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8 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Excel InTag Archives:

Content Marketing

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 18 Jan 2017 1 Comment

If you are a content marketer then you will be well aware that how crucial the content is for online marketing. And in order to reserve your place as an effective content marketer, you need to learn and excel in various skills. It is a field where you will always keep on learning the new things and would need to change your marketing strategies accordingly.

In this write-up, we are going to mention the most important content marketing skills that you need to excel in. Mastering these skills is not a task of a day or a few but you should start working on them from today; only then you will be able to learn and master them.

1. Create clear, informative and engaging content

Writing is not all about putting the right words in order, but you need to do a deep analysis of what to write and how to write. Along with doing a thorough research on the topic and analyzing others’ ideas, you also need to incorporate your own ideas. Along with being clear in your words, you also need to be persuasive. Your writing should be snappy and clear in a way that it would make every reader feel welcome, regardless of his knowledge and skills.

2. Plan before you write

Writing content is not just writing it; you need to organize the whole write-up in a way that there should be a flow. An attractive intro (that will make the reader curious about reading the body), a proper explanation of the topic and an effective conclusion (that would make the readers feel they have not wasted their time by reading it) are the most important things you need to focus on. So, plan before you start writing.

3. Write on the topics you are interested in

Your interest can make or break your content. When you write on the topics you have an interest in, there is a unique kind of excitement and enthusiasm to write. It lets the readers feel closer and they start believing what you say because the voice has come from the heart. These things cannot be gained when you write on a topic you have no interest in. So, know the topics you love writing on, you won’t mind writing on and you don’t want to write on.

4. Review and edit your write-ups

Editing is not only about correcting grammar and typos, but you need to have a proper understanding of how readers consume content online. Actually, they love the content that can be read on the move and would take fewer efforts. So, review your content after writing and along with correcting the grammar mistakes, look for the ways by which you can make it better. Things you can do is adding bullet points, inserting images, breaking up the paragraphs and including headings. These things will make the content easily readable and inviting.

5. Do deep research about the topic

Research is the root of the content marketing. A well-researched write-up not only lets you make your content knowledgable but it also gives the readers a chance to trust you. However, it is not only the research on the particular topic (you are writing on) that matters, but you also need to do research that which topics you should write on i.e. what your readers would love to read.

6. Add effective visuals

Visuals can add a lot of value to your content provided that they are relevant and are of high-quality. Photographs and videos not only support your text but also let the readers have a clear understanding of the content. They make your write-up attractive and engaging. Also, these visuals let you explain your ideas in a few words. Therefore, you should add attractive visuals to your content to make it more attractive.

7. Take advantage of social media

Social media is an important part of the content marketing as it lets you increase the exposure of your content. If you want to increase the exposure of your content and gather more readers then you must consider sharing it on the different social media platforms. These platforms can bring a surprising hike in the count of your readers.

8. Connect with your audience

Connecting does not only mean that you should reply to your readers’ queries, like their posts and comment on them but you should also focus on creating such content that would let you connect with your audience. Learn what they want to read, what makes them tick and what works best for your readers. You will automatically get connected to your audience by doing so.

Content marketing is a growing field where you will always get to learn the new things. So, in order to stay with the trends and hone your skills as per the industry requirements, you need to get your hands on the above-given marketing strategies. In addition, you must remain updated with the latest trends and contemporize yourself accordingly.

This article is written by Bhavik Sarkhedi, author at Entrepreneur and founder of Write Right

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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow in 2016Tag Archives:

digital marketing

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 6 Jan 2016 No Comments

Digital marketing is the online promotion of the business by the digital channels using the advertising and other online methods. Digital media contain websites, social media, radio, television, mobile, etc. In a straightforward way, any type of marketing done electronically is the digital marketing.

This main focus is on person-to-person (P2P) marketing, print advertising and direct online marketing. The traditional marketing is associated with a digital marketing with the things like URL landing pages, QR codes, web banner advertising, online directories, text codes, etc.

