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Top 15 Fastest Ways to Earn First Sale .Tag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 23 Mar 2015 No Comments

Internet is a world of endless possibilities and as an online merchant, making the first sale is important for you and your business as well. Have you ever seen money framed and mounted on a wall at the entrance of a bar, club or a small eatery shop? I am sure you must have seen it somewhere. That first sale often matters a lot to new businesses. If you are a new entrepreneur and want to earn that first sale over the internet at the earliest, include these top 15 tips on your sale strategy and see your business grow.

Free Samples

How about sending free samples to influencers and let them market your services? There are a large number of popular bloggers, You-Tubers, entrepreneurs and vloggers that have a huge base of followers. Then wouldn’t it be good if they ask their followers to buy your products? It definitely would be a win-win situation. Sending a free sample to these people will not only provide your website with free internet traffic, but it will also help in increasing your brand’s popularity amongst the internet users.

Start up a Blog
Blogging is an easy way to make money online as well as to connect with your audience. If you are still not running a blog associated with your services, it’s high time that you start one to promote your services to earn that first sale at the earliest. By generating free, informative and valuable content for your customer, you can increase your business credibility and keep them informed about your services. Creating a blog also helps you to interact with your customers in a better manner.

Send Out Emails
As a marketer, it is essential that you build up an Email list. In fact, according to a recent study, it was found that email marketing has helped business to increase their revenue. Having an email list will help you to reach out your potential and regular customers easily. You can easily send out information regarding the newly launched products, a discount offer or an informative piece of content into their inbox. So if you still haven’t started building an email list, do so at the earliest to make that first sale easily.

Organize an Event
In various cases, when you are planning towards making that first sale, sponsoring an event may help you. However, you need to do a bit of research beforehand to avoid wasting your time and money. Make sure that you are sponsoring an event that will be attended by people who will be really interested in your products. Next it is vital to spread a word about your services in a creative manner so that people genuinely want to make a purchase. Don’t come across your potential clients as a mere marketer, but help them understand what you are trying to explain.

Don’t Ignore the Press Release
If you want to secure that first sale at the earliest, using that PR trick can prove to be beneficial. A press release has the potential to attract the right audience for your business and increase your business profit. If the press release is well planned, it can help your business gain instant publicity while helping you to save time and money. To make your business noticeable, remember to go out of the way and do something remarkable enough, so that people pay attention to it. Remember a good PR stunt does not involve a lot of money, but it does require creative minds.

The Google AdWords
The Google AdWords is a famous pay-per-click advertising network that enables online sellers to place their ads on the top of every search result. Using this option, you can easily create targeted ads, that will be shown every time a visitor types a keyword associated with your services. This is a pretty sure way to focus on your targeted customers and make them aware of your services. However, before you opt for this option, remember to hire experts or read enough about it to avoid unnecessary spending.

Target the Retailers Too
While selling your services to customers is your motive, there is nothing wrong in wholesaling to retailers. An advantage that you can avail here is an increase in cash flow. In another way, the retailers will be marketing your products, making it easier for your customers to access your services. People often buy services or products from a company they trust and by spreading a positive word of mouth about your company, you are bound to gain access to a base of satisfied customers. By adopting this method, you are going to make your first sale soon, so do not overlook this point.

Stats are Important Too
As an online business owner, your priority must lie in reviewing and acting on website analytics. The behavior of your visitors will help you to understand why you are unable to sell your services. The website stats will help you to understand the customer’s behavior. It will give you an insight about the route they are taking, the time they spend on your website and what they are doing on your site. There are different tools that will help you by offering some additional information. A completely free service, Google analytic gives you an opportunity to measure your internet traffic in more than one ways.

Make Connections on LinkedIn
LinkedIn helps you to access different business, professionals and executives from various fields. Here people boast about their capabilities and make sure that they are heard by the right people. Here you can set up your e-commerce business profile and let opportunities discover you. LinkedIn also offers you a chance to engage business owners from your industry. Here you can easily post a question, answer a query or converse with other professionals.

How About a Survey
If you want to make your first sale at the earliest, it is important to know more about your customer’s needs and preferences and for this you can run a survey. Consumer surveys help you to obtain honest feedback on your services and products. You can choose from different online survey tool to create you own survey. If you do not know how to go forward and conduct a survey, you can always hire dependable and trustworthy professionals for the same.

Build Up Relationships
When planning to earn the first sale, it is not about what you know, rather it is more about who you know. Building relationships with your customers can act as a portal of success. Irrespective of your business or services, you need to befriend like-minded businesses. Build positive relationships with businesses that are not your direct competitors as they will help you to target your digital audience with ease.

Held a Contest

Have you brought a company’s stuff because they offer freebies alongside? Everybody loves it when they are offered free gifts. If you want to increase your business credibility and want to gain the trust of your customers, launch a contest or offer freebies to them. This is a great way to show your customers that you really care for them and your company means business. However, giving out free gifts doesn’t necessarily means that you have to start big. You can opt for different service providers to run cost-effective contests.

Twitter is Your Friend
When it comes to reaching out to a large customer base, social media is your friend. Choose Twitter and connect with your prospective clients easily. This is an excellent way to reach out to proactive users who want an answer to their questions. You can start up a conversation or post pictures of your products to make the users aware of it. The idea here is not to get involved in direct marketing but just being helpful to the users. This strategy will work wonders for your business as people can easily discover your services.

Go Visual with Facebook
When we are talking about social media platforms, how can we forget to include Facebook? Facebook has about 890 million active users everyday. So when we think of it from business point of view, it makes up for a huge number. It is a social powerhouse that will help you to reach out to your prospective customers easily. Create a Facebook profile for your business and remember to update it regularly. Facebook Ads will help you to attract the right audience to your website. So promote your brand on this popular site.

Make your Online Store Look Apart
Hire experienced professionals to help you design a customize and unique online store to earn that first sale at the earliest. Proficient designers and developers are well-versed with their job and can make your online shop an attractive place to visit. A pop-up store will help you to save money while targeting your customers easily.

These were some ways through which you can see your first sale coming in at the earliest. You can also opt for offline marketing techniques to increase the popularity of your business.