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Custom Website Benefits

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 13 Apr 2015 No Comments

Are you planning to expand your business in the online world, but do not know where to start from? If you answered yes, this post will help you. The first step will be to design a website. For this job, you can hire expert web designers or can even do the same yourself. Small business or startups are generally low on budget in the beginning, thus most of them prefer to build a website themselves. However, custom website development is a far better option than DIY website builders.

Custom Website Development
Expert professionals are hired for the job of custom website development. The professionals design a website based on the unique requirements of your business. By hiring experts for the job, you are left with ample time in your hands to look into other important aspects. The custom website helps you to create an identity for your brand.

DIY Website Builder
You must have heard a lot about the DIY website builder, but do you know what is it? A DIY website builder is a software, accessible online and used to design a website. You have to sign up using your email address and the software allows you to use different components, for example, images, text, slide show and many other things to build up your own website.

The website builder also helps you to craft your website from pre-designed templates to give it an amazing look. In simple words, it can be said that the DIY website builder takes care of multiple aspects required to get your business website up and running.

Why Is Custom Website Development A Better Option?
When compared to a DIY website builder, the custom website development offers a number of benefits. Customized web design and development solutions allow you to stay ahead of your competitors along with offering you a chance to increase your visibility in the dot com world.

Unique and Versatile Website
A custom designed website stand apart from other websites as it is designed according to the specification of a business. The website is customized to present your company’s services and products in a good light. In addition, the website is completely yours and there is no other website that resembles your business site. Professionals will design a full functional website that offers an amazing user experience to your target audience.

Business Demands

If you are a start-up, your business will definitely evolve with time and thus the website will also change. You can easily communicate the present and future demands of your business with the professionals to build a website capable of growth. On the other hands, websites designed through DIY website builders are stagnant and can cost a business its reputation and decrease its profits.

Search Engine Optimization

Custom designed websites are search engine friendly and thus rank high on the search giant. As compared to websites designed using free templates, customized site can easily climb the search engine. The site can be easily indexed by Google and optimized for increased visibility. Tailor made sites are designed by keeping the SEO of the site in mind, thus they are able to crawl to a higher rank as compared to DIY websites.

Hassle-Free Solutions
While many DIY website builders are available, building a website is still a difficult job for a person with no knowledge of the codes and HTML. A custom designed website comes with a long checklist that the designers comply with. The designers have all the technical knowledge and design a website by keeping in mind the futuristic trends. However, a website designed with DIY website builders does not offer this option to its users and it is always a problem to keep the site up-to-date with the changing trends.

Safe Website
Security is a major concern for businesses in the dot com world as everyday hackers insert viruses into the site. The DIY website builders do not guarantee proper security to its users while it is not the case with professional web designers. Experienced and knowledgeable web designers ensure that the website they design is free from any potential threat.

Back-End Help
If you have chosen a DIY website builder to build your own website, you will be responsible for everything that goes wrong with the site. If the site is not working properly or if there’s any other potential problem, there will be no one who can be blamed for. But if you choose custom website development, you will get back-end support. The professionals will back up all your data and will answer all your queries.

Slow Loading Speed
A website built using DIY website builder is often hosted on shared hosting server and thus the website has a slow loading speed. The speed of the website may further slow down if you have used heavy images. However, a custom website loads fast because it has a separate hosting service provider. You can even use heavy images as they will not have an effect on the loading speed of the page.

Everything You Want
A custom website gives you complete control on your website. Whether you plan to add a section or want to integrate additional social media functions to your website, a customized website gives you complete control.

Is It Possible To Differentiate

The next question that you may be thinking now is, “Can the customers really differentiate between a website built using a DIY website builder and a professionally designed site?” YES, your audience can easily differentiate between the two.

Website built by DIY website builders is easy to identify as they are designed using the free templates. Sometimes the site may have an advertisement with a sign, “This site was built free”. Your target customers may not take your business seriously if your website is built with DIY website builders. In contrast, custom websites are designed to grab the potential customer’s attention and to help them enjoy a better user experience. Custom website design always makes a favorable impact on the visitors.

While a DIY website builder allows you to save your money now, custom web development solution helps you to save your money, in the long run, so make a wise decision.