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Know the Benefits of Advanced Software Development Model: Agile Methodology


Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 4 Jun 2019 2 Comments

People are trying to make things better every single day. Human nature is such that it needs everything new every day and that is what people say it is always seeking advancement. Advancement of technology is one such prey that human nature has caught. Technology and its methodology has exceeded humanity and has a record of solving any issue of the world. The biggest innovation in technology is of mobile applications. It has made the lives of everyone hassle-free. The innovation of mobile apps is one such example of technology advancement that has created wonders. But it is said that anything that is attractive and useful has something behind its making. In the same manner, mobile app development needs to be studied that develops something wonderful like mobile apps.

Mobile app development is dependent on its methodologies that explains the process of making mobile apps. Currently, software development is working on two main methodologies namely Agile methodology and Waterfall methodology. Waterfall strategy is the traditional one and Agile methodology is the advanced form of it.

Waterfall model is a linear approach that tends to be less iterative and flexible. It is a method where the requirements are stated before the project has started and only a single developer has knowledge about its making. Whereas Agile is a model that is more iterative and incremental in nature. The requirements of the project are stated as and when needed and a team of developers works on the project together. The developers are assigned the work as per their specialty so no one gets interfered in their work. Developers following such strategy will update and report the business every day about the project. This enhances project development and reduces the time and cost consumed. It focuses on customer satisfaction and process adaptability by delivering the product rapidly while the product is broken into small incremental builds.

Agile methodology is widely used by the software developers because it helps in reducing the miscommunication and cost and also increases the speed of development. Following are the benefits of Agile methodology which explains the development companies that adopting Agile methodology for software development is compelling and predominant.

Incorrect Steps are Quickly Identified
It is evident that once a developer takes a wrong path in app development, it is very difficult to switch it to the right one because the whole development process needs to be changed and updated. The agile strategy helps at this phase where the progress is updated every day according to the requirement of the business. Therefore, if there is any miscommunication or any changes regarding app development or gap between the process and requirement then it is filled faster.

Change is Recognized at the Start
It is not easy to define exactly how the system should work when it gets started. While developing an app, the start is the most confusing part of the development. When Waterfall model was used earlier, many projects used to struggle with analysis paralysis because there was a pressure on the developer to make things right before moving to the next step. But with the Agile model, the development is iterative and corrections are made during the course of development.

The Final Product Proves to be Useful
With Agile methodology, the business participates in the development process of the software, therefore, it is easier for the developers to find the features that add value during the development process itself. In the Waterfall approach, requirements are known at the start of the project that results in limited or no use of the featured product. The Agile strategy is different and therefore the final product when used, contains most useful features.

The End Result Satisfies the Business
It is seen that businesses are more satisfied with the results of Agile methodology because it includes both the groups, requirements of the business and development skills of the developers. Both of them have a shared desire to achieve better software. Therefore the projects that are developed through the Agile model yields higher scores than the Waterfall model.

The Technical Documentation takes Less Time
The documentation is limited to test cases and stories that are needed to do the work while the artifacts represent what has been developed and what was planned. Traditional approaches like Waterfall methodology takes a lot of time on documentation that is tough to use and maintain. Thus, Agile strategy is more preferable than Waterfall strategy.

Easy Application Maintenance
With Waterfall strategy, it is difficult to maintain the code because a single person is appointed on the work during the development process and at the time of maintenance, only that person knows about the changes that are to be made. Whereas, Agile methodology makes it feasible during the maintenance because it consists of several people working together and everyone sharing the same knowledge on the project. Therefore, every person associated with the project knows how it needs to be maintained.

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Summing Up
If the above-mentioned points favor Agile methodology, why is the use of it so less? It is seen that if not avoided the pitfalls, Agile strategy is risky in terms of failure. Risk of failure is either due to information officers are not a risk taker and do not change the development procedure or because the efforts of changing the development procedure to Agile strategy has in itself failed. But the following failures can be mitigated by changing the top-down directive of the business, trying new things during the development process and adopting the one that works. The method works on trial and error thus it takes time for the companies to adopt it at a fast pace.

The only way in which Agile methodology thoroughly works is when a project team that wants to try something new is found. Hire ios developers or Android developers that use such new techniques and see if it works for the betterment of the organization. If yes, then the result would be seen and the team in itself will become the advocates for Agile method.