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How build calculator In WordPress site

Posted by ThinSquare ON Sunday , 24 Nov 2019 No Comments

There is a way to make a calculator without having to install and watch plugins or tinker with code and complex formula parameters. We are talking about the free service – in fact, it is an online constructor where you visually collect and configure the calculator from scratch or according to a template, and then you get ready-made code that you embed on your website.


In 15-30 minutes, here you can create a calculator for calculating any service, arrange a delivery calculator for an online store, binary number calculator or even teach a calculator to count and translate anything into anything.
The calculator assembled in can display results dynamically without reloading the page, adjust to the screens of mobile devices, send order information to the site owner and accept payment through Calculator Design Customization.

To begin with, drag and drop elements in the designer, placing them in the working field as you want: we have access to the slider, drop-down list, checkmark, checkbox, data entry field (phone, mail, etc.), text comment field and order button.
The sizes and colours of buttons and text elements can be changed simply by clicking on them. Soon, the ability to change the colour of the background and elements of the calculator, as well as select fonts, will be added.
Another nice point is the ability to add pictures. The image can be inserted not only in the header, but in any area inside the calculator – for example, to make an illustration for each selection item.
You can add up to 4 blocks in one line. If the site for which the calculator is being created is adaptive or has a separate mobile version, the number of blocks per line will vary depending on the screen size of the device the visitor has logged into. If your site is suddenly not adapted for mobile devices, the calculator will simply be displayed in a reduced form – without transferring blocks.
To check in advance how the calculator will look on different screens, just switch to the “Preview” tab.

Formula setup
In the “Formula” section in the designer, your calculator is presented in the form of a diagram: each field has its own variable letter. Substituting these variables, as well as mathematical signs and numbers in the line on the left, you can create one or more formulas – the latter is convenient if you need to make a discount for choosing specific services or goods.

Connect alerts and pay
All these options are available in the button settings.
In the “Owner Alert”, you can choose which information from the application should be sent to the manager’s mail or phone and note in which order to display the order fields in the message. To add a field, just click on it.
A similar message can be configured for the client. Moreover, in addition to standard fields, you can enter any information – for example, send an additional link to a person, contact information or something else.
To connect the payment, it is enough to indicate the account information in and choose from which field of the calculator the amount to be paid will be taken.

Installing the calculator on the site page
As soon as the calculator is ready, click the “Save” button – and we get the finished calculator code.
It remains to go to the admin panel of your site and select the page on which you want to install the calculator. We translate the field for entering content into Text mode, insert the code, and then publish the page.

Making changes to the calculator installed on the site
The most common case when you need to edit a ready-made calculator is a decrease or increase in prices for a service or product. All that is needed in this case: return to the online designer, make changes to the design or formula and click the “Save” button – the changes will be transferred to the site themselves.