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How Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai Are Helpful for Businesses to Stay Connected During COVID-19?

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 8 Feb 2020 No Comments

During the recent pandemic of COVID-19, the number of opportunities to meet existing or new clients and customers has been a challenge. Every business entity needs to focus on how one can consistently reach people. Business owners in Dubai are increasingly relying on digital marketing companies in Dubai to promote their business. Many have learned to optimize their online platform.

When in Dubai while catering to vast culture and a variant of people who are your target audience you need to begin with an end in mind. Meaning, it can be difficult to create a digital marketing strategy if you don’t know where to start and what to arrive at as the objective. Thus, making it challenging to meet your business’s needs during the pandemic. Following are some ways Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai Are Helpful for Businesses to Stay Connected During COVID-19 in 2021:

Optimize the online presence of your business

The digital footprint is like a map of your business presence online. It includes your website, social media channels, and directory listings such as Google.
1. Search engine algorithms look at a combination of these things to help consumers find your business

2.That is why you need to make sure all digital footprints are optimized >

Doing this will help your business to communicate your brand messaging during COVID time.

Have direct online communication with customers

Many companies are communicating directly with customers online. Here are some tips to follow

1. Use email marketing, such as mail chimp or simple direct emails
2. Clean up your contacts or CRM to contact your top 20% directly via phone call or direct email.

Do not sell during cold calls. It’s good to provide connections and resources related to business that meet the requirement or need of the consumer will convert into sales later on.

Connect consistently with your customers.

There is a challenge to stay top of the mind of the consumer. It can be attained by being consistently staying in touch with your existing and prospective consumers. SEO and PPC could help you achieve this benchmark of consistency. You need to stay consistent with all the stakeholders of the business, this will boost the reputation of your brand.

Go virtual, connect with your customers to share your service or product’s benefits to them. You can enhance digital marketing to have product launches too. Later meet your customers in person again, this will convey to your intentions to be virtual for safety and later that you are considering the best for their future plans.

The objective is to engage customers to increase brand recall using digital marketing. Do not force sell your service or product. It’s understandable that one can’t completely refrain from selling especially in the initial months of Covid-19 pandemic hit. Show empathy as people are having a hard time managing the pandemic’s consequences. Evaluate your products and services to meet the current market needs with capsule marketing or to provide complimentary consultations or with product bundle strategies for example.

Meet expectations of your customers

COVID 19 has brought in several hygiene factors to be met by business operations. Your customers expect to get online information before arriving at the sale point or to avail of your services. Answering the following would help meet the online expectations of your customers.

1.What are your working hours?
2.Are you still open for business today?
3.Do you have special hours if so when?
4.What are the COVID 19 precautions taken for safety?
5.What is your USP to help clients during COVID time?

People are likely to move on if they do not find the information they need at the right time. Hence, it’s important to update the social pages of your business and be present online to respond to the consumer’s chat.

There are several digital marketing strategies to follow to ensure your business stays at the top of mind of your consumers, to increase brand awareness, to ensure membership conversion has arrived into a sale. Get in touch with digital marketing agency Dubai to know how you can help solve your problems.

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