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MilesWeb vs. CrazyDomains WordPress Hosting – Who Wins the Race?

MW vs Crazy domain

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 22 Apr 2017 No Comments

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS and popular platform among the bloggers. It helps to organize and display the content on your site in a professional way. Also, it’s the easiest to use platform due to the interface it offers to design the website. You will many benefits of WordPress hosting, let’s check them below:

Free of Cost: When you are on a low budget, free is always good to choose. It offers your several themes and plugins to use free of cost.

Easy to Use: You just require few minutes to install WordPress and you will also find many support guides as well as videos that help you to easily build your site in WordPress.

Vast Supporting Community: You have the WordPress support or developer communities that help to resolve your issues related to website. Even though you plan to outsource your content, design or site maintenance you will get plenty of writers, editors, developers and designers who know the working of your site’s CMS.

Develop Functionality as per Your Choice: You can develop the functionality of your website as per your preference with the use of thousands of plugins. You can load your website faster, optimize your blog posts for search results or backup automatically.

Make Your Site Unique: Since WordPress code is open source, the professionals are finding ways to enhance it. You can make your site unique with the help of free as well as paid themes available.

There are more benefits but the list is too long to be continued. Now that you have chosen WordPress to develop your website, it’s time to select the best WordPress hosting in Australia. Basically, managed WordPress hosting is developed specially for the WordPress website. It offers numerous benefits for your WordPress website. You will find many WordPress hosting providers in the market and so, choosing one that caters you with all the best features is very difficult.

Check the comparison of the two best providers of Australia and take your decision to select the one you think is the best.


Since 2012, MilesWeb has been the leading cheapest web hosting Australia and caters over 10000 websites till today. Don’t go on their customer base. Though it appears to be very small, they offer web hosting at affordable prices. Also, their customer support is one of the best one among all the providers due to their instant support and extensive technical knowledge.

They offer full managed WordPress hosting to all their customers. Their plans come with pre-installed WordPress installation and are configured with certified plugins and themes which allow you to start your WordPress website easily.

WordPress Hosting Plans

They offer two types of WordPress Hosting plans – WordPress Hosting + Lifetime Free Domain and WordPress with Jetpack Premium / Professional Plugins.

WordPress Hosting + Lifetime Free Domain

WordPress with Jetpack Premium / Professional Plugins

Features of WordPress Hosting:

SSD Storage

Since the solid-state drives are much faster than the traditional hard drives, MilesWeb includes them in their plans to offer better performance.

Free SSL

It is important to secure the connection between your web server and visitor’s browser and so, an SSL is important to be installed. MilesWeb offers a free SSL installed on all their WordPress hosting plans. It keeps the information such as login information, card details, names, addresses etc. safe.

Pre-Configured WordPress

You don’t need to setup and configure WordPress as you get it pre-configured on all their WordPress hosting plans. You not only save your time with this but also it makes the website management hassle-free.

Automatic Updates

The updates are automatically installed on your WordPress platform which saves your time in manually checking and installing updates. The updates are installed by the software at the backend automatically on your WordPress website. Also, their technical team continuously monitors for the updates installation.

Jetpack Premium/Professional
An all-in-one tool, Jetpack helps in hassle-free designing, security and marketing of your WordPress site. It includes various tools that help you to grow and enhance your website.

Technical Features of MilesWeb WordPress Plan

You can create a copy of your WordPress website just with a few clicks with MilesWeb WordPress hosting. With this feature you can launch the clone of your website save time of development. You can clone your website even while migrating your site, testing a new theme or integrating a new plugin.

MilesWeb offers CDN service to boost the performance of your website and improve the user experience. It uses the gzip compression format for loading the web pages faster.

Daily Backups
Don’t worry about data loss with MilesWeb. They backup your site for free every 24 hours. So, your important data won’t fly away when you host with them.You will never lose your data for the sites hosted with MilesWeb.

The command line interface, WP- CLI helps to interact with your website. You can configure updates, multisite installs, and do a lot more with its command line interface. It supports advanced commands like wp-profile and wp-profile.

They also offer:

Customer Support

MilesWeb customers get a top level of technical support. Their team is available round the clock for their customers through phone, email and chat. You will always get user-friendly assistance to help resolve your technical challenges.

Uptime Guarantee
Whether it’s a personal blog or a business website, preferably you should always get guaranteed uptime. It’s a fact that no web hosting provider guarantees an uptime of 100%. But still MilesWeb offers you the highest uptime guarantee of 99.95%.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
In case, you are not satisfied with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan, you can always contact their team within the first 30 days of your purchase to claim your refund.

Established in 2000, Crazy Domains are also the popular web hosting provider in Australia. The company has a worldwide presence and has offices in Europe, Australia, Asia, India, New Zealand, the Middle East, the U.K., and the U.S. They are the first and foremost domain registrar of Australia. They offer wide range of hosting services right from shared hosting to DNS hosting.

WordPress Hosting Plans
They offer fully managed WordPress hosting with blazing fast speed and hardcore security.

Features of WordPress Hosting

One-click WordPress – You can install the latest WordPress version in just a single click from the account manager.

One-click Staging – Staging allows creating a copy of your website anytime on a separate staging environment. On this you can test your designs, code, new tricks and then make the changes live on your production site.

SSH & SFTP Access – This feature allows you to upload website, images as well as other files with the use of any SFTP client or with SSH.

Autoupdates – Your website will always stay updated with the latest WP versions with the auto updates feature which installs the updates automatically.

WP-CLI Enabled – You get a command-line interface for performing different actions which you might perform in the WordPress admin.

Temporary domain name – Don’t have a domain name yet. You can use one of their temporary domains for setting up your WordPress and change it later within your Account Manager.

They also offer the below features:

24/7 Support: Their team offers you 24/7 support via phone, live chat and email.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: You get 60 money back guarantee with their service, if you aren’t happy with their service within first 60 days.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee: They help to maintain the uptime of 99.9% uptime for your website.

You can see that both MilesWeb and Crazy Domains offer also most similar features. But MilesWeb offers you many technical features which are missing in WordPress hosting plans offered by Crazy Domains. Technical features are important to enhance your WordPress website performance. So, check the features keenly and then select one.