free which recently released for low-end devices

Modification Zombies

The meaning of the game is that a randomly selected zombie needs to infect the rest of the players.
The mission of people can be the killing of all the zombies or reach the saving zone.

Modification In prison

The terrorists have only knives, and the PT has any weapons. The purpose of the terrorists is to kill the guard and seize his weapon.

The player’s screen displays:

Flashlight (on or off).
Radar with the coordinates of teammates, hostages and a bomb (for terrorists).

The lighter area of ​​the radar is the visibility zone of the selected player

The standard of living.
Means of transport.
Time to continue the game (flashes in red for half a minute before the end of the round).
Armor (initially 0%, in the VIP kill mode, the victim has 200%).
Killings (weapon and player names, headshot or suicide).
Place of purchase of equipment.
Special places (buy zone, rescue, bomb, etc.)
Damage indicator
Game statistics (by pressing the TAB key).
Shopping system. This is one of the most interesting details of cs: it is for money that players buy equipment in a
Special area.

Each player can earn:

To kill the enemy – $ 300 (kill all enemies – $ 3250).
Loss – $ 1400 (in 2 – $ 1900, in 3 – $ 2400, in 4 – $ 2900, etc.).
Loss after victory – $ 1500.
Victory of T – $ 3250 (undermining), + $ 250 to each T for a bomb, ST – $ 3250 for the destruction of a bomb.

And with each player can remove:

Killing a teammate – $ 3300.
The murder of a hostage – $ 3300.

The story behind Counter-Strike

In 1999, two Americans created Mod. Valve Corporation buys the rights to Counter-Strike,
And developers are hired. The next mod is Navy Seals for the first part of Quake and the second
Action Quake 2. It was a breakthrough, but not yet a team game Counter-Strike. After the second mod, the company splits into
Two parts: One part creates Action Half-Life, and the other (Goose) founds Counter-Strike.
Even the oldest players will hardly remember the first beta version of Counter-Strike. With each month, the beta version progressed. Added new maps and weapons, corrected bugs and errors (version 1.0 was completed in November 2000). The next ones were versions 1.3, 1.5, etc. Three years have passed since the development of the first version and to the current Counter-Strike. During this time, the game acquired its appearance, the settings, interface, player models, weapons, equipment were being finalized.

October 11, 2003, was the official release of Counter-Strike 1.6. The version that brought the game the most

Popularity in demand until today. The developers did not stop and the next was Condition Zero.

She was born in March 2004. It is almost the same as version 1.6, only in it appeared computer bots, as well as awards. A separate part of the Counter-Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes was created;

It was delivered with the first Condition Zero. Moving from one developer to another, in the end, did not gain popularity for themselves. The next version of the game was Counter-Strike Source. A lot of work was done to transfer the original version of the game to the Source engine. It has become even something better than version 1.6, improved graphics, and effects. But she was never able to gain such popularity as version 1.6. It has been 8 years and in 2012 the world saw the new
Counter-Strike Global Offensive with improved graphics, drawing weapons and models. The gameplay did not affect the changes.
Summing up: For all its existence, the game Counter-Strike has undergone many changes, but the most popular version
1.6 remains the best among fans of the game. Computer clubs were filled with CS players. And at that time she had no competitors among team games of her kind, there aren’t any of her for so many years, And all because fans of this game do not need graphics and special effects. Good old game play, rivals, and Teammates are what real fans of this cult game need. And if you look at the number of new servers appearing every day, fans of the game do not become less. Counter-Strike has not lost its popularity for 15 years and we hope that it will be popular for a very long time. Best game for Pubg pc download free full version.

The game will require:
Windows 98/00 / XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
The processor at least 800 MHz
128 MB RAM
Video card at least 32 MB.
Available disk space 600 MB
Keyboard, mouse, headphone and sound card.
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