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Digital Marketing Mistakes (How to Fix Them)

Digital Marketing Mistakes (How to Fix Them)

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 13 Apr 2021 2 Comments

Digital marketing has become an integral part of the marketing strategy across businesses, owing to the massive influence of the internet on individuals and companies.

It dominates the market with its abundant growth and is estimated to reach $146B by 2023. Thus, a solid digital marketing strategy will help in increasing brand loyalty, conversions, and ROI. This Digital marketing blog will give all solution you need.

But sometimes, businesses do make blunders or repeat the same mistakes unknowingly, which affects their network traffic and growth.

Digitalization is moving at a fast pace, and hence it is essential to be updated on the tools and strategies, else outdated practices are bound to hurt your digital business.

Don’t worry. I have got you covered. It’s essential to get your marketing strategy along the right lines by fixing these blunders.

This article will discuss some of the worst digital marketing mistakes made by business owners unknowingly and the solutions to fix them.

Digital Marketing Mistakes and their Solutions:

Spammy Popups:

Website popups are pretty standard but frustrating since it interrupts our experience. Many times, a wrong popup at the wrong time may affect your site conversion rate, and you may end up losing out on a customer who is opting to buy your products.

Companies flood their websites with advertisements and popups, making it difficult for the customer to view or read the content.


Popups are not that bad if appropriately utilized. Good popups showing discount offers or freebies with relevant content are powerful tools to convert a user into a customer and enlarge your email list.

They are valuable and can’t be ignored. Research indicates that the average popup conversion rate is 3.09% in 2020.

Ensure that popups are stationed at a time duration of 20 seconds approximately so that the customers can focus on the same and get the desired message.

Undefined Target Audience:

The absence of a clearly defined target audience can be costly to your marketing strategy. You can’t please everybody. Many small business owners believe that throwing a wide net will help expand their business. They are wrong because if you are unaware of which type of audience to focus and pursue, you may lose sales.

1.Define your target audience
2.Use Google Analytics tool to know customer’s behaviour
3.Know your customer’s needs, wants and improve your digital marketing by reaching out to them at the right time via the right channel

Excessive Email Frequency:

Apart from avoiding email marketing mistakes like optimizing email for mobile, weak subject lines, circumventing customer segmentation, etc., many web owners spam the inboxes to market their products.

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Research indicates that 45.8% of the subscribers flagged their email as spam due to excessive frequency.
Excessive emails sent to thousands of people with zero personalization will not bloom your business. Instead, it will frustrate your customers, and you may lose out on potential subscribers.


Set up the frequency of your email list so that it may not look spammy or directly land in the spam folder. 2 emails per week is ideal so that the customers remember you and your products.

Ignoring Customer Feedback:

In this digital era, customers love to communicate instantly and share their experiences about companies, products, and services. Specifically, negative experiences are shared instantaneously without restraint on social media for friends and strangers.

The influence of social media is loud, and companies can hear what customers tend to say.

It has been noticed that digital marketers completely ignore social media, customer queries, and complaints and focus on gaining customers rather than giving a positive customer experience. This is a major digital marketing mistake because almost 71% of the customer’s purchase products are based on social media referrals.


Your dream of creating a loyal base solely depends on positive customer experience, so focus on social media and customer complaints to know their dissatisfactions and try to give them the best experience by addressing their issues and resolving their queries.

Offer feedback platforms for continuous improvement of services and act on the same diligently to create happy customers.

Not Tracking your Performance:

After your digital marketing goals are set, it’s time to track the performance of your goals. Just investing in marketing strategies without tracking the performance results of these strategies can damage your business income.

Example: You are investing thousands of dollars in Social media, Email marketing, brand awareness, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies, but you are unaware of the conversions received from these strategies because you have missed out on tracking their performance.


Set clear and measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to know the profits arising from these strategies.

The most important KPIs include the customer acquisition cost and the conversion rate. Use Google Analytics KPI Dashboard, which helps monitor and analyze all the KPIs you want to track like organic and paid traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, page load time, etc., apart from the ones mentioned before.

For social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, likes and comments need to be monitored and measured to track performances.

Neglecting your Website Loading Speed:

A few seconds more hardly matters. This is a very wrong notion when it comes to measuring the website load time. Neglecting your website load speed by a few seconds may cost your business more than you expect.
40% of the users abandon sites whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. The higher the page load time, the higher the abandonment rate.

It harms the SEO ranks too.


People hate waiting, and hence tools like GTmetrix can be used to check the site performance and other optimization techniques. Remove heavy images and videos which impact the site speed, compress files, reduce server response time, etc. and improvise on your site speed.

Underestimating Mobile:
One of the worst mistakes in digital marketing is to ignore mobile traffic. Many digital marketers are unaware of the growing mobile-friendliness and the share of mobiles in increasing internet traffic.

