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MilesWeb’s Managed WordPress Hosting Review: Best for Online Store in 2021

Posted by ThinSquare ON Sunday , 2 Feb 2020 1 Comment

A website is a valuable asset for any business and so, you always ensure that is secure, hosted on the best platform and runs efficiently. Many businesses build their websites in WordPress as it is a popular platform. But with self-managed WordPress hosting, you need to manage everything right from installing updates, security patches, upgrading to latest version, etc. In managed WordPress hosting, all these tasks are performed by the web host’s team or even automatically. You don’t have to manually make changes to your website.

What is Basically Managed Hosting?

Many web hosting packages today are managed. What’s the reason behind this? This is because the website you run is actually highly complicated than you think. No doubt, many of you might have created and run WordPress-based websites without any hassle, but do you have network management knowledge or can you create Nginx files or apply operating system upgrade to your own server using SSH? Surely, the answer is no.

Each of the website is stored on a server having the memory, processor, hard drive, ports, etc that can manage the traffic. Also, all these need to be managed on an operating system level. In vase there’s a bug in your operating system, it needs to be resolved. If there’s a malware entered in your machine, it needs to be destroyed. All these issues need to be taken care of on daily basis for keeping your website safe.

This level of management can be expected from all hosts today. Most of the users don’t need to control their low-level hosting environment. If they are given a chance to manage can create a mess of things. This will directly affect their website’s performance and the blame will be put on the web host.

Simply speaking, the web host frees two birds with one key: saves you from the mess and saves them from the pile of support tickets.

You can consider this type of management as server-level management. You will find this feature offered in all hosting packages.

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There is a separate team of managed hosting services that allows you to perform common higher-level tasks on your server, such as website backups. This type of service can be said as application-level management.

Application-level management services are the type you get in managed WordPress cloud hosting plans. Their features will include:

1.Caching at server-level
2.Automated daily site backups
3.Updates related to core WordPress
4.Website migrations
5.Malware scanning and removal
6.Quick and easy creation of staging sites
7.On-demand WordPress-specific one-click backups

Introduction to MilesWeb

An award-winning web hosting company, MilesWeb is based in India and was launched in 2012. They have array of web hosting services to meet the needs of all the businesses right from bloggers, small businesses to large organizations. Shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, managed AWS and Digital Ocean cloud hosting, managed and self-managed VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers.
Facing issues on your WordPress website? Immediately contact their support team via live chat or email. They are available 24*7 to help you.
You can get your refund back if you don’t want to continue the service with them. But for the refund you need to claim for it within the first 30 days of service purchase.
The 99.95% uptime guarantee ensures that your website remains up and running for your visitors.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans


Automatically Managed Updates: Automatic updates is the significant feature of WordPress. But with managed WordPress hosting this feature is taken to the next step by automatically applying the security fixes immediately after those are released similar to the major WordPress version updates that are applied to the sites. MilesWeb team keeps a track on the WordPress releases and ensures that all the WordPress updates are installed immediately. Also, the software at the backend automatically upgrades your WordPress to the latest version.

Free WordPress Migration: You can migrate your website for free on their servers without any downtime.

Free Domain: You get a free domain with all their managed WordPress hosting plans.

Fast SSD Storage: The SSDs using flash technology help in storing data faster as compared to the traditional HDDs.

Free SSL Security: All the websites hosted at MilesWeb get a free SSL installation to secure your website from any vulnerability. Also, your website data remains secured with it, improves trust on your website and helps your website to rank higher.

WordPress Preconfigured: WordPress is preinstalled and configured on your website. There is no need to waste your time in the installation of it.

Fast Provisioning:
You can get your next website project ready within a few minutes by launching a cloud instance. Also, features such as SSD hardware, PHP 7, server caching and HTTP/2 support help your website to run with a blazing speed.

Secure Email: You are allowed to create unlimited email accounts. They support IMAP/POP/SMTP protocols on their server.

Datacenter Choice: You can select the datacenter location as per your choice based on the target audience from the multiple datacenter locations offered.

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The Bottom Line

MilesWeb offers managed WordPress hosting which means they manage the technical issues, server optimization, WordPress updates, tweaking PHP versions and monitoring. You don’t have to worry about the technical functionalities of it. Thus, you can easily setup your online store with their managed WordPress hosting.

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