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Top 10 Unique Virtual Tour FeaturesTag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 10 Sep 2021 No Comments

Are you looking to explore new, exciting ways in order to promote your real estate business? Do you want to sell your property and keep customers engaged? You can also consider offering 360 virtual tours , which leads to increased brand awareness and improves customer service. Thus, in this way, you will make more money and can grow your business.

Here are some of the features of a Virtual tour:

Let’s explore these features:virtual tours

1: It Save Time:

When you are listing a new property for sale, then it might be possible that you come across receiving hundreds of phone calls from the desired clients. Meeting with each client can be a time-consuming process, and the client would also be curious when buying it from you.

With 360 virtual tours, the customers can see your property on either their laptops and smartphones. Thus, the one interested in purchasing your property can call you and ask for the complete information. In this way, one should save time and should be able to focus on all aspects of their business.

2: Minimizes Costs:

While meeting with the clients and showing them your properties can cost you a bit more. Thus, it would help if you thought about how much you can save on it. One of the worst parts is that you won’t guarantee that customers will surely buy your property.

The reason might be they don’t like the design or its architecture. Or they might not feel comfortable with the neighbourhood. Therefore, 360 virtual tours help in eradicating such issues. And your only job is to upload your time on a website so that customers can check the property in advance.

3: Reduces Bounce rate:

Have you known about the term Bounce rate? It actually represents the number of visitors who leave your website just seeing one page. Thus, besides posting quality content, you can use virtual tours and keep your visitors engaged for a longer duration.

In short, virtual tours consume less time, which means that people can spend more time on your website. In this way, the bounce rate also gets minimized, and you start getting more traffic on your website, which improves your search rankings. Moreover, it will also help in boosting customer retention and your online exposure.

4: Differ from others:

It’s true that the more traffic and links you have, the more people will find out about your website. Here the virtual tour comes in as it provides you with a competitive edge and can do your business apart from the crowd. Due to this, it will add a wow factor to your business listings.
In addition to it, the customers will start trusting you, and you might get congratulated with such a great idea.

5: Enhance Convenience:

If you are ready to showcase your property, then you first need to make sure that your rental property is in good condition. Although, it can be difficult to call some cleaning agency to clean your home property. With virtual tours, you can show off your rental property in the very best condition, and you can also highlight its key features and entice people to buy your rental property.

6: Get the Best Quality of Backlinks:

You need to ensure that when someone shares your virtual house tours online, your website starts receiving good quality backlinks. Due to this, it will help you in increasing traffic and also establishes your authority online. Remember that quality backlinks are crucial to ranking signals and help improve your brand awareness, strengthen your reputation, and drive more traffic for years to come.

7: Provide Realistic Experience:

Usually, virtual tours are like a permanent open house in which the potential clients can access the tour 24/7 hours either from their home or while on the road. With this technology, one can create an instant sense of ownership and take the tour very quickly and imagine themselves living in that house.

8: No technical Skills Needed:

Most companies create virtual tours in every sector. So, your job is to take photos, videos and make floor plans for the property. Thus, they will put everything together and can design a stunning tour.

When visiting for a virtual tour, one can also add background music in order to improve the customer experience. Once the job gets done, you need to upload the tour on your website and make adjustments or add some extras based on your feedback.

9: Grab Attention:

In this competitive era, it is difficult to grab the viewers’ attention for a long time. But by creating captivating virtual tours for real estate projects, one can increase the chance of attracting more customers, and it keeps them engaged for a more extended period.

Apart from this, every customer would like to view the final look of their project, which they can only experience once the construction gets completed. Thus, providing a virtual tour of a property before its construction will significantly benefit finalizing the deal with clients.

10: Customization:

The viewers usually focus on the details that matter to them a lot. For example, they can zoom into some particular area of the project, examine the facts, and come up with specific suggestions. Moreover, the personalized approach is also one of the great benefits of 360 virtual tours. Besides, you can make essential changes in the virtual tours as recommended by homebuyers.

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What is Virtual Reality?Tag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 27 Jul 2021 No Comments

Virtual reality refers to a near-reality experience, which is a three-dimensional (3D) created the world in which objects and scenarios appear so genuine that the user feels immersed in their surroundings based on sensory data and the brain’s categorizing processes.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with realistic-looking images and objects that gives the user the feeling of being completely immersed in their surroundings. This environment is viewed through the use of a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. Virtual tours are beneficial for any type of business.

Even though Virtual Reality is a decades-old technology, many people are still unfamiliar with it. It’s also not uncommon to mix up virtual reality and augmented reality.

virtual reality
virtual reality


Let us first understand the difference between VR and AR –

Everything we see in virtual reality (VR) is part of an artificially manufactured environment made up of visuals, audio, and other elements. In augmented reality (AR), on the other hand, our world becomes the framework inside which objects, images, and other media are inserted.

Virtual reality will be able to transport you to locations you’ve never been before. You will be able to see new areas as if you were there by using virtual reality. This will be interesting not only for the entertainment sector but also for the classroom and many other businesses.

Virtual reality in the future will entail much more than just headsets and game controllers; it will be very tangible. Experts say that virtual reality will become more sensory-oriented in the future, while it has previously focused on the visual senses. The industry is unlikely to become widespread any time soon. Experts predict it will take several years longer.

As a result, we may be optimistic about the future of virtual reality in the classroom while still acknowledging that virtual reality may not become a reality for teachers anytime soon.


360 Virtual tour’s future is set to merge with AI, and the truth is that this is unavoidable. This fusion has already proven advantageous in the corporate world in various ways, such as increasing productivity and optimizing workflows. Still, developers and researchers are looking for new methods to make it even more beneficial.

The use of technology to produce more immersive events and sporting encounters is becoming increasingly popular in VR and AR. As a result of the recent pandemic, authorities have had to postpone online conferences and sporting events. As a result, prominent sports organizations and events are already investing in virtual and augmented reality to promote sports and events.

The Bottom Line

Businesses will have more advertising chances as virtual reality technology becomes more widely adopted and integrated into everyday life.

Businesses have a reasonable opportunity to reach potential customers on their way to the future of VR technology and target their advertising to the right niche and clientele. Consumers spend more and more time on their smartphones or computers, and this technology is increasingly used.