The flair of moving toward the digital marketing methods over the traditional methods is preferred by marketing agencies, business owners and the consumer’s itself. Everybody was interested to see the results in the quantify way and digital marketing uses methods like traffic measuring tools, PPC, e-marketing, etc.

The companies can well engage the users in the digital marketing ways like, messaging, forums, chats, etc. The digital marketing budgets are likely to increase in 2016 with the increase of mobile user applications. The single page websites and Google+ pages no longer belong to social media platform in 2016. Apart from this, a major change in search types will be that Bing and Google will have almost equal weight age.

The most adaptive digital marketing trends of 2016 are:

1. Productive Content Marketing

productive content marketing

The most approachable method of SEO is going to be the productive use of content marketing. Because the search algorithms are capturing the content origin, type and relevance. The original content will top the search. Hence content marketing is becoming an effective digital marketing method. The good content can increase the leads and the ability to pick the customer’s interest. A new trend of patronizing the content is being followed. The secure and sensible content marketing will be the latest technology of digital marketing in 2016.

2. Extensive use of Mobile Applications

Mobile Application

As the Wi Fi is becoming cheaper, the use of mobile users is increasing. Most of the surfing for product search and for communication with the client is done using mobile applications. Therefore, it has become the need of the hour to include mobile services in the online business with the help of digital marketing methods.

Last year, Google released a software to find out the sites which are not not using mobile services for the brand promotions of the products. The latest trend of the digital marketing is to capture the group of mobile users using the same type of services.

3. Paid Search options in SEO trends

SEO Trends

As the SEO techniques are becoming a measure to rate the website and hence rating the business growth with the help of digital marketing. The term paid search is the new addition in the arena after Google, Bing and Yahoo, the three most popular search engines shook their hands in 2015. This partnership offered a new way of doing marketing on the internet. The Google AdWords back in Yahoo search will provide more paid search options to cover the entire web search.

A new addition in the web world is the Bing search launched by Microsoft with Windows 10 and Microsoft edge browser which will definitely going to capture market in 2016. This will be a new paid search option, which will increase the reliability of the digital marketing results.

4. Wide use of Video Marketing

video marketing

The YouTube remained a key player in convincing the people by doing promotion through videos in the digital marketing methods in 2015. The trend is going to get a hike in 2016. it is seen that the video watching attracts more customers. Also the companies can define their thoughts in a better way. A two-three minute video describes the entire product whereas reading 2-3 page information consumes at least 10-20 minutes. Therefore, there will be a wide use of videos in the personal websites too in 2016.

It is seen that the video storytelling is a much easier method of digital marketing than the online advertising. It is more realistic and involves real information display on which the user can rely.

5. Using Marketing Analytics

marketing analytics

The digital marketing methods have taken over the traditional methods by applying only one strategy, knowing the customer in a better and faster way. This helps in the decision making process of the company for the promotion of a brands. The company adopts many methods for promotion, Which one is successful and which method did not work. The digital media monitors quickly and displays the results in a quantified manner. Hence the strategies and campaigns of doing business in an increased profitable way keep changing quite oftenly. The marketing analytics will be more developed to make decisions and strategies.

As the technology will keep changing, these trends will also keep on changing. But definitely these will provide an edge to enhance and explore new methods in digital marketing. We must wisely implement each trend to ensure that they return the investment and slowly give the profit by generating qualified leads and traffic.

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5 Content Marketing Tips For Saving Time And ResourcesTag Archives:

content marketing1

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 5 Jan 2016 1 Comment

Content marketing is the way to convert the information and resources produced by the companies to represent themselves in the digital marketing era. In other words, content marketing is the process of advertising to get prepared to do the online business.

Content marketing is the best strategy to develop and deliver the relevant content to do the profitable business. To produce conceptualized and diversified content for the different types of audiences and filtering of content to make it more effective to be in the list of search engines is the requirement of the content.

