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Shopify Store Ranking

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 2 Jun 2015 2 Comments

If you are looking forward to design a highly customizable online store, Shopify gives you a fantastic platform. After designing an attractive online store, do you think that you will be able to sell your merchandise if your potential clients are unable to find you in the dot com world? The answer would definitely be NO. So what shall be your next step? Well, you need to optimize your online store to make it easily discoverable.

Search engine optimization is a process that will improve your website’s visibility and make it easy for your customers to access your services. Moreover, higher rank on the search giant means more traffic and increased profits. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for online store owners, theys need to have a strategically planned SEO strategy to improve their web presence.

This post lists out different tips and tricks that will help you to optimize your Shopify store and achieve higher ranking and more traffic. So read on to know more!!!

Page Loading Speed
The loading speed of your website can have a tremendous effect on its ability to convert visitors. It has been often observed that site abandonment increases if the site loads slowly. Therefore, make sure to optimize the speed of your online store’s website.

Don’t Just Choose The Pay Per Click
A majority of e-commerce sites choose pay per click strategy to increase their visibility. However, the truth is that if you stop paying for the placement of your advertisement, your online presence will disappear. Therefore, make sure you do not only rely on PPC campaign and use it in addition to SEO.

Avoid Duplicate Content
Search engine decrease the rank of websites that have duplicate content. As an e-commerce website, your site may have a large amount of duplicate content because of the product description and thus it may be penalized by Google. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to make sure that least amount of duplicate content is present on your site.

Have A Content Strategy In Place
Put great emphases on adding high quality and attractive content on your e-commerce website. Moreover, keep the website updated to help the search engine rank it easily. Online stores created with the help of Shopify theme come with an inbuilt fully functional blog page. You can use it to add fresh and creative content.

Write A Unique Description
While you may be tempted to use the product description provided by the manufacturer, it is not always the right thing to do. When it comes to optimizing your online store, make sure to use interesting and original product description. You can also include commonly searched keywords in the description to make it easy for your visitors to find your store.

Follow Google’s SEO Suggestions
Google regularly releases new updates and following the updates will help you to increase your website ranking. You can submit the sitemap of your website to different search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing for increased visibility.

Use Different Keywords
Different search engines reward those e-commerce websites that have well-written content and contain relevant keywords as well. So if you want to rank your website higher than your competitor’s site, make sure that the keywords are appropriately used and are placed throughout the website.

Optimize The Images
Your Shopify store will definitely have a lot of images of the products that you are trying to sell. Therefore, optimizing the images is important to increase the website’s visibility. Use relevant keywords for an image, however, avoid keyword stuffing.

Use Original Meta Description
While some e-commerce business owners think that using the same meta description for different pages will be enough, however, this is not the case. The meta description must be precisely written by keeping the target audience in mind. Use engaging and alluring words that will make the online visitors click on it immediately.

Include Client’s Testimonial
Make sure that your e-commerce store website has a space for the clients to add product reviews. While unique content is extremely important from the SEO point of view, encouraging the visitors to leave reviews is another great way to add new and fresh content on the website.

Link The Products From The Home Page
E-commerce store owners generally make a common mistake of burying the product pages within the link structure. This makes it difficult for the visitors to find different products and can also have a negative impact on the page ranking. However, if the product content is present only a link away it becomes easier for search engines and online visitors to access your website.

Generate Content Regularly
Content on your e-commerce store is not limited to the product description. It can include blog posts, press releases, reviews, endorsements, information about events, social media updates and much more. Providing fresh content will satisfy the search engines as well as your site visitors.

Optimize The Anchor Text
You can easily enhance the visibility of your online store by adding keywords to the internal links. Instead of simply writing “Click Here” choose something interesting and catchy like “Get A Free Consultation”. You can even include keyword rich links and link similar products together.

Organize Your Store For SEO
Design your e-commerce store website in an attractive manner. Make it user-friendly and easy to navigate, so that it easily attracts users’ attention. Include a number of landing pages to increase the website’s visibility. You can even design your website with WordPress, world’s number 1 CMS for added flexibility.

Create Free Links To Your Website
If you are offering coupons to your visitors, how about promoting your e-commerce website on coupon code sites? This will help you to create free links, generate more traffic and will also increase conversion rate. Before starting the designing process, you can check out your competitor’s site to get a fair idea of how your website should look and feel.

In addition, you can also integrate your website with different social media platforms to increase its visibility. Shopify offers a vast array of social media apps and plugins that will help you to connect your store better with the prospective customers. Social engagement of your business will also help in building a base of loyal customers for your e-commerce website.

These were some of the best ways to optimize your Shopify store, increase the number of visitors and to take your online business to another level. So the next time you plan to set up an online store, make sure you optimize it according to the Google guidelines and make it visible to your potential clients.