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Important Testing Methodologies to Improve PPC Ad Performance


Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 14 Sep 2017 No Comments

Wondering about why PPC ad copy testing is essential?

Well, if you want to be successful in your PPC campaigns then you will have to use new methodologies with old one. For this, you need a good strategy for driving big improvements in your ad’s performance.

One of the most important attributes of a successful PPC manager is the ability to incorporate new technologies in existing management strategies. Therefore, we have designed this article in such a way that it will keep you up to date about latest testing methodologies which will help you to improve your PPC ad performance.

Some of the best testing methodologies used for improving PPC ad performance are-

The first word (verb) in your call to action

No matter in which industry you are, you will get a different type of users. Some users will perceive ads as helpful, and some will believe they are not relevant for them. A big difference-maker in the interpretation of your digital presence is how you are asking the user to engage with your brand.

It is important to note that the first word in your call to action can either make or break someone’s encounter with your brand. Therefore, optimize that first impression by testing the first word in your CTA.

Promotional quantification method

Knowing how your users respond to your promotional efforts is essential for an optimized advertising campaign.

We have seen clients drive drastic changes in sales figures and click-through rates by adjusting how they approach their promotional language. So, promotional quantifications are best if you want to improve your PPC ad performance.

Multiple descriptions that use AdWords IF functions

Using A/B testing methods for incorporating new technologies is really very important.

Think about writing description variations which contain both desktop and mobile version. You won’t be able to test which particular is shown but you can create several descriptions, each of which is optimized for device or audience, and measure which variation works best as a whole.

The placement of your call to action

Depending on the stage of the buying process and category of your business a searcher is in, you may need to vary the placement of your call to action. This is a perfect example of why multivariate testing is so important. A multivariate test will permit you to uncover the optimal placement of your CTA for each audience individually.

Headlines that use ad customizers

If a portion of your search Headlines doesn’t contain a piece of dynamically inserted content, you are probably leaving money on the table for two reasons:

They aren’t flexible enough to implement ad copy tests across campaigns/ad groups.

Your Headlines probably aren’t specific enough to your ad groups

Therefore, make sure to keep in mind these two essential points for improving ad performance.

Landing page testing
If your landing pages are set at the ad level and you have created 2 different landing pages which you need to test then you can use the same ad with both destination URLs.

You can also try it using multiple variations of ad creative. For example, performing a multivariate test with two descriptions and landing pages.

These above-mentioned testing methodologies are some of the best methodologies which are widely used for boosting PPC ad performance. If you want to improve your PPC ad performance then you can also choose Thinsquare. Thinsquare is a website designing and development organization. Expertise team members of Thinsquare are specialized in providing high-quality of work in affordable price.