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Top Benefits of Having More Instagram Views and Followers for Your BusinessTag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 23 Apr 2019 No Comments

Posting your business photos and videos was never more interesting and beneficial until the inception of Instagram. Yes, you can share your brand’s moments and stories with millions of users over the world to boost your presence online. There is no doubt about the same. Though posting images is a fun-filled activity but some business owners took it seriously to connect with their potential customers on the photo-sharing platform. The brands that have earned more than one million followers use the right Instagram marketing strategies to make it to the top. Yes, they have some marketing talent and insight to take their business to the next level.


If you want to grow your Instagram followers and retain their interest in your business and products, you will need to be creative, patient, and spend some time and effort to understand how Instagram works to your benefit.
According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, you should create an Instagram profile that converts. You can use links on the profile page and Instagram Stories. If you are sure that you can boost your business presence through stories, then you can integrate links accordingly. Once you are through with it, you will be in a win-win situation and reach out to your targeted audience. For your better understanding, here are the top benefits of earning more Instagram followers:

  • Be an Influencer

      When you do the marketing the professional way, your Instagram business profile gets likes from unanticipated demographic sectors. The areas you had never imagined would reach in such a less time. When you have more followers, they push more users to view your posts as well as like and comment on them. Your loyal followers do some word-of-mouth publicity and tell other active users to follow your brand. This way, you start building authority surrounding your business and you start influencing. New chances and opportunities crop up every day. When you post something, people start trusting you as an influencer. It will take some time and will not happen overnight. Therefore, be patient and see your brand’s fan following increase gradually.

    • Become Rich
  • When you have enough followers for your business, they will attract more prospects, and such kind of exposure will help you get the attention of the advertisers that you deserve. The brands that sell fashion and lifestyle merchandise connect with their buyers in various ways. When your business has numerous followers, you become eligible to become an advertiser and support their fashion and luxury products. That is how can pocket some cool bucks and grow rich. What more else do you expect? When it comes to Instagram, you boost your business presence and make some good money once you become an influencer or endorser. There is no doubt about the same.

  • Multiply your Followers

      Based on your Instagram followers and demographics, a similar group of customers involve with your business and follow your post updates. When they engage with your high-definition photos and videos, regular engagement will motivate to become your followers and other like-minded consumers start taking interest in specific topics. Thus, the interest surrounding your business keeps growing. This way, you need not Pay for Instagram Views all the time, but earn them automatically through high-quality photos, videos, or stories, as now you have become an influencer.

    • Traffic and Subscribers Increase
  • When you have a powerful presence on Instagram with high-definition, effective posts, and links, you will trigger audience interest and they will become involved with your brand. Once you manage to spur the interest, they will definitely visit your landing page, product page or the business website you have been marketing to boost sales. That is because your end goal is to sell your products or services online.
    Besides Instagram marketing, you need to work strategically to improve your social reach on other platforms such as YouTube. When it comes to Instagram, it is one of the most effective social media sites. You can leverage the same to post channel links with the picture-based post as well as in the bio. It is the best way to grow your subscribers to introduce unique aspects of your products and post new videos for subscribers and views in less time.

  • Gain more Customers

      When it comes to your business profile, Instagram is the right platform to connect with your customers and clients. When your brand grows popular with the online audience, most of them young and belonging to the millennial generation, you already manage to create prospective customers and clients. Increased views, likes, shares, and comments improve the possibilities of improving your client base automatically. If you are good with Instagram photos, videos, and hashtags, your audience base will keep growing. There is no doubt about the same. You need to start the initiative and wait for the results.

    • Be a Trendsetter on the Platform
  • You can become popular on Instagram without knowing when you achieved so much love and adoration of your followers. Yes, you can become a trendsetter. It will help you earn more views and the deserved attention from real customers who would buy your merchandise. It is all about the right visuals and relevant hashtags. Then, you should use hashtags carefully. Include at the most three hashtags that define your brand and products precisely. Not anything more is important. There is no use adding three lines of hashtags that will not help users to find your business online.

  • More Sales via Ads
  • Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the most robust one to convert users into loyal customers. Based on research and findings, one-third of active users on Instagram use the app to buy on the internet. This way, even non-Instagram visitors will come to know about your brand through ads. It will help in conversions and sales. With more sales, you will make more profits and earn revenues.

    Tag Archives: Social Media Marketing Tips

    10 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips that Guarantee SuccessTag Archives:

    Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

    Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 21 Apr 2018 2 Comments

    The number of active social media users is increasing year by year globally. It is estimated that it will touch 2.77 billion by 2019, as compared to the number recorded in the year 2017 which was 2.46 billion social network users across the globe. And it will not just stop here! This number is still expected to grow from this estimated figure. That’s so huge, right?

    To reach out those users for your business’ success, you need to go beyond fitting in. You need to stand out in your social marketing strategies and take a step above the rest in your competition. But – “How to do so?” – is the question might be knocking at your mind’s door. Don’t worry, lucky for you, we have 10 effective social media marketing tips that guarantee success.

