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Generate your brand awareness among people using social media marketing tipsTag Archives:

Generate your brand awareness among people using social media marketing tips

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 11 Oct 2017 No Comments

These days, social media has became one of the most effective marketing tools ever. It has become a digital publicity beast and entirely new sub-genre of marketing. Promoting your business on right social media platforms is really very important. For this, you need to determine which social media platform would be best to promote your brand.

When it come to social media marketing, creating a brand awareness along with generating traffic and lead generation is quite essential. For selecting right social media channels promoting your business, focus on what type of services you offer and who will be your target audience.

Here below are some of the best social media marketing strategies using which you can create your brand awareness-

Get Visual-

If you want your content to be noticed among people then, you will have to publish eye-catching content along with amazing visuals in it.

It is important to note that sites having attractive visuals get more traffic and leads as compared to sites who don’t post visuals. (Learn these 8 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Excel In). When you will attach different attractive images then, grabbing the attention of people will become quite easy. Therefore always focus on posting relevant images to your site.

Get the Right Mix of Engagement and Action-

Getting the mix of engagement and action is important. Mixing engagement with action will sometime proves to be the best method for generating more traffic for a business. One of the best examples of the right mix of engagement and action is adding a link to a website to a blog post. Engagement posts can be a topical or a funny post, just to get a positive reaction or just to provoke thought.

Go beyond services and products-

Sometimes selling a good product or service isn’t always enough for prospects. Customer value transparency, honesty, and authenticity from organizations. Different services which clients usually expect from a service provider are-

  • – Being upfront and honest about business practices
    – Emphasizing company values and culture
    – Getting involved in the community
    – Sharing sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes info on products and services
    – Publishing meaningful content
  • Consider Co-marketing-

    Co-marketing is a partnership between two organizations where both of them jointly market each other’s products. For example, a game software company can do a partnership with an organization who manufacture video cards. They both can further market each other’s products.

    With help of co-marketing, brands can easily get additional reach and exposure. Researching your target audience’s likes behaviors and demographics can uncover other organizations to potentially work with on marketing campaigns.

    Experiment with Social Profiles-

    Experimenting and testing with features of each social media platform is fun. For e-commerce retailers, Facebook can be a favorite because of availability of many tab options on a page, such as an email sign-up forms, shopping, offers, and the ability to drive traffic to a website.

    Want to generate your brand awareness among people for getting huge traffic and leads? If yes, then go through these above mentioned some of the best social media marketing tips.

    If you looking for a reliable social media marketing services provider who will help you to take your business to next level then choose Thinsqare. We have expertise team members who work with full dedication using advanced tools and technology for providing quality service.

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    Tips To Improve Your Revenue Without Increasing Website TrafficTag Archives:

    Website Revenue

    Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 5 Mar 2016 No Comments

    Everybody knows the significance of site design improvement. There are a great many pages on the web offered to disclose the system important to expand movement to a site. The genuine disgrace is numerous destinations that are effective in driving activity are coming up short at augmenting the income potential.

    Try not to be that fellow. By applying a couple of straightforward, however demonstrated and powerful standards, you may not generally twofold your incomes, but rather you are prone to accomplish an important change.

    Communicate UVP in 8 Seconds or Less

    A recent report by Microsoft, as reported by Yahoo, finished up the normal capacity to focus is currently 8 seconds. This is down from 12 seconds in 2000. In the event that you neglect to convey an interesting quality suggestion that is consideration getting and straightforward, you hazard losing a client.

    Keeping in mind the end goal to get that going, your UVP (one of a kind worth suggestion) should be clear and pertinent to your client’s needs. It ought to stress advantages like how to take care of an issue or enhance a circumstance, not only a considerable rundown of components. At last, an UVP ought to clarify why somebody ought to purchase from you and not your opposition.

    A viable UVP or one of a kind offering point will contain the accompanying components:

    * Feature: Defines the issue or circumstance that will be settled or made strides
    * Slogan: Provides included subtle elements like who advantages and how
    * Visual cues: Lists highlights , at the same time, all the more vitally benefits
    * Picture or Video: A visual component to pass on the recommendation

    Removing Objections

    Never expect your client comprehends your product, administration, or business sector. Thusly, you are prone to leave numerous inquiries unanswered and numerous complaints unchallenged. This prompts a negative effect on changes.

    Rather, straightforwardly address the most widely recognized inquiries and concerns communicated by imminent purchasers. Consider any protest you can consider identified with your item or administration, then address it on your class and item pages.

    Then again, you could make a FAQ page. In the event that you have a client administration division, the telephone and visit logs are ideal for finding inquiries and protests. Discussions and Q&A destinations are likewise awesome assets for turning up inquiries.

    A few samples of regular complaints that should be tended to:

    * Why pay you when I can do it without anyone’s help?
    You charge an excess of – it’s not justified, despite any potential benefits

    * Will it work?
    Imagine a scenario in which it doesn’t work.

    * Why would it be advisable for me to trust you?

    Overcome Fear

    No one preferences get ripped off. When you are offering a product or administration that individuals aren’t acquainted with, this is a quite undeniable and real concern. By defeating this trepidation you will have one less complaint AND a particular point of preference over your opposition.

    How? The most ideal path is to offer a no bother, cash back insurance. Noticeably show your assurance and arrangement on the landing page and each classification and product page.

