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How To Use Social Media To Advertise Your Business?Tag Archives:

How To Use Social Media To Advertise Your Business?

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 31 Mar 2022 No Comments

Precis: If you’re wondering how to use social media for business, check out this blog’s essential hacks.

If you have a business, you probably spend a lot of time trying to find the latest social media marketing tips. There are now 4.2 billion active social media users, almost double what it was five years ago. These users usually spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media per day. These 2.5 hours offer a startling opportunity for businesses to:

  1. Build Brand Awareness
    Develop Customer Relationship
    Make Direct Sales On Social Platforms.

Here we’ll outline some of the best practices you can use to know how to advertise your business on social media, from developing a content calendar to working with influencers. To ease your lives read below.

How To Advertise Your Business?

Knowing how to advertise your business on social media has one huge benefit. You can market your business to your target audience and drive people to your website or location if rightly done. And hopefully, this further leads to more sales and thus increases income.
With that in mind, let’s break down some of the best ways to promote your business on social media:

Properly Circulate To The Word

When figuring out how to promote your business on social media, one of the first steps to take is to set up your profile on the various platforms you deem best suited for your business, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. However, once you set up your profile, they are of no use to promoting your business if no one knows they exist. Therefore, one of the finest things you can do is promote your social media profiles on the company website, communicate via email, and even in your physical store. The more people see your social media profile, the more likely they will visit and engage with your business.

Cross Promoting

Furthermore, it’s worth cross-promoting your social media profiles across different channels. In other words, this means you can use your Instagram profile to promote your company’s Facebook page. If you start to gain a particularly large following on one platform, you can also use that platform for marketing your other channels to reach a wider audience.

Content Calendar And Scheduling

One of the most arduous parts of discovering how to advertise your business on social media is staying organized, especially if you’re using multiple channels. Therefore, you might consider using a social media calendar or content creation calendar to schedule your posts in advance to streamline your social efforts. You can create a timeline that includes all of your different channels and use it to brainstorm, edit, and write your posts and follow them after they go live.


Depending on your day-to-day schedule, you can schedule for a month or a few weeks at a time, but either way, planning ahead will help you stay organized. Moreover, it will give you a chance to think about your social media marketing tactics and think more about your strategies. While you can certainly construct a calendar in Google Sheets or Excel, you can also prefer to take the edge of a social media scheduling platform, like Hootsuite or Buffer, which allows you to form your calendar within their software. Even better, these platforms permit you to prepare in advance. This can be a big time-saver for busy business owners.

Develop Social Media Aesthetic And Stick To It

When you start your business, you spend a lot of time and energy building and growing your business brand. At this point, as you promote your business on social media, your social profile becomes part of your brand. Therefore, to acquire the most out of your social media strategy, you need to create a specific social media aspect for your brand. Apart from this, you need to ensure its consistency across all platforms. It is indubitably true that your business aesthetic, tone, and voice might be slightly different on Instagram than on other social media platforms. Still, overall, social media users should get a good vibe for your brand from all your social channels.

Likewise, they shall find consistency in your channels. In other words, if they see a post from you, they will feel that the post is relevant to what you usually post, who you are, and what your business does and stands for.

For example,
If you run a dog day centre and promote with a cheerful and playful attitude on your social media platforms, you won’t suddenly start posting more mundane aspects about your business, such as ordering dog food or scheduling employees. Ultimately, it can be helpful for existing and potential customers to understand your business through your social media platforms, which means picking a consistent vibe and sticking with it.

Build Relationships

Wondering why we are talking about social media for business? Well, the unique benefit that social media marketing offers to businesses is that it lets you speak directly to your customers and followers. You can build a relationship over time instead of asking for a pre-sale. More than 44% of Internet users use social media for brand research. Part of that discovery is knowing who you are as a brand and what you stand for. When people interact with your organic content or ads, you should engage again. This helps build trust and build a loyal following. When your fans share and like your content, you will advance the social algorithms and gain new free exposure. Nurturing relationships can also help you build a loyal community that leads to continued sales over time. Acquiring new customers is great, but don’t minimize the value of customer retention.

Embrace The User-generated Content

One of the merits of social networks is that they allow everyone to express themselves. Now, if you have customers who love your brand, you’ll probably hear about it or see it on social media. Once you have users talking and posting about your business, you can easily access lots of content. This social media strategy, known as user-generated content or UGC, sounds simple: brands take user-generated content (with their permission) and feature it.

