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Plantronics Headsets: Get a Better Communication Experience!


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Since 1962, Plantronics has been developing, manufacturing and selling phones and headsets with amplifiers and noise reduction, wireless devices for computer and mobile equipment, as well as equipment for people with hearing loss.

The company sells its products through a global network of telephone companies, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. Representative offices and branches are located around the world: in the USA, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, etc. The main office of the company is in California. For many years, Plantronics has been collaborating with leading telephone equipment manufacturers and computer telephony software developers like Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Microsoft, and many others. They are focusing on the use of Plantronics headsets as part of partner equipment, thus achieving maximum compatibility and convenience.

Smartphones and self-service systems have changed the way they interact in call centers, when a client contacts a service center employee, he most likely already has more information than the operator. In such situations, the client wants to immediately contact someone and quickly solve their problem. The operator must give a clear and understandable answer, even if the client is in a mobile environment with questionable voice quality. In addition, companies use telephones to conduct complex, expensive transactions. In such situations, the call center manager must be sure that he clearly hears the interlocutor and understands him the first time, while the client cannot hear the confidential information of other clients.

High Quality

Professional devices are equipped with a high-quality speaker and equalizer, which eliminates interference, echo and background noise. Using patented SoundGuard® DIGITAL ™ and Call Clarity ™ technologies delivers high-quality sound. The warranty period for a Plantronics headset is at least 1 year. The face of your contact center reduces call processing timeless errors and face-to-face retries words 7% personal communication voice tone 38%.

Convenience of Operation

Using the Plantronics wireless headset allows you to carry out telephone conversations in parallel with the main work, thereby increasing productivity. Due to the ability to constantly be in touch, the number of processed telephone calls is increasing. The automatic volume control function frees the user from the need for additional manual settings during a conversation. Headsets with a headband or near mount are convenient for continuous use throughout the day.


The Plantronics Wireless Headset helps maintain a natural body position, preventing spinal curvature and poor posture. The load on the cervical spine and muscles of the shoulder girdle is reduced by 40%.

Increase Productivity

Efficiency and increase in productivity when using telephone headsets, productivity is increased by 30%. Improving the quality of a telephone conversation using a headset will protect interlocutors from external noise and interference arising on a telephone line. Plantronics provides the best comfort for everyday use, excellent noise reduction for clearer communications and increased reliability. The processors provide unrivaled sound quality and also support context recognition features. The Plantronics solutions increase the efficiency of business processes, customer satisfaction, attract and retain call center employees.

Solve Problems

Due to the growing expectations of users, service centers need to effectively interact with customers in solving their problems. The Plantronics is tailored to customer service centers. Headsets of this series are characterized by innovative professional design, ergonomic design using the latest materials and technologies, ideal for reliable and comfortable wearing all day. With fewer reasons to remove the headset during the day, call center staff will be ready for every call, thanks to the microphone boom with precise hold. Noise reduction technology provides greater privacy: conversations will be clearly audible, the number of incomprehensible words will be reduced, background noise from the keyboard and other speakers will not interfere.

Bottom Line

Plantronics has more than a decade in the field of development of equipment for various purposes. It can extend the life of your smartphone, as when negotiating through a headset, you do not have to rush to search and get the gadget in uncomfortable situations when the risk of dropping it and damaging the system increases significantly. For the first time, it was used in aviation, traveled to space, passed a quality check according to all existing standards. Plantronics does not stop improving its inventions, delighting users with new technologies and a guarantee of quality.