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10 Big Facebook Ad Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid..Tag Archives:

Facebook ads

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 30 Aug 2017 No Comments

Facebook is a profitable and cost-effective market used for advertising both existing and new customers. These days, a large number of business owners promote their business using Facebook Live.

The actual process of right Facebook advertising is quite difficult. Some organizations don’t understand the right process and end up with poorly optimized adds on Facebook. Therefore, you must be aware of the most common Facebook Add mistakes, in case you are managing promotions on your own.
Some of the biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes which you must avoid are-

1. Not Understanding Ad Objective
Setting a marketing objective is a first basic step which is essential for creating an ad on Facebook. For choosing a right objective from different available objectives, first of all, decide the end-goal for the ad. Selecting a wrong objective will not only send you down the wrong path in the ad management but also results in spending money on something which you must not.

2. Targeting the Wrong audience
One of the best components which you must use to get a successful ad campaign is to target audience. You can make it possible with help of platform’s intuitive audience tool. using this tool, you can make a choice about whom you want to display your ad.

3. Advertising to people who already purchased your products-
This happens too often. For avoiding this problem, make sure to go through these below-mentioned points-
Go through offers which you will be going to promote in your ad.
Avoid those who already purchased your products by creating a list of them.
You can also use the custom audience option to exclude these individuals from seeing your ad.

4. Neglecting the importance of Images-
Always choose the image which will be appropriate for your Facebook ad because images are responsible for 75 to 90 percent of ad performance.
Users usually get attracted to attractive images relevant to the services which they are looking for. If they found image appropriate, only then further they read the content.

5. Too much text on the images
You must always be careful about the text which you place on the image. Always place relevant and to the point content. Placing too much content on the image will not only decrease conversions but also you need to pay more money for it. Therefore, always focus on quality rather than focusing on quantity.

6. Choose catchy and appropriate headlines-
Make sure headline of your ad must be catchy and attractive. Headlines which consist 40 or less than 40 characters get successful in receiving more engagement. So, make sure to focus on headlines which consist characters less than 40.

7. Having no clear value propositions-
Your Facebook ad should have right value propositions. For ensuring that your ad must have a value proposition, focus on Clear and easy to understand content, communicate results which a user will get from purchasing your product or services. Also, don’t forget to explain, explain how your product is different or better than the competitions.

8. Forgetting to Use Facebook Pixels
Facebook Ad pixels are an amazing way to measure results on the website. Using these Facebook pixels, you can improve the quality of your Facebook Ad.
Three essential benefits of using Pixels are-
Optimize your ads for conversions
Building custom audiences from your website so you can re-market to them
Track conversion on your website or event page and attribute them to your ads

9. Not adding captions to video ads
According to one survey, 80% of people reacted negatively to both the platform and advertiser when a video automatically plays with sound. Facebook found that 41% of videos were essentially meaningless without sound, effort, rendering the time, and cost you put. Typo graphing and captioning your video ads is helpful in increasing view time. Therefore, make sure to add proper captions on the video for ensuring its quality.

10. Delivering ad when no one is online
Adjust the delivery time for your ad for getting appropriate results. Don’t waste your budget on low traffic times. Make sure to deliver your add when the targeting audiences are online. For this, you can choose specific day and time.
Use these above-mentioned tips for avoiding mistakes which you had in your past. These above-mentioned tips will surely help you to save your time and money.

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Engage Your Customers By Effective Custom WordPress Development ServicesTag Archives:

wordpress development companies

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 21 Oct 2015 No Comments

Do you want to make your website successful or engaging? WordPress development and customization are two important aspects for making your website more alluring in front of your customers. An effective custom WordPress development service offers a successful website that ultimately means many visitors keep coming back to the site. If your business comprised with WordPress powered site, it is attainable to possess its feel and appear match your complete image or business while not doing a through redesign and while not paying plenty of cash to possess your website developed.

WordPress customization and development theme could be very intimidating for those who are not familiar with how they work. However, with some reliable WordPress development company, you could achieve a unique design for your website faster. Provide your site an opportunity to extend your audience and reach who have never experience or reach your company before. A unique web design could put your message, business center and front to convey the value of your products or services properly. Many successful business after buying the domain get into the impression of flooded traffic, huge revenue and automated update. The current trends demand responsive website loaded with interactive graphics, impressive content and amazing UX. The purpose of Content Management system is simply to manage the content. All the CMS can not give easy add or update option, but an open source content management platform WordPress comes as a rescue to this problem.

WordPress has the aptitude of acting as a backbone to a website and is employed by a number of the globe leading organizations. CMS based web development software enhances your web portal’s content and optimize the visibility of your page in search engines. WordPress is highly customizable and allows you to create a custom website or choose from many themes that can give your website the look and feel you want it to have. There are numerous WordPress development company, that provides a reliable custom wordpress development service, you just give them your coveted design and they will make a most desired one for you.


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How To Increase Desired Leads With Facebook Page ?Tag Archives:

Leads Via Facebook

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 16 Apr 2015 No Comments

Facebook, a social media platform help businesses to target their potential customers easily. With over 1.35 Billion active monthly users on Facebook, businesses can easily generate leads through this social media platform. So let’s first start by explaining what does a Lead actually mean?

In simple words, a lead can be defined as a person who has indicated interest in the products and services offered by a company. It can be something as simple as the contact information given out by an online user. People can show interest in your services in a variety of manners, for instance by requesting a demo, filling out the contact us form or by completing a survey.

