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Proven Tactics to Boost up Likes and Followers on InstagramTag Archives:

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Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 11 Nov 2016 No Comments

No matter whether you are running a personal account on Instagram or are working on the behalf of an organization, you must be trying to get maximum likes. It is because likes on this photo sharing app not only let you become popular among the people but also let you increase your sales in the case you are running a business. Much simple to use, this app is evolving and businesses are relying on it to establish their brand, increase exposure by increasing likes and followings, and to achieve the imagined success in the business.

Getting maximum likes on this app is the dream of the majority of the users. If you are also looking for the same then here we would like to tell you some proven tactics for the same. So, let’s begin.

Post regularly

In order to get noticed by others, you need to post the content on a constant basis. An average user post once a day on the Instagram. And if you are interested in getting more likes and boost up your fan count then 2-3 posts are considered as an average for that. More regular your posts will be, more likes you will get. Make sure you use the correct Instagram post size i.e 1080*1080 px. to make your post fit perfectly.

Use hashtags

Hashtags play an important role for the categorization of the photos. So, you must use them for ensuring that your photos are seen by the potential users. If used right, then hashtags can expose your photos to a huge audience. On Instagram, you can use a maximum of 30 tags per post, which would allow to get the maximum likes.

However, make sure that you are using right and relevant hashtags, otherwise, your posts will get lost among a pool of other photos.

Use filters

Instagram offers you many filters but it does not mean that you can use any. You are required to use the right filters to make sure that your photos are representing your ideas in the best way. Those filters which create warm temperatures, high exposures and contrast are more likely to get liked and commented by others. So, add filters to your photos.

Do cross promotions

If you are running a business then you must be having huge fans on other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Neglecting those fans will be a big mistake. So, do cross promotions by embedding your Instagram photos in the posts on other social networks. It would deliver just amazing results.

Engage with your followers

Interacting and engaging with your followers is much necessary if you want to retain them for longer. If you don’t have much time then do a few likes and follows on their photos. It will be like appreciating them. This would also help you attract more followers.

Use apps

Last but not least, technology has made everything easy. There are many apps out that let you increase Instagram likes and followers with just minimal efforts. You can use these apps for the meeting your requirements.

InstaLike.s Get 5000 Likes on Instagram Free IG” is one of the latest and emerging app that lets you get real Instagram likes within the least possible time. You just need to follow three simple steps in order to get your photos liked by others. Moreover, the app is much easy to use that every new user can it without any problem.

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How To Acuminate Instagram Strategy For Your Clients ?Tag Archives:

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 26 Jun 2015 No Comments

In order to run a business successfully, it is important to nurture good relationships with your customers. In this age of technology and innovation, focusing on your target audience has become more crucial. With a vast array of social networking sites coming up, targeting your online customers has never been so important. If you are planning to use Instagram as the marketing channel for your business, make sure to optimize it for your digital marketing campaign. The best thing about choosing Instagram as your marketing channel is that it has been tailor made to suit marketing needs of different entrepreneurs.

Instagram is a social media platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to let the world know more about their business. The Instagram’s tagline “Capture and Share the World’s Moments” defines it all. The users can use it and optimize their reach to make it easy for their clients to access their services. This social media network comes with a wide range of benefits for personal and professional avenues, so make sure you advertise your services over this social media network and increase your reach.

Create Your Profile
The first and foremost thing while optimizing Instagram for your customers is to create a profile. In order to attract your target audience attention, include all the important information in the profile account. Interested clients would like to know more about your business and by including the contact details, you are making it easier for them.

While creating the profile, remember to include company’s logo for easy identification. Nobody likes to do business with a ghost company and uploading your company’s logo or images, increase your business credibility. Moreover, you must convey a meaningful message through your profile description.

Make The Posts Engaging
While creating your Instagram profile, you must remember that you are not only creating it to promote your business, rather the profile is being created to engage your customers. Do not make similar Instagram post, rather choose to spice up the things a bit. Your customers are always looking for engaging and interesting posts, so offer what they are looking for.

To make the things interesting, you can post a picture of your product and ask the customers what they think about it. You can even encourage your followers to give their feedback as this will help to boost product engagement. So make your Instagram posts actionable and fun and increase customer’s involvement.

Stay Active On Instagram
If you are using Instagram for the first time, no one would be following you right now. Therefore, your primary goal should be to increase the number of followers. The more followers you have, more popularity your business will gain. To achieve a large number of followers, you can look for Instagram groups or users that have the same interest.

You can start following the people who share relevant interest as your business. You can even search for social influencers and start following them. Social influencers generally have a huge fan following and they generally have a strong influence on their followers. Respond to every comment that is made on your post. This will help your followers to know that you are serious for your business, and they may eventually convert into prospects.

Use Hashtags
Instagram users love to share and discover other people’s talent. If you are using this channel to promote your services you need to make the finding process easier for your customers. Hashtags can be used to place the content in front of your customers. Make it easy for the people who are actively searching Instagram to find your services.

You can use as many hashtags as you like as there is no specific number. Use some popularly used hashtags so that you can easily relate to your target audience. Choose different hashtags that can define your services easily. You can even use a hashtag after every single word, however, make sure that they do not look out of place.

Optimize The Images
As the famous proverb goes, “A picture is worth 1000 words”, so make sure that you optimize the images to engage your customers well. Customize the images and optimize them so that they can be conveniently viewed on a high resolution. You can even add a description to the images. Instead of using single colored image, try to post colorful images that can easily attract your customer’s attention.

Images can also be used to tell stories and increase customers’ engagement. If you are dealing in the food business, you can tell a story with the help of different food dishes. However, do not over flood your customers with tons of images every day. Rather choose to show off your products in a well-planned manner.

Sponsored Post
Do you know that a sponsored post on Instagram can increase your viewership? In the modern-day world where the latest technology trends are helping platforms attract new users, Instagram is increasing its reach using the most advanced ones and thus it has become easy for different sized businesses to advertize their services. If you want to reach out to your target audience, make sure you create a bank of images.

However unlike Facebook, sponsored posts do not guarantee followers or likes. Moreover, with Instagram sponsored posts, you cannot even target people belonging to a specific demography. Sponsor stories do not come with many benefits, however, they are worth giving a try.

Reward Your Followers
You are using the Instagram to advertise your services, however, you can even reward your customers to increase the number of followers. Offer incentives or give special discounts to your followers. You can even hold a contest for your Instagram followers or promote your services through Instagram-only contests.

Track Your Efforts
The most important aspect while optimizing Instagram for your customers is to track your efforts. Instagram allows its users to place a link of your website in the bio section on the profile page. Further, you can use different tracking methods to check whether your Instagram efforts have paid off or not.

Social media marketing helps you to reach out to your customers easily, so make sure you use it to enhance your business reach.