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How to Create Free Virtual Tours for Real Estate

How to Create Free Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 23 Jan 2021 1 Comment

The pandemic situation is making everyone change the way they do business. Most of the businesses are jumping online and finding new ways to do the business. In the real estate business, people are using 360-degree virtual tours to operate online. The best thing about virtual reality in real estate is that it can help you provide a virtual tour to your client. They can see it even before they book a physical. With conventional media, like pictures and videos, it is often very challenging to get a sense of a place without actually visiting it first. It becomes even more complex if you are a real estate agent looking to attract potential clients to buy properties that have not been built yet. You can use virtual tour software to create a virtual tour for the client. As online sales take the prime stage for a new generation of home buyers, so will the need for virtual tours. In this post, learn how to create virtual tours for real estate that are just as efficient as in-person showings.

Select your Equipment:- To create a virtual tour, you will require a high-quality camera and software. The most vivid images will come from a 360-degree camera. However, you can also use a high-quality camera or a smartphone. You will also require software that can combine your photos into the final product: a 3D immersive digital experience. Klapty is the leading software for creating 3D virtual tours. It offers a cloud-based platform with plans. If you are using a 360-degree camera, you can upload your images directly to Klapty.

Schedule your Shoot:- Before you go for the Shoot, make a list of things that you want to involve in your virtual tour. The list can include the number of rooms, the area inside the home, backyard, front yard, trail or pond, or other community amenities. This list should cover the most visually engaging aspects of the property. In the next step, define the path that a person walking through the home would naturally take. Try to imitate that with the tour. Analyze any details they would want to take a closer look at and include those as appropriate. Lastly, walk through the property and find the best locations to set up different camera shots. Check different angles and heights to see how they influence the lighting. Also, watch which vantage points best show off the home. Make a list of these locations or mark them on a floor plan or on the floor with tape.

Take Photos:- Once your home and camera are ready, it is time to shoot. Follow the method you set earlier. Keep some distance from any objects and stay in the middle of the room. Move the camera gently and steadily, and reduce camera angle, as this can change certain images such as vertical lines. Keep a check and dodge any reflections, mirrors, shadows on the floor, and silhouettes on windows or reflective surfaces. These will withdraw from the professionalism of the final product.

Create your Virtual Tour:- No matter how cautious you are, your photos will definitely need some extra touching up. You can use photo-editing software to tone down overly bright areas, balance colors, and avoid any mistakes. Then, upload the photos to your selected software to create the virtual tour. Depending on the software you use, you may have the option to add clickable areas, music, or text.

What are the Qualities of Best Virtual Tour Software

Integration with information technology in all sectors in 2021 is not elective. As the millions of people doing their shopping online before they ever step out of the house, all businesses must offer as much information as possible about themselves, their products, their business values as well as their commitment to their customers. There is no difference when it comes to the real estate industry. It can be challenging to get a customer to invest in a property that is still in its building stages. Similarly, it is quite a job to get a client to view different properties in various locations in one or two days. It is where virtual reality adjusts in the frame to make things considerably more relaxed.
Virtual tour software enables you to create an authentic, 360-degree representation of all spaces and characteristics of the property. This digital visual representation enables clients to engage with the information through a uniquely designed headset.

Basic features of the software

    Allows customization virtual tour templates
    Supports image import in different formats
    Enables the client to zoom, rotate or move in different directions
    Supports the real estate agent to brand and personalize the virtual tour

While it is easy just to take any tour software, it is recommended to go for real estate virtual tour software. It is because the end is specifically designed for real estate. In addition to that, it supports the integration of other tools for tasks such as photo editing, marketing, and CRM for lead management.

Suppose you are looking for automatic, competitively priced virtual tour software that is specifically designed for the real estate industry. You can consider Klapty 360 degree virtual tours. This software is time-efficient, easy to use, and it comes with a broad range of inbuilt features. It can be used by experts such as estate agents and dealerships. Moreover, interior designers, photographers, and architects can make use of this software to offer clients a feel for their products and services. Each set of experts can get custom features that suit their processes. You can customize the tours, add business logos, and insert links. In addition to that, you can add audio files or voice over the virtual tour.

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