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Selling Products On Social Media

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 22 Apr 2015 No Comments

Are you a new entrepreneur or do you have a well-established company? Whatever your answer is, you need to remember that the success of your business lies directly in the hands of your customers. They have the power to make or break a company. So how can you achieve profitable sales for your business? You would say by reaching out to your target audience, right? That’s true, by influencing your customers; you can easily sell your services or products to them.
Social media offers you a chance to target your audience easily in order to sell your services. Here are 16 influential ways to sell your products to target audience via Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So keep on reading!!!


Instagram, a social sharing app offers its users the freedom to capture and share multiple images or videos with the world. Instagram can help your brand to achieve instant recognition along with increased customers engaging.
Hashtags- Make Them Audience Specific
Hashtags provide an opportunity to group conversations, ideas and concepts. Appropriate hashtags will make it easier for you to reach out to your potential customers efficiently. The hashtags used to describe your services should be the actively searched for and used by the Instagram users.

Right Filters

In contrast to what we think, Instagram filters do have an effect on customer engagement with your services. As a company, your audience varies and thus experimenting with different filters will help you to find the one that suits your company.

Upload Posts at Peak Time

Knowing the most efficient time to post your services on Instagram will help you to target your audience easily. You can use different tools to find out the most optimized time and update a post accordingly to influence the target customer about your services.

Target the Competitor’s Followers

You are most likely to engage with your competitor followers to increase your sales. Tell them the reason why you are better than your counterparts to successfully increase your leads. Several online tools will help you to find your competitor’s followers easily.


Facebook is used by a large populace to advertise their services or to connect with their friends and family members. You can use this engaging social media site to influence your customers into buying your services.
Your Facebook Business Page
A great marketing tool, the Facebook business page helps you to create a brand identity for your company among your target customers. Do not be afraid to experiment with your business page and remember to keep it updated to influence your audience readily.

Advertise Your Services

You may have seen Facebook ads that appear on the side column. This is a form of advert offered by Facebook. As these advertisements include a headline, an image and a click-through link, you can easily advertise your services to influence your potential customers into buying your services.

Include Promotional Posts

By including promotional posts on your business page, you can attract the attention of your prospective customers. People often look for discounts and offers from a service provider and by offering the same to your customers; your business is bound to gain attention.

Sponsored stories

Sponsored stories are a way of word-of-mouth marketing concept. Let’s take up an example; if 5 of your friends have liked a certain company, you will definitely go to that page. The main aim of sponsored stories is to draw the attention of new customers toward your enterprise.


An increase in the number of active users on Google+ is observed in the past few years. Having an official profile on Google+ will help you to reach out to more than 300 million active users. So influence your customers by opting for this social media site.

Include the Google+ Badge

You can easily link your Google+ page to your business website to increase your audience base. A connection between your profile and website will help you to increase the credibility of your online business. Therefore, remember to keep your Google+ page updated with informative and valuable content.

The Hashtags

Want to increase your customer base? How about using Hashtags to increase your company’s exposure? Hashtags will increase the visibility of your page, in turn increasing followers. In certain cases, if you are confused on what hashtag to use? Google will come up with suggestions to ease your confusion.

Great Visuals

You may be well versed with the proverb, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?” An illustration can really influence your customers into buying your services, so use Google+ to share great visuals with your clients. With a good photographer, the possibilities to advertise your services are endless.

Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangout is seen as a free alternative to online meeting software. If you have just started your business and do not have enough funds to buy the software, you can easily use Google+ Hangout to talk to your clients.


Businesses of all sizes have been using Twitter to advertise their services. Want to increase the popularity of your business? Do it in the most popular manner with Twitter.

Converse With Your Audiences

As a new entrepreneur, you may want to target your audience readily. Look for your targeted audience on twitter and figure out what their interests are.

Be Helpful

Make it easy for your customers to find your contact details, so that they can easily purchase your services. Tweet the launch of your new product and remember to keep your customers updated about other changes as well.

Focus on Your Audience

Focus on your customer’s interest and give them what they are looking for. Make sure to meet your customer’s expectation to build your brand identity and to attract their attention.

Build Connections

To increase your customer’s engagement and to influence them to buy your services, make sure to offer discount coupons or special deals. This will help you to observe a rapid increase in your customer base.
The above written tips will help you to make your business more rewarding. Reach out to your potential customers and influence them to purchase your services through social media sites.