There are two main advantages to this.

First, it makes marketing your brand a little easier. The second and most important benefit is highlighting and introducing an active community to your followers. Consumers today, and especially the younger generation, want to see reviews from other customers before buying. According to a study by Mintel, 72% of opinion seekers aged 25-34 turn to social media to get recommendations when purchasing goods and services.

The reality is that consumers trust people more than brands. Therefore, this knowledge is a powerful tool for small businesses that take this approach. And that also explains why user-generated content works so well.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining business revenue and generating new marketing ideas can seem like a long battle, especially with the changing trends in social media. That is why we are here. With Scorpion, you get the best people and the latest tricks of social media for your business to reach the heights of success. Yes, there are indeed many other marketing companies out there. But what gives Scorpions an edge over the rest is the right combination of their experience and expertise. Scorpions experts strive to deliver the best customer experience, which requires us to stay vigilant to provide you with the best. So you can count on us with your closed eyes. Why wait then? Visit our website now and book the best deal at the best price.

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Why Promotional Products Are The Best For Brand Awareness and ROI?Tag Archives:


Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 30 Jul 2018 No Comments

Promotional products have become one of the most important strategies to increase brand awareness, plus ROI. From colourful convention tote bags to glossy calendars, mugs and other drinkware, several companies are offering such products to their clients and customers at tradeshows, conferences and other generic events. In addition, sports teams, politicians and other small businesses have also used such products to promote their business among the customers.

Promotional items are featured with attractive design, colourful logo, and other relevant information, which allows the users to know about your brand easily. While choosing gifts for your customers, clients, employees, and business partners give preference to quality, branded and useful products. It will engage the users towards your business. That’s why, promotional merchandise is useful to improve customer engagement, boost brand awareness, build customer relations, and increase the ROI. Here are the following reasons why promotional products are best for brand awareness and ROI.

Table of Content:
Convey the Right Message Crossly
Offer Long-Lasting Advertisement
Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy
Create Strong Customer Loyalty & Retention
Ability to Stand Out Among Competition
Increase Leads & Generate Sales
Promote your Retail Products Through Free Item

Convey the Right Message Across

Promotional gifts like pens, lanyards, or calendars given away during conventions or other such events can spread the brand message across. With the availability of advertising mediums like magazines, newspaper, television, radio, and other marketing strategies, the business owner can convey the right message across the world using these freebies. By knowing customer-base, you can add a personal dimension to your general marketing messages. When people will receive the gifts with company’s logo design and relevant information, they will easily get attracted towards the brand. A good promo product will help you localise and customise your brand message. This thing will increase brand awareness and further turn into high ROI.

Offer Long-Lasting Advertisement

Offering custom plastic bags, pen, key chains, note pads, and t-shirts will help you advertise your business for a long time. By receiving a free tangible object will excite the people, which will become interesting in digital promotion. Therefore, choosing an item that is tactile, personalised and meaningful enhances brand awareness. A thoughtful, creative, and useful gift will make people happy and leave a good impression on them. This will advertise your brand in the market for the long run. Conventional, television, and radio advertisement run for a limited amount of time. But, with branded items that imprint with your logo, fresh promotions will assist you to find new and innovative ways to remind your customers about your brand and encourage repeat business and referrals.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Promotional gifts are cost-effective compared to other popular forms of advertising efforts like media. Most branded merchandise use a word of mouth technique to boost the cost per impressions. Many promotional items supplier companies are using this strategy to generate a high revenue of the business. For mass distribution, they keep the prices low, which impact high on recipients. This is an effective way to win your customers and increase brand awareness along with high revenue.

Create Strong Customer Loyalty & Retention

Promotional products create strong loyalty and retention by bringing a personality to your brand. Constant exposure to these products makes it much easier for the users and other business owners to remember the brand associated with it. In return, the users will stay in touch with your brand and owners will likely to do business with you. This means giving an item to an individual promotes the feeling that he/she should reciprocate for your kind gesture. 85 % of people love to do businesses with the company after receiving promotional products. Therefore, promotional gifts create a more personal relationship with the brand as it turns your customers into ambassadors. When customers will receive useful gifts with a logo design and slogan, they will likely to purchase more products of your brand. In return, it will build strong customer loyalty.