Statistics (as per February 2021) indicate that the mobile market is 54.46% compared to the desktop market, 42.63%, followed by the tablet market comprising 2.91%.


There are ample tools powered by Google which allow you to check the mobile-friendliness of your website. Confirm the same and optimize your website for this smart device to improve your digital marketing efforts and gain a strong SEO position.

Also, ensure that all the emails and newsfeed are also optimized for this mini platform.

Ignoring SEO:

Are you serious? How can you ignore SEO and still dream about success?
Some business owners don’t understand SEO and its importance in their marketing strategies, and hence they don’t bother to uplift their website to be visible in SEO.
Interesting SEO facts:
1.94% of the mobile and tablet search traffic comes from Google.
2.In comparison to social media, search engines bring more than 300% of the network traffic.
3.75% of the users never go beyond the 1st page of search results.

These numbers indicate the importance of SEO in website marketing. Long-tail keywords, appropriate content, and optimized site all lead to a favourable position in SEO. Focus on SEO to gain a positive response to your digital marketing strategies.

Not Investing in Content:
Websites having weak content, spelling and grammatical errors, irrelevant content which doesn’t appeal to the target audience is a cardinal digital marketing mistake.

Your site’s content should engage your customers, display your message, and convince them to purchase your products and services. Invest in qualitative content which blooms your digital business.

Multiple types of content in the form of images, videos, PDF’s or text, can be used to convey the message. Research on which content is the best for your business and implement the same.

Buying Social Media Followers:
Tricks done to gain instant popularity don’t last for long. Many digital marketers make the mistake of purchasing social media followers to gain a mass following base on social media.

Having false followers will lead nowhere. It’s like you have thousands of customers following you on social media, with 5% likes. What’s the use?

Though this may be a tempting trick and may work successfully for some time, it may fail to engage customers.

Patience and perseverance are the best tools to grow your business. Organic traffic will increase gradually by proper advertisements, irresistible headlines, targeting long-tail keywords, using appropriate content, etc. The difference may not be visible instantly, but you will be rewarded in the long run.

Website Security:
Start-up businesses, small businesses, or individuals with a limited budget are unaware of the importance of website security, and hence they don’t invest in them. But ever since digitalization became popular, the cyber-crime ratio is constantly surging high.
Research by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 Trillion (annually) by 2025.
Unsecured sites put site data and customer information at the risk of being leaked to intruders who can misuse the data for fulfilling their evil intentions.
Since HTTPS (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is already declared as a ranking factor by Google, SEO demands the use of SSL Secure Socket Layer) certificates. These digital certificates are experts at encrypting browser-server communication and keeping them secure from cyber-criminals.

Are you worried about the investment costs of SSL certificates?

Don’t panic because you can always opt for a cheap SSL and try out how it works for your site.
Once you have a hack for the same, research how much encryption security your website needs and how many domains or subdomains need to be secured?
SSL certificate comes in multiple types and brands to select the same, as per your site requirement.
1.Domain Validation SSL: This is the best if you want to secure the website’s main domain.
2.Wildcard SSL certificate: This is the best if you’re going to secure unlimited first-level sub-domains along with the main domain of the website.
3.Multi-Domain SSL certificate: This is the best if you want to secure multiple domains and multiple sub-domains of your website.

Too Many Ads on Website:

Just like pop-ups, excess ads on the website ruin the user experience. Though companies don’t entertain third-party ads on their website, some of the site owners and bloggers make this mistake to earn some quick money, only to repent later.

It negatively affects the website and your marketing efforts, thus wasting your money.
Instead of swashing ads all over the site, sprinkle them randomly within the content, at the beginning or end.
Ensure that the users are not distracted by the ads, and they are engaged in your content. This will have a dual positive effect, which will reap better conversions and a better user experience.
Another solution is to display ads in a booked space on one side of the site, to maintain user engagement.

Not having a Blog for your Website:
Just imagine celebrating a birthday without a cake? Incomplete celebration, right?

In the same way, publicizing a product or implementing strong marketing policies for a product without sharing any blog or content on the internet is a significant mistake.

“Content is king” – Bill Gates. Hence the relevance of content cannot be misjudged.


To rectify this mistake, it is essential to create a blog for your website. They are responsible for driving network traffic to your website.

If blogs are correctly displayed with relevant content and appropriate keywords, they can make you visible on the 1st page of Google with excellent SEO ranks.

They are indicators of trust and reliability, and hence effective blogging helps lead generation, conversions, and an increase in sales and ROI.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone makes mistakes, but you should have the ability to convert these mistakes into opportunities.
Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and modify them if there are any.
Know your customer, engage them with your content, reach out and hear them, take their opinions, analyze your marketing efforts, and last but not least, be patient and wait for positive results.

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