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SMO Tips: How to Use Facebook Live for your Business Advantage?Tag Archives:

Facebook Live

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 14 Jun 2017 No Comments

As the live streaming has evolved much and is still evolving, the business owners are thinking of using it for the growth of their business. And with the Facebook live streaming, they have got a direction to utilize it in an effective way. Actually, live streaming is about connecting with your audience in real-time and interacting with them the best way. It not only ensures the instant access to the latest events but also lets the users feel like they are really present at the location.

Undoubtedly, the live streaming has cleared all the barriers of social media marketing. Just think whether you would like to read an article or watching a video? Definitely, the answer would be watching a video as it will leave a long-lasting impression on your mind. That’s the reason most of the businesses are taking advantage of this advanced Facebook feature. Learn why Facebook is Key Player in Online Marketing If you are also interested in using this Facebook feature for the advantage of your business, here are some tips.

Let your audience have behind-the-scenes look

You can use the Facebook Live video to let your audience, fans, followers know more about your business that what are your core services/products and how you work. It will not only bring the potential customers to your business but would also educate the people who would be looking for this valuable information. Also, you can investigate about the requirements of your audience to provide them the best video content that would also let your business grow.

Promote an upcoming event

Facebook Live has become the best way to make an announcement about your upcoming event. It can just be a small event listing your business achievements or a big one where you want your audience to participate. Make sure to provide the specific event details in the live video. Also, provide them a URL where they can access further information about the event.

Answer queries

Whenever a customer or a visitor posts a query on your website or blog, he expects an answer from you. Facebook Live is a great option to address your audience issues. It will not only let you answer their queries fast and the better way but will also create a special connection between you and your audience by letting them feel that they are being cared.

Introduce your new launches

It’s not that you would be dealing only in the same products or services in the future as that of the present ones. With time, they are going to expand. Facebook Live is the best option to inform your audience about your latest launches and new services. Not only that, you can also use the Facebook Live for displaying the special offers, discounts and more.

As people are spending about three times more time on the live video as compared to the native video, Facebook Live has become a necessity (rather than being a requirement) for ensuring better engagement to the audience. Create a plan for Facebook Live videos and then follow it to offer best user experience.

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Latest Marketing Tips for Pinterest, Facebook and Google PlusTag Archives:

facebook google plus and pinterst marketing

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 2 Jan 2017 No Comments

Online marketing is the key to bringing success to your business and social media marketing is its crucial part. Though the various social platforms have been developed to connect the people with each other but now, they have become an important tool for marketing. Whether it is the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter or any other platform, all are highly used for the marketing purposes.

However, the marketing strategies are different for different platforms and these strategies also go on changing with the time. To ensure you are following the right ones, you need to remain updated with the latest trends in the field. In this write-up, we are going to tell you the latest marketing tips for three different platforms.

Marketing tips for Facebook

– Take benefits of the images because they get more likes and clicks than the regular posts. And to make sure that these images would deliver you the best results, you must share the images of the real people that would depict the modern lifestyle, would express more, lead to nostalgia and encourage responses from the viewers.

– All love the “free stuff”, incentives and discounts. So, hosting a Facebook contest where the winners and participants will get gifts and discounts is a great idea for enhancing the Facebook marketing. It is the best idea for increasing engagement. Contests are the best way to boost traffic, increase the fan base, get more likes and shares and grow the mail list.

– Work on customer engagement by asking questions from them. For an instance, if your post is about a hot issue then you can ask the people about their reviews. It will not only lead to likes, shares and comments but will better up the customer engagement.

– Take the advantage of Audience Insights. Understanding your audience is crucial as it lets you optimize your content strategy accordingly. The Facebook’s Audience Insights has made it much easier as it lets you know about the favorite stuff of your audience and enables you to target them in a detailed manner. So, invest some time to understand your audience and you will just be amazed at the results.

Marketing tips for Pinterest

– A fact that many of you would not be aware of is Pinterest drives more referral traffic than the one that LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube bring together. So, you must provide a little inspiration to your viewers by including price tags with your pins. It will not only drive the traffic but will also inspire them to make a purchase. A Pinterest pin with price tag gets 36% more likes than the one that does not have it.

– There are a few visitors who read the article when they scroll down your Pinterest board; others just don’t have the time to read it as they would be looking for something else. So, adding a “Pin it for later” link (that would link back to the pin) will definitely let you reach maximum customers. You can add this link on Google+ where you have posted the content using the same image as that of the Pinterest.

– Showing Pinterest pins to the newsletter readers is also the latest strategy. You can do this by adding an image of your latest Pinterest Pins along with a clickable link on it. Chances are great that visitors will browse your board to see your the other stuff you have to offer them.

– Know when most of your potential visitors get online, and pin accordingly. Create attractive and relevant pins by including quality images and share them at the right time. Also, organize the pins in different categories so that the visitors can easily find what they would be looking for.

Marketing tips for Google Plus

– Cross posting is one of the main things that you can do to boost up your marketing on Google+. If you have a popular post on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or any other then it would be a great idea to post it on Google. And if you want to share a long post or message with your Twitter audience then you can write a post for Google and then can share its link in your Twitter post.