A precise content may help you in expanding and nurturing your business to the next level. Whereas the unthoughtful content can cause damage to your online business. The information about the products and the website is the mirror of your online business and the criteria to judge your company. Moreover, the SEO tools are capturing your content for the search engines rating. By any means, it becomes mandatory to have high quality of content.

To have good PPC and to utilize the web space properly is an art. The blend of designing and content writing must go side by side. A well-defined description of the matter can save time for the loading and reading of the page.

In a world of piracy, it is necessary to utilize the web resources properly. Nothing can be ignored. Each and every link on the website or the data connectivity is important for your website. The initial security measures are taken, but as the website starts becoming bigger, some issues relating to copying of data are seen. A well-organized site is the only way to provide safe business solutions.

As such, there are no standards defined for the content marketing yet some guidelines and tips to save time and the resources are:

Avoid fake and lengthy content

The content developers are normally asked to compare the contents with the competitor’s website. It is a common practice to provide the similar information on all the similar type of websites which leads to the fake content creation. We must pay attention to study the product information provided and must not cook stories of our own. After creation the description and information provided must be authenticated by cross checking in the catalogs and manuals. The description must not be too long otherwise the viewers may lose interest in reading the information.

Include customer’s interaction by taking his view and by solving queries

The websites can have message forums, online chats, etc. to read the mind of his customers. In a simple website the feedback can be collected through email. But in an online business, the customer’s view is counted as a valuable resource. A database driven component which is not too technical to handle can be a time saving method to know, what the customer is actually looking for. A good website can be simple in designing but the loading of the pages and accessing the information should not consume much time.

Dynamic and regular optician of content

A regular habit of updating the website can be a good practice to save time and utilize the web resources. A dynamic development of the website is easy to update and can be regularly updated. During the updating process, we must keep checking:

* No broken links.
* No spelling mistake.
* No unwanted text on the websites.
* No unmatched sub-heading.
* No use of unwanted keywords either on the main or inner pages.
* Not difficulty in accessing and downloading the required information.

Apart from all these instructions, we must learn to value the competence of our customer. The user visiting your website can get converted into a valuable client. The use of too many technical terms may hamper his mindset and he might not respond because of the fear of using the high standard technology. Therefore, we must keep simple working of the website. We must always think from the customer’s point of view.

Use picture description

A picture can describe well. An adequate and proper use of well sized and optimized pictures can describe the product. This will be a time saving process. The web page can be used in a resourceful manner without adding much text. It is advisable to add pictures wherever we can. Also, it is easy to update the picture as compare to text.

Reduce redundancy and data conflicts

Repetition of the text is a common mistake done by the content writers which reduces the value of the keywords used. The customer can easily find out the repeated information and gets a bad impression about the website. We must use normalization techniques to avoid redundancy of the text. The information provided on the website must be framed in the well-defined sentences so that no data conflicts arise. A website having data conflicts have more loading time and consume much of the database space.

A good content marketing method can prove to be a low cost strategy to control high web traffic volume, leads and purchase. Let’s practice content marketing with the tips given above to save time and utilize the resources well.

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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Powerful Content MarketingTag Archives:

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 17 Mar 2015 No Comments

The year 2015 will be the rise of content marketing as the marketers will be using WordPress plugins as integral content marketing tool. There is a whole array of plugins for blooming content marketing that can help your programs to run smoothly along with delivering great return on investment. Read on to know more about the smarter, productive and faster way to grab the attention of your target audience.

WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing Planning
Scroll Triggered Box (View Site)

This is the most preferred WordPress plugins and is used for emailcapture slide up. It has been observed that this plug-in increased the conversion rate tremendously. The box has been specially designed to attain the visitor’s attention.