    The advantages of offering a no bother surety include:

    * Evacuation of a grinding point in bringing a deal to a close
    * Standing so as to expand validity and trust behind your product or administration
    * Having an upper hand over those unwilling to remain behind what they offer
    * Keeping you “legit” by constraining you to give a reasonable esteem every one of the times to maintain a strategic distance from charge backs

    Highlight Social Validation

    The significance of social approval in internet showcasing is hard to exaggerate. A stand out amongst the most enticing sorts of approval is the testimonial. Since forthcoming purchasers are a great deal more inclined to believe a shopper’s assessment over that of a business, audits convey a unimaginable measure of weight.

    By late Consumer Review Survey:
    * 92% of customers now read online audits
    * 40% of customers frame a sentiment by perusing only 1-3 surveys
    * Star rating is #1 component utilized by purchasers to judge a business
    * 44% say an audit must be composed inside of 1 month to be significant
    * Just 13% of buyers think about utilizing as a business that has a 1 or 2-star rating
    * 68% say positive audits make them believe a neighbourhood business more

    The best testimonials contain components that accept the UVP
    * Clarify what issue or circumstance was tackled or enhanced
    * Disclose what happened to touch base at the fancied result
    * Accentuate advantages over components
    * Talk about how your product or administration performed versus a contender
    * Reward: Up the stake with sound or video testimonials for greatest impact

    Change Your Product or Service Offerings

    Given Google Analytics something to do for you and figure out what clients are purchasing. Next, consider what products or administrations normally compliment the top dealers. That is the idea driving corresponding items.

    A cheerful purchaser of your product is prone to purchase from you once more. It just bodes well to offer something that supplements one they have recently purchased. It is additionally advantageous for the purchaser to make a buy on a solitary site. Offering a markdown when packaging things can promote enhance your deals.

    Here is the catch – an excess of decisions can overpower a client and really prompt less deals and transformations. You can likewise give away a correlative administration. On the off chance that you are offering kitchen cupboards, offering a free plan administration could give you an edge over the opposition. Numerous online business card printers offer a free layout for DIY plan. Some advanced organizations offer a free SEO report. Is there an open door for you to give away an administration that could prompt a deal?

    Change Your Pricing

    Do you have an idea of layered valuing? The idea is basic – pack an arrangement of items or administrations and offer every group at incremental value focuses. In the first place, figure out what value focuses the business sector will acknowledge. Next, figure out what items or administrations to convey in every level.

    Favorable circumstances to utilizing a layered valuing model
    * Expands market opportunities
    * Offers a way to existing clients to climb the levels
    * Requires no extra items or administrations
    * Gives the purchaser a decision

    The most effective method to execute a layered estimating model:
    * Scale esteem – As the cost expands so ought to the worth, so offer a greater value for the money at every level.
    * Include advantages – As the cost goes up, the sorts levels of administration ought to additionally increment.
    * Reward: Add esteem taking into account responsibility – for instance, offer one month free with a 12-month understanding.

    Make it Easy to Pay

    There is nothing more disturbing than exploring through the business prepare just to get stalled when it comes time to pay. Trouble in looking at is the mortal foe of offers and transformations. Having a simple to utilize checkout page is vital.

    Components of a decent checkout page
    * Does not divert installment to another page like PayPal
    * Does not require a client record to make a buy
    * Does not request more information than would normally be appropriate
    * Is exceptionally natural and simple to utilize
    * Makes it simple to settle botches
    * Offers numerous installment techniques
    * Offers verification of the site and client data

    The Takeaway

    By evacuating contact focuses, ingraining trust, and making the purchasing handle simple, you are verging on sure to build your incomes in an exceptionally significant manner by benefitting as much as possible from the activity you are as of now getting.

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    Targeting Competitor’s Branded Keywords – Get Expert TipsTag Archives:

    search engine optimization

    Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 22 Feb 2016 No Comments

    What can be a commonly used tactic across Google Adwords account? It can be none other than reaching your nearest competitor’s names and brands with your stunning keyword strategy. As we all know that using competitor’s name as keywords can be the worst thing at your disposal if you are looking to drive traffic and conversions as your main aim.

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    Understand the 6C’s of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy.Tag Archives:

    Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 14 Mar 2015 No Comments

    With the developing technology, social media has become an important part of our daily life. Different social media sites can be used by an entrepreneur to reach out to wide customer base or to market his services. Planning goes a long way in online marketing therefore plan out your strategy well.

    Are you new to the online world and want to increase your customer base? Here are the 6 important points that can help you to generate revenue by converting online visitors into sales.


    When advertising your business on different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, find people who are known to you and start a conversation with them. Next you can reach out to your targeted
    audience and engage them in a conversation. In most of the cases, it may be possible that people would willingly participate in your conversation.


    Creating connections with your online audience is the best way to increase your visibility. You can easily create a fan page for your business and thus promote your company. Find people with whom you can connect easily and they would help you to find the online targeted customer base.


    By remaining consistent and by posting relevant and informative content on different sites you can easily increase the credibility of your business. Post content that would interest and engage visitors to remain on your website. Increased credibility would mean more visibility further giving an expert status to your online business.


    By becoming a part of large online community, you can increase your followers and friends. Connections can be made over time therefore give time to your visitors so that they can engage formally with your company and create associations.

    By giving details about your business your clients would trust you and thus you would be able to secure new customers easily. As you would have a base of satisfied and loyal customers there would be no need to make false promises and you would not be required to offer unnecessary discounts.


    With the increase in the number of online customers, you would witness and increase in the revenue which would mean more cash. Your relationship with your customers is based on respect and mutual trust therefore your clients understand your services in a better manner.

    Social media marketing is all about creating relationships. You can easily increase your conversion rate by offering reliable and trustworthy services to your customers. So if you are starting a new business, internet marketing can help you to reach out to a large customer base.