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Is Your SEO Already Successful? Now Make It More Spectacular!!Tag Archives:


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Are you still not getting the desired results for your SEO campaigns even when you are doing? Here are different amplifications that can take your SEO efforts stand out.

On the off chance that you have been doing SEO full time for more than two or three years, odds are you are pretty darn great at it. Breathtaking, you may say. Staying aware of (more…)

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Live Ahead by Means of Focusing Exceptional High Quality Content And Updated SEO PracticesTag Archives:

Search Engine Optimization

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The SEO and content strategies are the proactive measures, not the reactive. The changes in the Google algorithm have delivered in depth adjustments within the primary SEO strategy and the content development methods. The low exceptional work is removed from the Google list.

Considering the updates of the Google algorithm, the rating of the pages has brought an average fall of almost 67% on the SERP results. A high web traffic, revenue strategies and web conversations have modified the conventional techniques of SEO.

The main effect on the virtual advertising methods due to updates in the working of Google algorithm might affect the basic methods such as:

The major Panda updates were launched in 2011 February. Since then, it has undergone many small changes. The focus is to check lower quality pages and prohibit them from getting listed in the Google top ranking pages. Recently Panda was added as the algorithm for Google, which has caused some queries in the mind of web users.

Will Panda directly control the list of the web page ranking? On the contrary, the rumors were that Panda updates will not run in real time environment. What so ever be the structure, but one acceptable truth of the existence of panda is that, we can’t rely on the low quality content. More than the quantity of the website content, the quality matters. It’s of no use of putting lengthy information instead of long files of raw content.

The penguin was updated in the year 2012, to work together with the Panda to improve the quality of the content of the website. One has to be ready to implement these changes. Although the Google emphasis on the quality backlinks profiles organically, yet creative information creation plays a vital role.
By spreading the wings of high quality content links at the different places on the web, the attention towards the content can be created.

The hummingbird update came in 2013. To improve the Google’s semantic search capabilities was the main motto behind the updates. The intent and context were the two parameters of the updates. The intent was not to simply catch the keywords, but the importance of the relevant content also increased.
The use of keywords is still very important, but Long-tail keywords became more useful, and intent became crucial.
The content developers need to understand the meaning behind searching a particular keyword.

Mobile Updates
The users were already informed about the major changes which came due to the mobile updates in the year 2015.The new design factors were defined for the content developers and SEO analysts.

1) Responsive design for a mobile page.
2) Site navigation for customers to use with their touch pads and small screens.
3) Avoiding issues like typing wrong words.
4) Easy and simple designing keeping mobile users in mind.

Mobile users also tend to be local-oriented. Content developed for mobile devices should be according to the local SEO and suitable for the use of mobile applications

Quality Update
After the mobile updates, the regular changes are updating the working of the Google Search Engine. These changes are called the quality changes.
After the changes, the sites having high quality original content were rewarded and the sites having low quality content were penalized. Some web pages like Quora got a recognition on the web due to their cautious efforts to publish high context text only. The only way to avoid penalty was to shed off the thin content that is not in the user search.

Also, the working of the site must be error free for high ranking. The pages displaying error messages put the entire site on the risk. The errors like 404 and 501 irritate the users as well as have the bad impact on the working of the search engines.

Rank Brain
Rank brain brought the advanced changes such as the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning into the Search Engines. This system was invented to judge the user behavior forehand and to interpret that result in the way to encounter countless queries each day.

Although the real time working is not explained by the Google yet it is ranked as the third most important ranking signal to catch up with the intent of the user.

With this addition, the SEO processes have become even more technical than ever. No thoughts of your marketing survey are added to the SEO detailing now.

The excitement during the last Week: Panda and the Core Algorithm
Last week, there was a rumour of new updates in the working of the Panda which changed the ranking of numerous websites. Later on, the Google claimed that the changes occurred due to updation in core algorithm. The changes implement a better understanding of the intent and search of high quality content.

By the continuous changes happening around, it is advisable to keep your SEO processes updated.

Google, is continuously in efforts to provide the quality services at the cheapest cost to the customer’s and vendors. The need of the hour is to implement the following methods.

* Providing high quality content.
* Optimizing your site for the user.
* Earning links rather than buying links.

Every year Google, update technology and the content quality keeps revolving around up and down depending on the different parameters. Google focuses on the user’s requirements than on the rank. The websites focusing on the latest strategies of SEO and provide high quality content will be at lower risk.