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Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 22 Dec 2017 3 Comments

E-commerce is a fast-paced industry, which is constantly updating and changing. Because of this reason, businesses these days adapt and change to the environment easily.

Magento is the most effective CMS for online stores. Nowadays, whether its a large, medium to small commercial enterprises everyone has started using Magento for boosting the business growth. It is a versatile, secure, reasonable, and easy-to-use platform. In comparison to any other e-commerce software, Magento offers a wide range of features. It provides features on all segments, be it marketing or customer segmentation.

10 best reasons which prove that Magento is perfect for developing an e-commerce website are:

1. Highly scalable
Magento is highly scalable. It is a perfect for startup businesses and giant corporations. No matter what kind of e-commerce enhancements you need, Magento will for sure not disappoint you. It enables accessibility on mobile devices and drawing more prospective customers to the e-portal.

2. Open source platform
It is an open source platform which means that you can easily install it without paying any cost. For using this platform, you just need to pay for the hosting and development of the website

3. Provide flexible and standard customer experience
Standard and flexible customer experience is the base of success for a successful e-commerce site. Magento developers generate high-quality and appealing user experience suitable for all types of devices. In order to reach specific business requirements, it allows developers to easily add customized back-end workflow.

4. Payment
For making the payment process safer and easier, Magento has teamed up with Authorize.com and PayPal. Everyone appreciates the payment system offered by Magneto-Built websites. It allows guest checkouts or shipping to other addresses by one-click pay option.

5. SEO-friendly and marketing privatization-
Magento is SEO-friendly. It is available with a bundle of SEO features including site maps, search engine friendly URLs, layered navigation, meta-tags, URL writes, and descriptions.

6. Security
All the Magento websites are PCI compliant, which means that all customer details, such as personal or credit information, is within a secure environment. Magento owns a security centre to sort out hiccups in your website. You can ask Magento for any assistance.

7. High-quality mobile optimization
Magento has great contribution in mobile optimization. Mobile optimization has become essential for the businesses to survive with Magento. As, HTML5 capabilities are also supported by Enterprise, and Community editions of Magento for better mobile optimization.

8. Multiple online stores
As we know Magento is one backend CMS. It permits entrepreneurs to easily create multiple online stores. Using this amazing feature, you can control all of your billing tasks, inventory customer records etc with one single dashboard.

9. Cross-browser compatibility
Cross-browser compatibility is one of the best features of Magento. It enables high accessibility feature on different browsers which prevent any limitation on its usage.

10. High Performance
Magento improves the performance of the site. It excels in both page speed load and query processing time for measuring high performance for an e-commerce platform. It improves the performance of the site.

A final takeaway
When you will build your online store with Magento, you will notice better customer service, increase in conversion rates, and, above all, the trust of your customers. Each business is different, therefore it is very important to build a 100% original scheme. For this, Magento is just perfect for the good growth of e-commerce business.