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Design of Website Influence Visitors

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 10 Apr 2015 No Comments

Professional designers often take up a lot of time to design an engaging website that can make the visitors stay on it for a long time. Do you think that an easy to navigate website is enough to catch the visitors attention or does the website demands something more? Do you really think that the design of your business website can change the visitor’s perception of buying? If you answered NO, this article will help you to know more about how a web design can really change the visitor’s perception.

Psychology Based Design

You can achieve a positive end result if you consider psychology in the web design. Before designing a website, it is important to think like your customers. What do they want from your site and how did they want to achieve the same. If you focus on these two main objectives, you are on the right track to target your customer’s psychology.

By designing a website to suit your customers requirement, you will end up with happier clients and more conversions. They will readily perform the actions that you want them to do which may vary from referring your business, purchasing the services or getting in touch with your business. This is an important aspect of web designing field as you want your customers to do what you want them to do.

Building Credibility

Your visitors need to have trust in your services to make your business a success. In this age of scams, unsavory characters, and online schemes, trust don’t come easily. People who are aware of the working on the internet, become suspicious of a company that asks them for personal details irrespective with the popularity of the business.

Web designers, who regularly build websites for businesses often overlook this aspect. However it must be remembered that people are still afraid to reveal their details online. Therefore if you want your business to build credibility, it is vital to design a trustworthy website. By keeping this customer psychology in mind, design a website that puts your visitors at ease. A trustworthy site increases the chances of a person signing up for your services or purchasing your products.

Recognizable Pattern

When online users land on your website, there are a variety of things that they expect to see irrespective of the business site they are on. The two big things that online users wish to see on a web page are:
The main purpose of the website
Some form of navigation

If they are unable to locate the above mentioned things, they will think that they have ended at an unknown wasteland.

Therefore, while tag lines are important, a well-planned web design can complement the message. Apart from these elements there are a lot of other additional elements that can change your visitor’s perception of buying. Customers often expect an “About Us” and “Contact Us” page on the website, therefore, remember to include it in your design as it also have an effect on the customers buying behaviour.

Psychological Triggers

Emotional and psychological triggers are considered as valuable tools to influence the visitors and make them purchase your services and products. Triggers include a sense of belonging, fear and guilt along with appealing to your customers. You can incorporate psychological triggers in your web design with the help of language on the site or different graphic elements. Relevant images reinforce the trigger which is being used on the website to influence the customers.

The images can confuse the visitors or interest them, therefore it is vital to use the images sparingly. A well-chosen relevant picture can increase the visitor’s interest in your business site while an irrelevant image can drive your potential customers away. Abstract images, when used at the right place, can do wonders for your site by sending a strong message to your customers. Therefore, use emotional triggers with the right image to change your customer perception toward buying your services.

Color Psychology

When designing a website, colors play an important role. While the right color can attract the customers, the use of irrelevant colors can just do the opposite. Therefore, ensure to make the right use of colors to make a positive impact on your customers. The color combinations that you choose can change your clients’ perception as well.

Red – It is an intense and powerful color and represent passionate and fiery. It is generally used to make the call to action pop out of the site.

– This color demands attention and is termed as a happy and warm color. Make use of the right shade of yellow to enhance the user experience.

Orange – This color is associated with happiness and energy and is much calmer than red. It is known to be an optimist color.

Blue – In its lighter shade, blue is believed to have a tranquil effect. Often corporate images are presented in this color.

Purple – For a long time, purple has been associated with wealth and royalty. This color can easily stimulate visitors thought and change their perception.

The Reading Pattern

When reading a web page, people tend to just scan the copy. They read in a “Z” pattern, starting from the top left corner and ending at the right bottom corner of their screens. Therefore, as a designer, it is important that you place the most important content in the sections that are scanned by the readers. Make sure that the logo of your company is present in the top left corner of the header.

If an irrelevant text is present in this read zone, your visitors may leave the site without even engaging in your business. Therefore, while designing the website, keep this point in mind to have a positive effect on your customers.

Every designer must learn the designing psychology to make sure that he is able to cater to the visitors needs and demands. The designing psychology must be incorporated in the work to have a positive impact on your customer’s perception of buying. Remember, it is not difficult to put these principles into practice. So design an engaging and unique website for your business.