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How to Use Technology Tools to Promote Events and Tradeshows

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 2 May 2019 No Comments

Event and Trade show Value Events and tradeshows became the backbone of the business industry. Event success makes a great impact on business, it leads you beyond the limits of success or down deep. Businesses are generating billions of dollars from their events and trade shows. The purpose of arranging an event is to increase the business sale and services also enhance the relationship with th

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How Digital Technology Can Impact Primary Healthcare

Impact of Digital Technology on Primary Care

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 30 Apr 2019 No Comments

In 2017, Forbes published an article that discussed a recent study on doctor wait times. The study involved 15 major U.S cities and the conclusions it drew raised serious concerns. According to this study, patients have an average wait of 24 days to schedule a physician’s appointment. This is a staggering 30% increase over stats from just 3 years prior to the study in 2014. This shows a large de

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Companies That Are Creating Eye Catching Long – Form Videos

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 26 Apr 2019 No Comments

1.BuzzFeed Gained great recognition from their short-form videos which can be found on their channel, but can we say that BuzzFeed had uncovered the secrets behind long-form videos? This is because; Buzzfeed has been into the longer sized videos lately like "The Power to Live and Forgive" which clocks the duration of up to 14 minutes. The video turned out to be an outstanding one, that the

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Advantage of Working with a Good SEO Company

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 26 Apr 2019 No Comments

There are now thousands of SEO agencies operating in India offering lucrative packages. This is why you need to be smart when you have to choose the right agency for you. You can select a few companies, discuss with them in detail and can assess which agency will meet your requirement the best. After that, you can choose the best agency and best package that will bring positive results in the long

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WordPress Hosting 2019: How To Choose The Best Web Hosting

SEO web development concept: Web Hosting on computer keyboard ba

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 25 Apr 2019 No Comments

Web hosting is a key thing that decides whether a website will be successful or not. It helps decide almost everything related to a site, so it is essential to choose one of the best web hosting services and the right website building tool. When it comes to the best in this case, WordPress is on the top. One of the most famous content management system (CMS), WordPress is equipped with all those f

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Free Web Design and Development Tools Online

Free Web Design

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 24 Apr 2019 1 Comment

Most of us know that it is usually useless to rediscover the wheel. This is especially true for developers. To save time and energy, developers often use existing design and development tools that have proven effective. Let’s explore some of the free web design and development tools: 1.GoToMeeting GoToMeeting is the ideal tool for creating a conference and a video call. Its applications ar

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Top Benefits of Having More Instagram Views and Followers for Your Business

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 23 Apr 2019 No Comments

Posting your business photos and videos was never more interesting and beneficial until the inception of Instagram. Yes, you can share your brand’s moments and stories with millions of users over the world to boost your presence online. There is no doubt about the same. Though posting images is a fun-filled activity but some business owners took it seriously to connect with their potential custo

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8 Must Web Hosting Services for your Website in 2020

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 17 Apr 2019 No Comments

When you've got a good simple, nofrills website, you are ahead of this match. Tons of men and women never bypass crossing"Construct my website" there to do lists. Consequently, in case you have managed to create your own personal website, this is something that you will be actually pleased with. Now, however, you wish to have your website for the subsequent stage. Maybe you are becoming serious

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Increase Your Business ROI with iPhone App Development

Increase Your Business ROI with iPhone App Development

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 27 Feb 2019 No Comments

Talking about the most sought trend in mobile technology today, it is all about iPhone apps. Mobile apps are indeed regarded as a major trend in the upcoming few years and iOS platforms are regarded as the dominant area for innovation. iPhones apps are needed to adopt following both small as well as big brands in order to enhance the visibility in order to have better engagement with the people in

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Best Wi-Fi Extenders 2020

Posted by ThinSquare ON Sunday , 3 Feb 2019 No Comments

While everything from our office work to that of an individual relies immensely upon the accessibility of the internet – we don't generally have as quick an internet speed to complete everything as they broadcast in their ads. We have the correct system speed, a solid connection yet at the same time we wind up getting debilitated signals the minute we move to another room. That significant skype

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