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Enhance Youtube Subscriptions & Viewers

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 4 May 2015 5 Comments

Everybody wants to be famous these days. Are you also one of them? Are you trying hard to reach out to your potential subscribers on YouTube? Do you want to increase the number of views of your video? If you answered yes, but are still confused on how to achieve your goal, read on. This post will help you to know more about different tips and tactics that will help you to increase your video views and YouTube subscribers.

But before we get started, you must remember that you cannot achieve a large number of subscribers and views in a single day. You need to have patience and wait for some time before you can see the results. So follow these top 6 tricks and witness your increasing popularity in the dot-com world.

Annotation Across Videos

Do you remember the little bubble text that pops up every time you view a video? The pop-ups with the text “Subscribe” or “Thumbs up” are called as YouTube Annotations. They are regarded as one of the best ways to increase subscribers and video views. With the help of these annotations, you can easily link your videos to some other videos to increase its popularity. In this way, you can compel your visitors to view more of your videos.

YouTube annotations will help you to point the viewers in a direction in which you want them to move. You can create a collection of viral videos and entice the viewers to view not one, but your complete collection.

Create A Playlist

People who are trying to make a mark on YouTube, generally do not realize that creating a playlist can help them to increase their video views. A playlist will automatically play different videos one after the other, thus engaging the visitors. The good thing about creating a playlist is that it is shown separately in the search results. In this manner, viewers get more opportunities to find your videos.

According to a study, it has been found that when videos are playing automatically, viewers will watch more of them. This will, in turn, increase your video views and subscriptions to a large extent. If you have a blog or a website, you can further embed the playlists so that the visitors coming to your website can also view and share the videos. This will help you to target large audience base.

Optimize the Metadata

Metadata contains information, such as Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Tags that surrounds a video. This makes it easy for the YouTube to know more about the content of the video. By selecting the right keyword, the chance of a video getting discovered easily by the online visitors is increased.

* Meta Title
Now that you are planning to update a video, have you written the Meta Titles for the same? Remember, the video must be accompanied by a precisely and well-written titles. The titles will help the viewers to decide whether they want to view a particular video or move on to something else.

* Meta Description
Write an interesting and enticing description for your video. You can also write the relevant keywords in the description so that users can easily find it. Make sure to write descriptive, yet precise description of the video that also include subscription links to your channel page.

* Meta Tags
Meta Tags are the most vital aspects in selecting the right keywords as they tell the YouTube algorithm about how relevant your video is to the query of the online audience. This help the video to get discovered in the search engine results. If you want your target audience to arrive at your video, you must target keywords that they can potentially use.

* Bulletins
It is crucial to communicate with the online audience to increase their interest in your videos. One of the best ways to increase communication with the subscribers is through bulletins. Bulletins were introduced by the YouTube to make it easy for the YouTubers to send out a text or videos to their subscribers and attract their interest as they appear on the homepage. With the help of bulletins, you can also tell your subscriber when you are going to upload the next video.


So you are still not on the YouTube community? If you answered yes, you are probably making it difficult for your potential audience to view your videos. By commenting on videos posted by other video makers or by subscribing and following other YouTube personalities, you open a world of opportunities for your channel.

Joining the YouTube community will help you to spread a word about your channel and encourage people to visit your channel and view the videos posted by you. It also makes it easier to collaborate with other video makers who have a large number of subscribers in turn helping you to increase your video views and subscribers.

Target Popular Thing

So what are you targeting to make the videos? Are you targeting the things that are popular nowadays or are you creating videos on something that was popular some years age? While choosing a subject for the videos, it is imperative that you choose something that has created hype recently. It can be a big story that has recently come up or a popular song or even a review about a movie that was recently released. You can choose an interesting title for the video to attract the viewers’ attention and convert them into subscribers.

These were some of the most popular ways to increase the number of video views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. You can also opt to make your video responsive so that people using different devices can easily view the video. If you make it easy for your viewers to access your videos, you will automatically witness an increase in the number of subscribers.

You can also tag your Facebook friends or share it on Facebook wall to increase its visibility. Whatever you do, remember that more subscribers mean more video views. So upload unique and interesting videos to attract more viewers and increase subscribers.