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How to Improve User Experience & Behavior of e-Commerce Website ?

User Experience

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 23 Jul 2015 No Comments

Are you looking to improve user experience but do not know from where to start? Website user experience is also known as UX and is simply mean that “how easy it is to use a website”. However, that definition describe one of its many facets. User experience is more accurately described if we call it as an experience. And as an experience, it encompasses every single part of a website and how a user interact with it. Great user experience results in a website that is polished, detailed, highly satisfying for its user and when it comes e-commerce site, as profitable as possible.

E-commerce UX is very similar with general website user experience, but e-commerce user experience has many unique aspects as well such as product pages and checkout pages. And these unique e-commerce user experience play a key role to differentiate between a good online store or an incredible one. But the main question arise that how do you bridge a gap between good and great? and what do you need to know about user experience? Here is a guide to answer those questions and give you a basic understanding about user experience and focus on the e-commerce aspects that will help to improve your e-commerce store.

Improve Search Results
About 30% of visitors will use the on-site search tool, these shoppers know what they are exactly looking for, so they are highly motivated to buy. Therefore, try to make your site more alluring and engaging by knowing the need of your online shoppers. For doing this you have to follow some guidelines.
Position your search- place your search bar in the most prominent location like in the header of the page and on every page. This will provide the flexibility and your customer find no difficulty to access your catalogue. Following the reliable website is always a best option for the new website as customers will already gravitate to it.

Keyword and Search Phrases- this is place where user can easily search for their coveted item. This is where your keyword list will come in handy. As shoppers gradually browse products via touchable device like mobile or tablets, so the chances of misspelling are increases. This keyword and search phrases corrects your mistakes and make it relevant.

Result accuracy- do not misguide your customers, by providing that product which do not exist in your store. It is critical to provide them accurate search result, this will help your visitors and they find an ease to pay you by presenting relevant search result.

Improve Product Photos and Search Description
E-commerce offers numerous benefits over the traditional brick and mortar experience. But, apart from this e-commerce prevents shoppers to holding the real product; they want to touch it, feel it, see it. However, experts work on this technology also may be in future shoppers purchase their desired product tangibly.

Product Image- it is very well known that image are more captivating than words. Human brain always attracted toward the visible thing rather than the content. When we are selling something online, one way to present and display the product is by capturing its detail in a photograph. If you want to make your product more alluring than, try to indulge your photograph in a better display including its size guides, weight, colours and other specifications you will need to describe the product.

Simplify the Checkout Process
Here are some of the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment are;

* Shoppers are presented with unexpected cost

* Website navigation is difficult to doc

* Website crashed

* Process takes too long

* Excessive payment security checks

* concern about payment security

* Website timeout

* Price presented in a foreign currency

Customer Interaction and Service
Always provide a relevant and engaging link with your product, for this link your site with alluring photos, banners or attractive call to action plan. Another way to generate traffic to your website is use an area map to link with your specific products when you show more than one photo or sell them as bundle. Do not let your user frustrated, let them find what they are looking for.

Analytics provide a fantastic support for crafting great user experience, because they give a screen shot of how users are behaving in your store. It give you a better way to track your customers behavior toward your store. Although, analytic won’t be able to describe exactly what your do, so your put some some extra efforts to track their behavior.

List your most Searched Query
Look into what your customers are most frequently searching for in your internal site search. This is very crucial information, not because it highlight your product, but because it can determine whether you will want to make some user-friendly changes to your website.

Soft add to Cart
Soft add to cart is a feature that shows customers what is in their cart without making them go to a new page. With a soft add cart customer can add a product to their cart and look at the dialogue box that will show them their updated cart, or perhaps hover over a view cart link and after then a box pop-up. In short, it gives them an update while letting them stay on the same page they are searching for, this is a big plus in terms of convenience and an extra big plus for your more forgetful customers.

Custom 404 page
404 pages are not typically a great thing to run into, but a custom 404 can turn a disappointing experience into an informative or maybe even enjoyable experience for your customers. When you are creating your custom 404 page, try to linking back to your homepage or suggests link that they may have been looking for. It is better to think about your customers and maybe add some on-brand humor.

E-commerce websites can greatly benefit from paying attention to their user experience, and making sure their layout, design, text, brand, sound and interaction are as user-friendly as possible. By being valuable and adaptable, online store or their their customer can reap a numerous advantages that help both the business and the consumer.