Follow these techniques that will help you to increase qualified leads with a Facebook page. So let’s begin with explaining each one of them.

Drive Web Traffic
One of the best ways to generate hot leads with Facebook page is to drive traffic toward your business. It is not a hard thing to do. As an entrepreneur, all you have to do is to make sure that you have got relevant links in the content to help people reach your business page. However, do not use the run-of-the-mill “Click Here” call-to-action, rather choose some innovative and interesting call-to-action to attract your audience. Remember to use relevant links that your visitors can follow to know more about your services.

Engage The Audience
Give your prospective clients a chance to engage in your business. Through the Facebook page of your company, you can invite your audience to start a conversation or know more about your business. While some people are comfortable interacting with your business through Facebook pages, others may fill up the Contact Us form to ask you a question privately. By giving you their contact details, they will be converted into leads.

If you want to generate leads with the help of Facebook pages, competition of any kind is one of the best options. By using different applications, you can easily gather information about your prospective clients. Think about the various types of information that you can collect from your customer. The info that you need may vary depending on the industry you deal in. While some businesses prefer to contact their customers via phone calls, others choose to email them.

Remember to keep the contact form simple as people are not interested in divulging a lot of details. The less information you ask, more easily will you be able to generate leads. Keep a balance between asking your customers the required information without putting them off. You can also attract your target audience by offering them discounts on your services.

Status Updates
You can use the Facebook wall to regularly update quality status for attracting audience attention. Also, give your visitors a chance to share the content. Businesses generally share videos and relevant content, which their followers can further pick up on. Use as much content as you can to give a chance to the first time users to browse through it.

The Facebook page of your company is not as formal as your business website therefore you can share some interesting information to attract the online users to your business. You can also place a social sharing button on your page to help people share the content they find interesting on different platforms. This will help your customers to convert into leads easily.

Facebook Offers
Facebook offers tool is one of the best ways to measure ROI directly, but it can also help you to generate leads. Whether you are an online retailer or a shop owner, remember to choose the “online only” option when opting for Facebook offer. In this manner, you can easily collect your client’s information. Facebook offers also give you a chance to know how many people have claimed your offer.

Be Active
Regular updates on your Facebook page will help you to generate leads for your business easily. There is no getting around the fact that lead generation increases with regular posting of content. Remember more frequently the content is updated, more reasons your visitors will have to engage with your Facebook page. Social media is a useful platform that helps you to reach out to your potential customers living across the globe. However, if you want to avail maximum benefits, you need to put in your time and efforts.

Brand Ambassadors
Loyal customers of the company can be converted into the brand ambassadors. The Facebook page will help you to endorse your business in a better light. Engage your existing customers by asking them to fill a questionnaire, or making them a part of your online campaign. Ask them to share relevant and informative content on your page.

The Facebook Ads
Have you considered placing ads on your Facebook page? This social media platform knows how to convert your visitors into leads. If you know your target audience, Facebook will deliver your ads to the prospective clients. The ads will be delivered to the people who are interested in your services to convert them into leads.

So, the Facebook page can help you to easily attract your potential clients and convert them into leads. Here is an overview of what the Facebook page should be doing for you.

  • Attracting targeted clientele who are really interested in your services
  • Getting automated lead and sales
  • Positioning your services as the best in the industry
  • Helping you to collect online users contact information
  • Creating a vibrant community of fans that will happily spread positive word of mouth about your company

So choose what works best for your business. Facebook page will help your online business to earn leads or will even assist it to achieve the required exposure. With the help of required exposure, you will be able to convert your Facebook page into a lead generating machine. So make sure to use it for the advantage of your business.

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Facebook – The Key Player in Online MarketingTag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 11 Mar 2015 1 Comment

Small as well as big entrepreneurs are becoming well versed with the importance of advertising their businesses over different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. These social media sites are responsible for the social media revolution in the online marketing industry. Businessmen are fast becoming technology savvy and thus are using the internet to market their services as well as the products. In this ever evolving world of internet, social media marketing is strongly making its presence felt.

Since the introduction of Facebook, an increase has been observed in its user base. People from around the globe make use of the services offered by Facebook and thus an increase in its popularity has been seen. Facebook is also believed to be the real threat to the giant Google Empire. If you are planning to increase your customer base, social media marketing can help you to do so easily.


It is important to create a profile for your business to promote it over various social media sites including Facebook. You can link diverse accounts together so that it becomes easier for you to share images and content with your followers. You can also share your business address and other contact details so that your prospective customers can reach out to your services easily.\r\n\r\n

Share valuable content

While it is important to share valuable and correct information, do not post blog or articles just for the sake of it. The content must be compelling and informative so that your visitors can share it further to increase your customer base. Give your customers certain reasons to buy your services and show them that your company offers the best services.

Do not turn into spam

Sharing vital information with your customers and remaining consistent is essential to remain in the top news but do not share more than 3 or 4 posts per day. Sharing unnecessary newsfeed can make you look like spam and thus your customers may un-follow you.

Interaction with the customers

Social media marketing offer businesses a chance to interact with their customers in a better manner. You can ask your customers for feedback on your services or you can even ask them to contribute original and attention grabbing content. Interacting with the customers help small businesses to know more about the likes and dislikes of their clients based on which they can further improve their services.

Therefore for an online business who wants to stay ahead of his competitors, marketing his services over Facebook can help the company to achieve the interest of their targeted audiences, generate more traffic, improve relationships and build a reputation with the customers.