– As Google uses Google+ information in the searches, using keywords in your profile will be a great way to connect with your audience. Though including keywords in your profile is not popular now, but it is going to be an important factor in the future.

– Along with posting your own posts, you must work on commenting on your own and others’ post. This will not only let you have good engagement with your audience but will inject you into different conversations. The increased exposure will let you expand your reach and develop good relationships.

– Creating a community on the Google+, where your brand’s image will be displayed as owner’s image, would be a great idea. It will not only increase the exposure of your Google+ page but will also grow its +1 count. This will help a lot to develop new and healthy relations with your audience.

Concentrating on all the platforms is crucial if you want to make your online marketing efforts worth. No doubt some of these would deliver you the best results, depending on your business type, but the others should not be ignored. The above given tips are given by the professionals and will definitely let you get best results from your marketing efforts.

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How To Increase Desired Leads With Facebook Page ?Tag Archives:

Leads Via Facebook

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 16 Apr 2015 No Comments

Facebook, a social media platform help businesses to target their potential customers easily. With over 1.35 Billion active monthly users on Facebook, businesses can easily generate leads through this social media platform. So let’s first start by explaining what does a Lead actually mean?

In simple words, a lead can be defined as a person who has indicated interest in the products and services offered by a company. It can be something as simple as the contact information given out by an online user. People can show interest in your services in a variety of manners, for instance by requesting a demo, filling out the contact us form or by completing a survey.

Follow these techniques that will help you to increase qualified leads with a Facebook page. So let’s begin with explaining each one of them.

Drive Web Traffic
One of the best ways to generate hot leads with Facebook page is to drive traffic toward your business. It is not a hard thing to do. As an entrepreneur, all you have to do is to make sure that you have got relevant links in the content to help people reach your business page. However, do not use the run-of-the-mill “Click Here” call-to-action, rather choose some innovative and interesting call-to-action to attract your audience. Remember to use relevant links that your visitors can follow to know more about your services.

Engage The Audience
Give your prospective clients a chance to engage in your business. Through the Facebook page of your company, you can invite your audience to start a conversation or know more about your business. While some people are comfortable interacting with your business through Facebook pages, others may fill up the Contact Us form to ask you a question privately. By giving you their contact details, they will be converted into leads.

If you want to generate leads with the help of Facebook pages, competition of any kind is one of the best options. By using different applications, you can easily gather information about your prospective clients. Think about the various types of information that you can collect from your customer. The info that you need may vary depending on the industry you deal in. While some businesses prefer to contact their customers via phone calls, others choose to email them.

Remember to keep the contact form simple as people are not interested in divulging a lot of details. The less information you ask, more easily will you be able to generate leads. Keep a balance between asking your customers the required information without putting them off. You can also attract your target audience by offering them discounts on your services.

Status Updates
You can use the Facebook wall to regularly update quality status for attracting audience attention. Also, give your visitors a chance to share the content. Businesses generally share videos and relevant content, which their followers can further pick up on. Use as much content as you can to give a chance to the first time users to browse through it.

The Facebook page of your company is not as formal as your business website therefore you can share some interesting information to attract the online users to your business. You can also place a social sharing button on your page to help people share the content they find interesting on different platforms. This will help your customers to convert into leads easily.

Facebook Offers
Facebook offers tool is one of the best ways to measure ROI directly, but it can also help you to generate leads. Whether you are an online retailer or a shop owner, remember to choose the “online only” option when opting for Facebook offer. In this manner, you can easily collect your client’s information. Facebook offers also give you a chance to know how many people have claimed your offer.

Be Active
Regular updates on your Facebook page will help you to generate leads for your business easily. There is no getting around the fact that lead generation increases with regular posting of content. Remember more frequently the content is updated, more reasons your visitors will have to engage with your Facebook page. Social media is a useful platform that helps you to reach out to your potential customers living across the globe. However, if you want to avail maximum benefits, you need to put in your time and efforts.

Brand Ambassadors
Loyal customers of the company can be converted into the brand ambassadors. The Facebook page will help you to endorse your business in a better light. Engage your existing customers by asking them to fill a questionnaire, or making them a part of your online campaign. Ask them to share relevant and informative content on your page.

The Facebook Ads
Have you considered placing ads on your Facebook page? This social media platform knows how to convert your visitors into leads. If you know your target audience, Facebook will deliver your ads to the prospective clients. The ads will be delivered to the people who are interested in your services to convert them into leads.

So, the Facebook page can help you to easily attract your potential clients and convert them into leads. Here is an overview of what the Facebook page should be doing for you.

  • Attracting targeted clientele who are really interested in your services
  • Getting automated lead and sales
  • Positioning your services as the best in the industry
  • Helping you to collect online users contact information
  • Creating a vibrant community of fans that will happily spread positive word of mouth about your company

So choose what works best for your business. Facebook page will help your online business to earn leads or will even assist it to achieve the required exposure. With the help of required exposure, you will be able to convert your Facebook page into a lead generating machine. So make sure to use it for the advantage of your business.