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How to Monitor Your Brand Reputation With Social Media Listening Tools?

Online Reputation Tools

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 16 Sep 2015 No Comments

Do you want to know about your business growth? Or what people are saying about your business? Social media is one of the best ways that help you out in this. Social media is the true voice of your content and potential customers. Once Warren Buffet- the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway truly said, it takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differently”. Social media listening is just as important as speaking, it allows you to truly understand your customers and their needs.

Social media has provided the ability to voice their opinion on company, brand, people or in short they are free to speak about anything or everything, people say several things about your company that would be good or bad, but that does not sufficient to determine your success. It only depends on the way your company listens and engages with these social media posts is what dictates how those opinions influence your online presence and brand sentiments. Social media monitoring allows you to gain powerful insight into your customer, competitors and industry influencers. To take a full advantage of social media listening, you need to be spread your monitoring across several social media channels, and keep a constant watch for new opportunity. Here are some key social media listening tools and strategies to help you identity and listen in those conversations, monitor the internet and social media for brand mentions, and engage when the opportunity arises.

Google Alert
Google Alert is a basic way to discover when a website is posting about you. This is a great social media listing tool for those entrepreneur who may not have time to monitor their brand on social media. Google Alerts will notify you via email when any of the search terms you have set up are mentioned. As lot of people get access to content related to your brand through Google searches, it is great to set up a basic Google Alert to get instant, daily, weekly emails about new pages and posts that contain keyword of your personal interest. For Google Alert make sure you add a very specific query and select the appropriate channel, otherwise you will end up receiving too many alerts in your mail box.

Do you want to know what is being said about your brand at a glance? Hootsuite is hands down one of the best social media dashboard, it provides simple showcase all your social networks in one screen, you can easily listen in your Facebook wall, monitor twitter mentions, hastags and keyword searches and follow influencer tweets in a single view. You can also add search columns that are scanning Twitter in real time. Not everyone who tweets about you will be using your hashtags or tagging so it is convenient way to spot what is being discussed and reply immediately.

Social Mention
Do you want to know what people are about you on their personal social networks? Would you want to know when a new review goes live? Mention can pull all that mess data into a simple stream of you. Mention is similar to Google Alert in that it lets you create alert, it pulls data from millions of source to monitor your entire internet presence at a glance.
If you have a large company with hundred of daily mentions across the web and a recognized brand, Social Mention can not only help to track them, but also analyze data from several sources to understand what is their sentiments and their origin.


Topsy is one of the great social analytic tool, with the help of this you can scan the whole web looking for mentions of your interest. It mainly focused on social media, especially multimedia and blogs. You do not have to register but you do have the option to creating an email alert. Topsy shows the frequency of tweets sharing a particular hashtag or keyword over time and the context of those conversions. Rank your brand name, product or service against those of your competitors. Use this information to determine where you should focus your attention when listening to the bigger social conversion.

Pin Alert

PinAlert is more of a Pinterest alert system than a traditional brand monitoring platform. It monitor link to pins from your website and notifies you via email when some pins form your site. Using this tool you can jump right into conversation with people on pinterest who shared your pins and develop relationship with them.

Google Trends
It is great way to identify which keyword people use more frequently than others as well as find related search terms and overall geographic interest. We can focus in on the conversions talking about keyword that are more popular. Try to plug-in only those keywords that will increase your brand name, individual product and service you offer to see which phrases and keywords are ultimately being searched for more often. This will help to tailor your content strategy, sales promotion, email blasts to focus more on the keywords people are searching for frequently.

Social media is your customer’s true voice. It is usually unfiltered, unbridled and unrestrained, so do not miss out on the daily opportunity to help your customers and your brand. These tools are time savers that make monitoring easy. Many of these tools are notification system that allow you to act when you see alert. If you are monitoring a brand of any size, a combination of these tools will help you stay on the top of conversions and become a part of your social community.