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How to Rank Your E-commerce Store Promptly On Search Engines ?Tag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 26 Mar 2015 No Comments

A good ranking on search engine page result can help you to earn more business. Don’t you think so? It may sound unrealistic in the beginning, but this is actually the case. E-commerce SEO can easily double your online traffic and leads further increasing your sales. In this cyber hysteric world, ranking higher than your competitors is a must to secure good sales. Remember that if you are losing on the possible clicks, you are missing your prospective sales.

So do you own an E-commerce site and want to increase its search engine ranking? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this post, today I will list out various potential problems, latest techniques and some problem solving points that will help you to rank your E-commerce store quickly on different search engines. So read on until the end to get an answer!!!

* Potential Errors

Optimizing an E-commerce site is much harder as compared to optimizing a website or a blog. Here I list out potential mistakes that people commit while optimizing their e-commerce website.

Product Description: As an online store, people expect a complete product description when they visit your site. However offering incomplete or irrelevant product descriptions can turn off your visitors. Lack of product description also decreases the chances of the page being ranked in the top 10 result queries. Remember, more the content is, more easily will it rank on Search Engine.

Lack of Reviews: Before making a purchase, most of the buyers look at the reviews to know more about the product from the users. In other words, it means that if your products are not having customer reviews, you will be loosing on your prospective sales. In addition, it is also easy for a review page to reach the top of search result page.

Non-Unique Titles: When it comes to ranking a page higher in search engine results, unique and precise titles play a major role. However, a majority of online sellers forget this simple rule and opt for non-unique titles for their page. So before you start to write a title for your page, survey the search pattern followed by your users to target their search results easily.

Using Similar Product Description: In certain cases, it may be possible that the e-commerce website owners use the product description offered by the manufacturer. However, using the same content many ban your site from the search engines as the same information is present on various sites. So ensure to write unique and marketable content that attracts customer’s attention instantly.

The Importance of Speaking URLs: You may be thinking what do I mean by speaking URL? In simple terms, speaking URLs refer to keyword friendly URLs. In terms of SEO, it is vital to create speaking URLs for all your products. Speaking URLs look less spammy as compared to long URLs and are customer friendly as well. It also consists of relevant keyword that makes it easy for your visitors to know where they are heading to. However, people forget to use this simple technique on their website.

* Optimization Techniques Used to Create a Strong Presence
Designing a beautiful website with rich user experience is of no use, if your customers are unable to find your services. Very little people have the patience to look further the first or the second page at the maximum, of the search result, so ensure to optimize your website to rank it on the first page of Google search result.

Choose Effective Keywords: Take your time and do a little research before finding the right keyword. Without optimal keywords, you actually increase the chance of your business not getting found in the dot com world. When it comes to finding a service, people are quite specific about the keyword that they use. Therefore, make sure that you do not end up using general keywords but use the one that target your customer’s search.

Avoid Duplicate Content: If you want to rank in the top search results, remember to use unique and creative content on your website. If you have knowledge of the SEO ranking techniques, you may know that duplicate content can decrease the page rankings. So as an e-commerce store owner, analyze the page content and make sure that it is 100% unique. Before posting the content double check it so that your website does not fail the plagiarism test.

Easy to Index URL Structure: When planning to reach the first page search result, do not underestimate the power of a well-structured URL. Proper URL structure makes it easy for the Google and other search engine robots to crawl the page. This will further help your website get indexed easily. Proper structured URL also makes it easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for and an amazing user experience means that they will convert into potential sales easily.

Marketable Description:
For the online visitors, your website is the only place from where they can make the purchases. Therefore, ensure that the website offers complete and well-written description of the product. Moreover, the content must be written in such a manner that it attracts the customers toward it. You can also take the help of a professional content writer to write marketable content about the product.

Make It Easy For Your Visitors: How about designing a responsive e-commerce website to target a huge base of customers? Responsive web design is also recommended by Google as it makes it easy for the search engine to rank your page. A responsive web design easily adapts according to different screen size and hence it is easy to view the content without zooming in or zooming out.

The Product Images Are Important: In order to attract visitor’s and search engine attention toward your e-commerce site, having optimized images present on your website is important. People visiting the e-commerce website will definitely like to see the images of the products they are planning to purchase. Use the highest quality relevant photographs along with well-written description to help search engine robots understand the images.

* SEO Tactics to Get Ranked and Gain Customers

A great website loaded with great products often makes up for a perfect e-commerce platform. But did you forget that Google is not going to buy your services? If your customers are unable to find you on Google, then it is a red alert situation for you. So, use these 5 tactics to improve your rankings on different search engines.

How To Rank:
Before you plan to make your online presence felt, it is vital to understand how you currently rank for the keyword that you wish to be found for on Google. If you have searched for a keyword, the next time you search for it, Google will show it in the top results because it personalize search results. But if you want to see a more accurate ranking, search for the keyword in the incognito window.

Publish Content Regularly: In the field of SEO, content is the king therefore if you wish to rank your e-commerce website higher on the result pages, remember to be regular with the content. Without original content, your website will never achieve top ranking on search results. Start up a blog and publish content on regular basis. Write content relating to the products and see an improvement in the results in a short time interval.

Video Advertising: YouTube, a popular video channel offers you a chance to advertise your services and products in a unique manner. It is the second busiest search engine that helps people to get an answer. Put in an extra effort to publish a video with great content and you will see an increase in your internet traffic almost immediately. Remember to offer sufficient links back to your e-commerce website to ensure that the traffic is diverted to the right place.

The Social Media Platform: Social media presence of your e-commerce website matters to SEO. You can increase the social signal by having the social sharing button on very page of your website. Add your regular customer into your Google+ page or ask them to like your official page on different social media platforms.

A Support Forum: A support forum is an interesting way to drive up traffic toward your e-commerce website. Here people ask their questions and you can answer their queries to drive them up to your website. You can share your knowledge with the readers while telling them more about your services and products. Giving away relevant information can increase your business credibility.

So take out some time and try to evaluate where your business is going wrong. Include these tips and tactics to increase the search engine ranking of your e-commerce website and make it profitable. Before you start with it, remember that SEO is not a one time task, so make sure to keep your website updated according to the changing SEO rules.