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Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 19 Dec 2016 6 Comments

The tech landscape has changed much from it was a few years ago and the smartphones have gone much beyond than just making calls and sending texts. Now, they have become the mean to meet our daily life requirements through the various apps that are developed for these devices. Whether it is education, health, profession, shopping, news or any other topic, you will easily get an app for that.Want movie apps for android but don’t know which one is the best? Take a look.

However, as the use of the mobile apps is highly increasing, the innovation in their development is taking a centre stage. New trends come from time to time and bring advancements to the mobile app technology. Though it is hard to make predictions about this vast landscape, but here we are jotting down some mobile app design trends that will be on the top in 2017.

Better UI for gestures

Gestures include the touch mechanics and the touch activity and the mobile apps get a super power in the terms of usability, UX and retention with the addition of new and interesting gestures. The success of the mobile apps highly depends on the gestures implemented for the better user experience. And in 2017, the experts are going to add some new gestures that will ensure good user experience by making the app interactive, content focused and by making the app response fast.

Tamagotchi gestures are the latest ones that are going to be implemented in the design by UX professionals, in 2017. They will focus on bringing the required human touch in the app.

Multi-app split screen on Android

The convenience of the split screen is beyond amazing; it lets you do two tasks simultaneously, on your screen. It not only saves the time but also eliminates the trouble of switching between the opened windows. For an instance, you can be tweeting and browsing the web for some other purpose at the same time.

As the companies are offering the mobile devices with the split-screen capabilities and Google is also going to introduce the feature on its devices, the developers and designers are required to focus on producing this feature for Android.

Material design

Talking about the design trend that is there to stay forever, it is the material design. It has no more remained a Flat one; the use of various techniques like shadows, gradients and other 3D effects has led to the improvements in the UX and has excited the people. The trend of the material design has come into existence with the intent of making user engagement easier on the different mobile platforms.

Wearables are influencing the mobile app technology

The wearable gadget have taken the concept of “mobile” to the new dimensions. The wearable market has experienced an increase of 18.4% in 2016, from the previous year and this, the increase is further going to rise in 2017. It is not only about the smaller screens, but the ways of using the various apps and the scenarios in which you use the wearable mobile technology are also different. This depicts the need of necessary changes in the user experience.

And this raised increase will let the designers and developers race for creating the intuitive, user-focused and user-friendly apps for these mobile devices.

All these trends will focus on enhancing the user experience and bridging the gap between the virtual and reality. These trends are not only going to impact the mobile app design & development for 2017 but will also affect the changes that will come in the technology in the future.