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How to Promote Your YouTube Video When You Have Zero Subscribers

Promote Your YouTube Video (1)

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 21 May 2019 No Comments

Originally, your own YouTube video seems to be the best thing to do. Unlike other forms of expression – such as writing and painting – video recording does not require many skills. If your head is filled with several things “worthy enough” to say, you are already qualified as most people. Believe me now, just write your thoughts by mouth and possibly use your other physical attachments.

On Making Videos that are Worth Watching

Let me tell you that your viewers are not only interested in learning some “old and boring” facts about you. If they wanted, they could just read a book or see a documentary on the Discovery Channel. By participating in an online course or school certification.

What your viewers want is a little fun.

No, scratch it! They want a lot – because as soon as they start to be entertaining, the transfer of knowledge becomes easy. Personally, I would like to produce regular YouTube video diaries (“Vlogs”) with a large comedy projected into key sites. Only my humorous style can often touch the most violent aspects of today’s life – if you know what I mean.

I Believe in Equitable Destruction

Government figures, I’m sure you can guess now, are my main goals. And I don’t care what kind of social learning they get.

I take great pleasure in giving people great importance in defending the politically correct. And I can’t boast fans of a New Year, such as feminism or “justice” – or even “Southern Housewives of Alabama Squad”.
Promoting YouTube Videos with Zero Youtube Subscribers

OK. So much about me and what I think.

In this section, I share my dirty little secret for instant events and views on your YouTube videos. And when you’re done reading it, you know it’s not a secret, but something is very obvious. In fact, I know you are using this method slightly for your own video publishing efforts.

I’m referring, of course, to the power of social media, and particularly Facebook.

Like most, I don’t have much extra money to use to send paid ads from my videos. Instead, I totally depend on the advertising potential for forums, groups and Facebook pages.

Simply the first thing I do when I finish a new video is to put it in three different closed groups. It is (and in the interest of full disclosure):

1) I Will Carry 20 Grocery Bags So I Don’t Have to Make a Second Trip,
2) I Am Fluent in Three Languages: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity
3) No, I Don’t Care If I Die at 12 A.M., I Refuse to Pass On Your Chain Letter

And I’m not talking when I say these are the right names for these bands. Or that each of these comic ports has at least 100,000 strong jokers!
It Takes Time, But You’ll Get There Eventually

When I started publishing my videos nearly six years ago on Samsung galaxy new model, I had only about a hundred impressions after half a day. But today I have consistently built my reputation on these forums, it’s not uncommon for me to get eight thousand views and three thousand actions in one hour.

Make sure you are using a thumbnail picture on your videos while uploading them, It’s essential. Make a thumbnail with any online Youtube Thumbnail Maker and save time and money at the same time. These online graphics editors are straightforward and easy to use.

I’m usually the first person to admit that this organic promotional route takes time. Yes, it’s not as fast as the paid advertising method.

But since it’s only a little creativity, it’s totally free – I say it was a success. In fact, I am absolutely sure that if Facebook decided to limit all organic publications today, I will get rid of the company in record time.

So, my advice to all newcomers – start with Facebook first. And then you can switch to other channels.