    Apply all these 10 easy & effective tips to solidify your social media marketing strategy and enjoy success in terms of sales & revenue:

    1. Stay Active on Social Networks
    Success on social media is something that can be very time-consuming & difficult-to-achieve. But, as a marketer, if you keep yourself active on social networks, you will have a much better chance of getting more followers, views, likes and shares. Each social media post you do – hold the potential to leverage you more attention. By bearing this in mind, you should stay active on social media for longer and always post more often, so you can grab more users’ attention.

    2. Use Eye-Catching Images

    Are you willing to get more success out of the images you share on your social networks? You can, when you use eye-catching images with short & crispy content on them.

    Adding spectacular content to images can help you grab the attention of consumers out there. And it will help you get your message plus your image spread across social media faster. These eye-catching images with crispy content are more likely to go viral by other users on social media, which could further result in a higher engagement rate, more shares, more likes, more comments and more follows.

    3. Drive Users’ Interest with Visual Content Types

    Don’t bore your audience with your regular text-based social posts or a lengthy article. It will just reduce your content’s impact on your audience. So how can you do it? Here’s how to do it:

    >> Create informational & attention-grabbing infographics
    >> Record a podcast detailing your practical knowledge or other interviews
    >> People love to watch videos. Create & share interesting videos

    But don’t start to do everything at once. You can begin with any two types of visual content you’re comfortable with and then proceed with other types as you grow.

    4. Social Media Advertising

    Almost every social network has paid to advertise and this paid advertising is continuously increasing year by year. To get ahead, you also need to invest a little bit of money in it. Yes, it can offer you a significant boost. You just need to create highly engaging & eye-catching posts are worth promoting or can attract a lot of eyes.

    5. Optimize Your Profiles on Social Networks

    Whether you’re using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, make sure to optimize your social profiles on these sites. A well-optimized site will increase your chances to get more followers. Ultimately, it will also boost your SEO efforts. Here are some important points to keep in mind while optimizing your social profiles:

    >> Utilize an authentic image, showing your brand or face – don’t use animals, places or other things that are fake. Social Media is all about connecting with people and you can only win if you have a trusted profile and put your originality on the web.

    >> Mention a good description about yourself or your business – what is your background or experience? What skills are you proud of?

    >> Give your potential users a hint about what kind of information you will share.

    >> Add a link to your site (where it seems appropriate). For example, on Facebook add a link in your ‘About Section’, On Twitter & Pinterest, you can add such link in your ‘website section’, etc.

    6. Bind Your Site or Blog to Your Social Media Pages

    Once after optimizing your social profiles, the next step is to bind your site or blog to your social media pages. Each social platform comes with a specific procedure to follow such binding and it is very crucial that you do it rightly.

    A correct connection between your site & social media pages means that search engines & social media sites understand which site share or exchange information to which social media page.

    7. Add Social Media Buttons On Your Site

    Instead of making a connection between your site & your respective business pages on social media, you also need to keep social media buttons on your site. It will make it easy for your readers to share & spread your content.

    Another important point to keep in mind is to place such buttons above the fold to expand exposure because larger buttons hold the ability to get more clicks compared to smaller buttons.

    8. Avoid Shortcuts

    Most of us get disappointed to notice that the fan counts run slowly at the beginning; or even no likes or shares on the post in which you’ve put your all efforts. It might be luring to get thousands of fans or followers in a day and your manager can force you to buy more fans or likes. Don’t buy them. Because such fans or likes won’t matter if they’re not coming from your target audience. Moreover, it is not going to help you in your social growth and goals as well. Thus, it’s OK to work hard at the beginning to solidify your fan base rather than totally failing with unauthentic likes and fans. Just control over your temptations to grow in a day or overnight!

    9. Keep an Eye On Your Competitors

    Monitor your competitors who’re already available across social media. Keep an eye on:

    – What they post & share;
    – What they follow;
    – When & how frequently they post;
    – What they add in their headline;
    – What is their Call-to-action & hit posts;
    The main intention is to understand what things works for them and how you can relate them to your audience. It would not be wise to copy them because your audience doesn’t wish to have another same kind of post on their social timeline. Just utilize the data and learning to create a strategy for your business to achieve better results.

    10. Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

    Nowadays Instagram stories are becoming a truly huge deal. You can also leverage the benefits of such Instagram stories by adding a link to your online business’ store (you can only add that link after having at least 10,000 or more followers). Moreover, you can trace this link back to your site or profile. It will help you to boost your popularity & following as well.

    Now, you’re almost ready to implement these effective social media marketing tips to achieve success in this ever-evolving & competitive digital world. If you consider some of these 10 or all of these 10 tips and put them into practice, you’ve got what it takes to win the social media marketing world.

    Just implement these tips & take your success level to new heights by using the most popular social platform, i.e. Social media.