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The Advantages of Having a Commercial Web Host

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 15 Jul 2019 No Comments

Are you stuck between getting a commercial web host and hosting your site yourself? This can be a tough decision. Honestly, who wants to pay for something they can do themselves? Well, the truth is that hosting a web page can be a lot more difficult than one might imagine. There are a lot of issues to deal with, and a lot of things that can go wrong. Some even find the setup process close to impossible to understand. So here’s a small list of problems you won’t have to deal with if you decide on a commercial web hosting services.

The Setup Process:

You probably run a Windows computer, and this means that you would want to use an Apache server if you wanted to host your site yourself. Well, one unfortunate side to Apache is that it should be considered as a “base” installation. Basically what this means is that all its features and functionality (including advanced language support, like PHP, MySQL, and Perl) is not included. It’s simply an HTTP server. You’ll need to find, download, and install all of these features as add-ons. Then you’ll have more than just Apache to tweak.


The good news here is that Apache comes with instructions. Most of it is a bunch of code you’ll have to modify. If you’ve ever had issues simply installing WordPress, then don’t even bother. The configuration settings here are extremely touchy and the server itself will need to be “debugged” any time you change anything. Plus, a lot of the terms they refer to are probably things you’ve never heard of before.

Some things you’ll have to know:

• What is the difference between having Apache running as a “Service”, or a Console Application?

• What is a Port?

• What port is your HTTP port (there are 65,536 known ports)

• What is a “backdoor”, and how do you close them?

On top of all that, you’ll also have to be able to plan for every known security issue to date, and keep your server updated.


Your server will probably go down from time to time. Will you know what the problem is? How would you know the difference between if your site got “hacked” or if your just having some technical issue? There is no 24/7 tech support number for Apache, just a wide selection of forums to ask questions on. Do you trust these unknown people with the server that handles your business?

The other thing you must keep in mind is that your server will depend on your computer running properly, and also your internet connection. So, what happens when your power goes out? What about your internet service? Some internet servers do not like people who try and host their websites, because it puts a bigger strain on their computers. They may suspend or cancel your service.

Now, let’s compare all this to using a commercial web server:

The Setup Process: Sign up for an account on a web server with your billing information. Then, upload your website.

Configuration: What will you use as your username and password? What will your security question be?

Maintenance: In case your website not working finds your phone, and dial their hotline number.
So the question is up to you. Or do you have the available 24 hours a day it takes to setup and maintain your web server? The decision comes down to personal preference. But for anyone serious about their business, and not interested in tinkering with things that in all honesty are unnecessary, then their probably going to be interested in a commercial host.