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How To Develop Affluent Blueprint Of Your Mobile E-commerce Website?


Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 4 Jul 2015 No Comments

Nowadays, whenever you look around you will find people with their smartphones. With the increase in the sales of smartphones and other handheld devices, it has become essential to target the mobile audience or else you will be losing business. If you go by the latest stats, about ¼ of the population shop online. So if you plan to expand your online business, you can do the same by designing a mobile app for your e-commerce website.

Know The Audience
Before starting with the development process, it is important that you have good knowledge of your audience. You should have a clear idea about the customers you are building the website for. You need to put yourself in your potential customers’ mind and then understand their mood and intention.

Use of mobile phone
Nowadays, the mobile phone has emerged as a life-saving tool and thus people are using it while:
Enjoying an evening out with friends
Watching TV
Eating a meal
Waiting for somebody
Getting bored or even in the bathroom

In each of the above stated situation, it is not necessary that the person is accessing your website to make a purchase. Now you may be thinking that how will this information help you? By knowing the number of customers that access your website during a specific period of time, you can design a website that can cater to their requirements.

Different types of mobile shoppers

According to Columbia Business School, there are 3 different types of mobile shoppers. So let’s know more about them.

1. The Comparer
This is the most common type of customers that you will meet in your brick and mortar store or online business. They may visit your online store just to make a comparison and end up buying the stuff from your brick and mortar shop. However, if they come across an online offer that is too hard to resist, they can jump in to grab the offer and make a purchase online.

2. The Deal Lovers
These are the type of people that loves bargain deals. When they are shopping from a mall, they will always look for online discount coupons and would love to save their money by buying the best items from the exclusive sales. They are different from the comparer as they will buy whenever they know that they are getting a special deal.

3. The Time Passers
These are the shoppers who just browse through different shopping apps and buy whatever they like. They are impulsive shoppers and do not wait for discounts or limited period offer on the stuff they want to buy. They may even subscribe to the news feed to know more about the latest addition in the online store.

Establish Success Parameters
After knowing your audience, it is vital to establish the success parameters. You need to set up goals to track and measure your success. So the SMART goals include:

S – The goals should be specific and significant.
M – You should be able to measure the meaningful conversions.
A – The set goals should be easily attainable, achievable, and should be action-oriented.
R – Set realistic, results-oriented, relevant, and rewarding goals.
T – How much time is required to achieve the results? Your goals should be time-based and trackable.

Choose A Responsive Website
If you are planning to target the mobile audience, you have the option to choose between a responsive website and mobile applications. However, choosing a responsive website is beneficial as it automatically adjusts to the screen on which it is being viewed. Nonetheless, whatever you choose, make sure that it suits your business requirements.

Create Wireframes
Once you have collected all the information, it is the right time to design the e-commerce website. Before selecting different colors and images, make sure that the structure of the mobile website is defined. In this manner, you can identify the potential pitfalls that the user may experience.

You can use wireframes as they are easy to modify and as a user, you can play around with different options. After getting an approval for the wireframes, they can be used as a blueprint for the designing stage.

The Website Designing Process
When we talk about the mobile e-commerce website, functionality and design plays an important role. While the website design reflects your brand, offering the best possible user experience is important to encourage them to shop from your website.

If you are thinking about the important factors that must be considered when designing the functionality and look of your e-commerce website, here’s the answer:

The designing part features three different aspects:

The website should be easy to navigate and the search function should be up to the mark. Moreover, as the mobile phone screens are smaller than the desktop screens, make sure that the content is easily readable. The visitors should be able to read the product description easily in order to know more about it. You should also use high-quality images to convince the customers into buying the products.

The visitors coming to your website should get what they are expecting. Your website should allow social media sharing so that the online users can share the products with the friends and family. You can even offer the option of auto-fill order form to make it easy for the users to fill in their information. Most importantly, offer your customers a chance to make the payment through various channels so that they can easily pick up one to make the payments.

Give a fresh start to your e-commerce business and reinvent your services. You need to design your business website according to your customer’s requirements so that they are happy browsing it. Putting up an e-commerce website may seem to be a difficult task, however, it would be worth putting in all the efforts if you are able to convert your clients into potential leads. So plan your e-commerce website in such a manner that it offers an optimized experienced to your visitors.