The box controls various events for instance; the percentage of scroll or reaching the comment section. This verifies that the users are engage with your website and a call-to-action line is also presented to them. Being highly customizable, you can easily share the text, promotion offers or anything else that you want.

Digg Digg (View Site)
Want to display social share button on your page? The Digg Digg plug-in is the answer. This plug-in display all the social sharing buttons on your page making it look notable. This plug-in offers great options and increase the performance of the website. It displays every social sharing button including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google+ to name a few.

Editorial Calendar (View Site)
Do you remember when your subsequent post is scheduled for? It is not easy for a person to see when the next post is scheduled for on the WordPress, but editorial calendar makes it easy to schedule your posts. You can get an overview of the blog and its publishing date. Posts can be dragged or dropped to change their publishing date.

Editorial calendar makes it easy for the publisher to manage the entire blog. With the help of this plug-in, you can easily view all the posts and their publishing date. Change the date on which the posts will be published, edit the title of the post or even its content. You can even manage posts from multiple authors.

Scribe (View Site)

Scribe is the most popular plug-in for content marketing. This plug-in helps the content creator to understand content marketing opportunities clearly. Writing style can be aligned with the content marketing program objectives to ensure that the content is optimized for different search engines.

For successful content marketing research, this WordPress plug-in works according to a simple formula – research, optimize connect. This plug-in is regularly updated and is the ultimate content marketing management resource.

My Curator (View Site)

Does content curation forms an important part of your content marketing strategy? If yes, then My Curator can help you.  It works tirelessly in the background discovering, gathering, and presenting useful content all through the day.

It uses a cloud process to classify article and to perform thorough processing. My Curator can be used to find the best and the most appropriate article for your website and weeding out spammy and insignificant content. With My Curator, it has become easy to build quality content for your posts or other web pages.

Edit Flow (View Site)
edit flow_feature_02

Have a complete content marketing team and want to make the workflow more streamlined? Edit Flow can work for you. This plug-in can redefine your editorial workflow making it easier for your team to work in collaboration.

This plug-in can be customized according to the requirements of the team by selecting different modules. Various modules include editorial comments, notifications calendar and user groups. You can easily organize your department with this popular WordPress Plug-in.

WordPress Plugins for Audience Engagement
Easy Content Templates (View Site)
content templates dialog

A WordPress plug-in, Easy Content Template lets the user define content template that can be applied on new or existing pages. Templates are private to the creator by default; however by checking the “Makes this template available for others” checkbox, it can be made available to others as well. Others can use the template but cannot do the editing.

Zedity (View Site)


Zedity, a visual editor offers an interesting way to create new content for different pages and posts. With this plug-in, you are not required to have technical knowledge about the codes to create posts or other pages. Creating content with Zedity is super easy, flexible and offers unprecedented possibilities.

It is an innovative editor with flexible interface. The user can rely upon its drag and drop functions to move through the content. It is updated on regular bases and has thousands of users. It offers total freedom to the user along with helping him to save on his money and time as well.

Listly (View Site)

Want to increase reader’s engagement in your blog post? Listly can come to your rescue. This Plug-in can encourage your readers to actively contribute and engage with your posts. An effective content marketing tool, Listly helps your audience to go a step further and become real-time audience.

It encourages your readers to post comments or give suggestions about your post. People can easily list their favourite items and join in the conversation actively. With this plug-in your readers can easily comment on your posts.

Click to Tweet (View Site)\n\n

The WordPress plug-in, Click to Tweet, allows a person to create fresh and unique content that can be easily tweeted for your readers. Pull quotes and custom messages when used inside the blog post can highlight your content and increase reader’s engagement. It also makes it simple for your audience to share the content on Twitter.

This plug-in makes it easier for a person to get more shares for his post. Readers can easily tweet the content to their own timeline. This makes it easier for your readers to increase the social sharing of your post.\n\Content marketing can help your business to focus on the target audience easily. These were some of the most popular plugins that are used to devise reliable content marketing strategies.