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One Piece: Top 5 Times Robin Saved the Day (& 2 She Endangered It)


Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 13 Apr 2021 No Comments

As one would envision, this made Robin a considerable individual from Luffy’s gathering. In One piece filler list, she has placed everyone in peril similarly as frequently as she has saved them. By distinguishing her most noteworthy protects and most noticeably terrible disappointments, we can all the more likely like the benefits of Nico’s quality on the Thousand Sunny – or deficiency in that department.

counterfeit nico robin and chopper

When the legends were making a beeline for the area of their get-together, Chopper was quick to experience the phony Straw Hat bunch. Nico Robin’s faker endeavored to persuade him to join their gathering, going after the specialist’s naïveté.

After she was stole by the Marines, he felt dutybound to pursue her and almost gambled being captured himself. Albeit the genuine Nico was not answerable for this little emergency, her appearance was convincingly utilized against her own group.

Princess Shirahoshi from One Piece

At the point when the new Fish-Man privateers moved in to strike the killing blow against Princess Shirahoshi, Robin had an amazingly successful method of obstructing them. She made a massive pair of feet to step the sea-going raiders level, dissipating their positions and guaranteeing that the regal stayed safe.

Notwithstanding her heroism, the other Straw Hats would have neglected to contain the crowd of 50,000 troopers without anyone else. The worth behind her salvage would be seen some other time when it was uncovered that the princess was the island’s living superweapon.

Imperiled EVERYONE: Nico Robin Was A Former Baroque Works Agent Who Actively Conspired Against Alabasta

Robin as miss all sunday

In spite of the fact that Robin is viewed as one of the Straw Hats, she was presented as the right-hand lady of warlord Crocodile. Together, they contrived to disentangle the realm of Alabasta, actuating a common conflict and raging the actual castle.

Nico was straightforwardly answerable for devastating Pell, one of the country’s most prominent gatekeepers. In the event that he hadn’t recuperated on schedule, the whole realm would have been immersed in Crocodile’s superweapon and diminished to tidy in the breeze.

Made all the difference: Robin Defeated Yama At Skypiea

Yama was the general of Eneru’s armed forces and a man independently more grounded than any of the other four clerics. Having recently joined the Straw Hat group, Robin substantiated herself to her new partners in One piece filler an artistic conflict against the rotund savage.

By utilizing his weight against him, she had the option to push him off a bluff and catch him in her “Grasp” strategy. His loss guaranteed the salvation of invaluable relics that Robin would use to all the more likely comprehend the legendary locale the Straw Hats had coincidentally found – including a poneglyph.

Robin ice sheet water seven

During the principal death endeavor on Iceberg’s life, Robin was an immediate assistant to the wrongdoing. Since he lived to express her character, the Straw Hats were quickly positioned at grave danger, with the nearby people betrayed them.

Luffy had to fight with the Galley-La organization (counting Rob Lucci and Kaku) to remain alive and sort out the reality of what was going on. On the off chance that Robin had been resolute by the danger the marines represented, her friends would have been exceptional off for it.

Made all the difference: Robin Broke Spandam’s Back and Prevented Him From Pursuing Them

Spandam versus robin

After the Straw Hats started their trying departure from the Buster Call, Spandam requested his unexpected of marines to seek after them. Robin watched from the rear of the boat, utilizing her demon organic product to inundate the CP9 chief in arms and snap his spine.

This gave her companions sufficient chance to escape since it muddled the Navy’s offense. Additionally, it provided fulfilling sense of finality to the excavator and permitted her to proceed onward from the most obscure section of her life yet.

Aokiji Attacking Robin

Before the legends arrived at Water Seven, they were gone up against by Admiral Aokiji. Having been attracted to Robin for their upset past and with the comprehension of what a poneglyph can do in some unacceptable hands, he assaulted the paleontologist and any who wished to save her in One piece arcs.

While Luffy’s endeavor to intercede was excellent, he was crushed and frozen strong immediately. Notwithstanding Chopper’s clinical abilities, both of the saints would have died, putting an untimely finish to their epic journey.

Made all the difference: Robin Was Responsible For Restraining The Children Of Punk Hazard As Chopper Cured Them

caught messes with one piece

The offspring of Punk Hazard failed to keep a grip on themselves subsequent to capitulating to the habit-forming impacts of Caesar Clown’s sweets. In a ballistic fury, they assaulted the Straw Hats since they denied them their ideal delicacy.

Careful not to hurt the children but rather mindful of the danger they presented, Robin utilized her Devil Fruit to control them while Chopper regulated cures. This splendid collaboration took into consideration the prisoners to get back to business as usual without enduring superfluous mischief and eventually empowered them to return home to their folks securely.