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Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 4 Sep 2015 No Comments

Do you think your e-commerce website is performing well on Google? How swiftly it loads the web pages? Is it lethargic? These are some key points that will decide whether your website is performing well or an ensuring that the visitors are having a good experience with your site. So, it is worthwhile to spend some time for tuning/optimizing the site performance. If your website is slow, and UN-optimized, then it has greater chance to loose potential visitors run away. So it is imperative for you to engage your clientele by providing them magnificent experience. Woo Commerce is most popular plug-in which assists to build e-commerce website on wordpress platform. It is the most acknowledged and rewarding word press plug-in for small and medium businesses that offers maximum efficiency, user friendly interface or product management system.

If you are planning to build an online store or add any shopping cart to their existing word press site, then the woo commerce is the best option for you. But still there is a question how can we optimize the Woo Commerce in our site. Here are some tips to optimize it in your word press website.

Search for an Effective Keyword
Much like everything in life, taking the necessary time to prepare the suitable keyword will undoubtedly enhance your chances for success. This principle applied when it comes to website designs or structure. Effective keywords brings a drastic change on your web page, it will increase the result of your website and also increase your web traffic.

People tend to be quite specific when they are conducting a keyword search, so make sure the keyword you use they are not too general.

Avoid Duplicate Content

If you are dealing with SEO you will be surely familiar with the dangers associated with the duplicate content. It is well known that search engine are not fond of content that has been blatantly copy or paste, and avoiding this flux-pas is very mandatory.

When it comes to woo commerce shops, many of the products are essentially the same, which means their product description might be more similar to each other than Google deems appropriate. That is why, it is must for woo commerce website owners to understand that analyzing all pages of your website and identifying ways to reduce the redundancy is crucial.

Optimize your Image for the Web

Image can break up all long pieces of text and can help articles to be shared more and frequently on social media service: however, they also take up a lot of storage. Therefore pages that contain long images can take a long time to load. It is better to optimize your image for the internet before uploading them on your website. Numerous photo-editing application such as PhotoShop allow to do this via “save as web” option.

Use a Fast Word Press Theme

A design that has been coded badly, or use images throughout the design can definitely affect the design because it adds the unnecessary load on your site. It is uncommon to some word press themes to be a few Megabytes in size. Such a design could take a few seconds to add to your website.

Make your URL Structure Easy for Search Engines to Crawl

Do not underestimate the value of the URL in your word press website’s URL structure when trying to climb the search engines. Proper URL structure can make it a lot easier for search engine to find and crawl your site and recognize what your site is all about. This in turn will help you to get your site and its pages indexed.

Monitor your Plug-ins

One of the biggest causes to slow down the word press site is your Plug-ins. It is important to understand from the very beginning that, do you really need a plug-in for your website. Because the more plug-ins you use, the more performance issues you will face. For dwindle this problem one has to be very conscientious about its coding, calls to external servers, persistent calls and always update your word press database. Most of the developers highly recommend one plug-in P3 Profiler which was developed by Google Daddy. This will show you exactly how much load time your plug-ins are adding. It is the most effective way of seeing which plug-ins are slowing down your website.

Choose an Effective Advertisement for the Website

Do you want to promote your wordpress website’s products or services? Advertisement is one of the best ways to do this. You can also provide a direct link to the page using an image that has been optimized to the web. Advertisements are necessary for numerous websites to survive, therefore you need to strive for the right balance between speed and income. Before and after, adding the advertisement to your website, it is better to test the speed of the site and be ensured first that you load a relevant ad to your product or service.

Woo commerce is a free website plug-in that is really helpful for e-commerce website development. There are multifarious benefits of using woo commerce, it is not only free and easy to figure out, but it also looks professional and offers a lot of flexibility. Optimizing your website is no longer an option, with search engines placing so much importance on the speed of the web pages, it is vital to the site’s success to have fast loading web pages.