Ability to Stand Out Among Competition

Offering business cards as promotional gifts to your customers and employees will tailor your specific target market and allow your business’ creativity to shine. Therefore, in order to stand out yourself among a competition, a business owner need to use a catchphrase that brings personality to your brand and can easily engage the users. In addition, making use of the appropriate choice of colours and putting contact details on a product will give a chance to users for making a direct purchase from your site or store. These methods will allow you to form immediate appreciation and gratitude that forges a positive link. Therefore, making clever use of an interesting promo gift and adding an appealing logo or design to increase the perceived value and desirability of the item to a particular audience.

Increase Leads & Generate Sales

Promotional items are just more than just branding tools because they are lead generators. These items are effective to make a positive impression on existing and potential customers. Therefore, increasing the ROI can become easy through this. Incorporate digital rewards to take the users to a landing page to capture their information. By using your consumers’ personal information like name, age, sex, hobbies, profession, the owners can easily provide the gifts according to their interests. It will engage the user in your brand, which will further increase leads and generate sales. In addition, using giveaways chatbots or tiers will help to deepen the conversation with prospects.

Promote your Retail Products Through Free Items

Consider adding a free gift item instead of discounting your product. Therefore, offering the branded-gift item as a proposed monetary discount can be perceived to be worth more to customers. In addition, as a business owner, you can also free items on single or multiple purchases. But, make sure, these items are useful and qualitative. This would enable you to maintain higher gross sales margins while also enhancing your brand value within the consumer’s mind. A free gift lets customers feel special through their purchase. This will give an overall positive feeling to your customers when they think about your brand again in the future.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned reasons are showing why promotional gifts are best for business awareness and ROI. Return on investment increases as the brand becomes more memorable and its reputation improves, which is possible through promotional products. But, while choosing the gifts for your customer, make sure they are matching with your brand theme. The gifts also have to be relevant and suit the interests of your target audience. This will give the brand great exposure, plus high revenue.

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Generate your brand awareness among people using social media marketing tipsTag Archives:

Generate your brand awareness among people using social media marketing tips

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 11 Oct 2017 No Comments

These days, social media has became one of the most effective marketing tools ever. It has become a digital publicity beast and entirely new sub-genre of marketing. Promoting your business on right social media platforms is really very important. For this, you need to determine which social media platform would be best to promote your brand.

When it come to social media marketing, creating a brand awareness along with generating traffic and lead generation is quite essential. For selecting right social media channels promoting your business, focus on what type of services you offer and who will be your target audience.

Here below are some of the best social media marketing strategies using which you can create your brand awareness-

Get Visual-

If you want your content to be noticed among people then, you will have to publish eye-catching content along with amazing visuals in it.

It is important to note that sites having attractive visuals get more traffic and leads as compared to sites who don’t post visuals. (Learn these 8 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Excel In). When you will attach different attractive images then, grabbing the attention of people will become quite easy. Therefore always focus on posting relevant images to your site.

Get the Right Mix of Engagement and Action-

Getting the mix of engagement and action is important. Mixing engagement with action will sometime proves to be the best method for generating more traffic for a business. One of the best examples of the right mix of engagement and action is adding a link to a website to a blog post. Engagement posts can be a topical or a funny post, just to get a positive reaction or just to provoke thought.

Go beyond services and products-

Sometimes selling a good product or service isn’t always enough for prospects. Customer value transparency, honesty, and authenticity from organizations. Different services which clients usually expect from a service provider are-

  • – Being upfront and honest about business practices
    – Emphasizing company values and culture
    – Getting involved in the community
    – Sharing sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes info on products and services
    – Publishing meaningful content
  • Consider Co-marketing-

    Co-marketing is a partnership between two organizations where both of them jointly market each other’s products. For example, a game software company can do a partnership with an organization who manufacture video cards. They both can further market each other’s products.

    With help of co-marketing, brands can easily get additional reach and exposure. Researching your target audience’s likes behaviors and demographics can uncover other organizations to potentially work with on marketing campaigns.

    Experiment with Social Profiles-

    Experimenting and testing with features of each social media platform is fun. For e-commerce retailers, Facebook can be a favorite because of availability of many tab options on a page, such as an email sign-up forms, shopping, offers, and the ability to drive traffic to a website.

    Want to generate your brand awareness among people for getting huge traffic and leads? If yes, then go through these above mentioned some of the best social media marketing tips.

    If you looking for a reliable social media marketing services provider who will help you to take your business to next level then choose Thinsqare. We have expertise team members who work with full dedication using advanced tools and technology for providing quality service.