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Companies That Are Creating Eye Catching Long – Form Videos

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 26 Apr 2019 No Comments


Gained great recognition from their short-form videos which can be found on their channel, but can we say that BuzzFeed had uncovered the secrets behind long-form videos?

This is because; Buzzfeed has been into the longer sized videos lately like “The Power to Live and Forgive” which clocks the duration of up to 14 minutes. The video turned out to be an outstanding one, that the audiences immediately fall in love with, and this made it attain a ton of 7 million YouTube views, and when brought down to Facebook, it insanely generated 189 million views.YouTube marketing is a vital channel for businesses in 2019.


AirBnB made it upon themselves to bring forth different sets of people from different places and background into a transitional meeting point, with their long-form videos, and it proves to be fruitful as they experienced an evenly boom up of recognition by the larger population.

This made people to gain more confidence on their hospitality business of rentals and boutiques.


This car manufacturing company decided on their summer campaign to make a long-form video series that speaks about how people can get hooked up to certain things in their lives.

This clearly shows us that Hyundai are making their long-form videos to advertise as well as create value to the viewers, and this is a quality long-form videos are supposed to contain. This is because it’ll give you more time to implement your campaign decisions within your videos.

4. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club had released its video campaign for their brand, titled; “The Dull Life.” The video focuses on making people to realise how bad, the habit of keeping razor blades for longer periods or after use, was. Each episode counts a time limit of about 1 hour in length.

The lengthy video in view, was reported to attain more views with about 250% their usual shorter videos and this also goes up to 600% higher than the industry standard. The video is more of a fiction, but still made it to the top as a long video even when it indirectly showcased the brand’s activities. This type of videos marketing is used by an internet marketing consultant

5. MuscleBlaze

The long-form video campaigns, that focuses on sharing different experiences about various athletes branded upon their health and supplements selling Indian company brought them more success than they’ve ever attained before.

Their videos were inspirational to body builders and fitness geeks as well as promotional which made them to stand out from other companies in their niche all over India.

6. Red Bull

This company is still heading faster to where it wants to be, and they give special applause to themselves through the name they are making from their video adverts, especially when they fully get the point of long-form videos.

7. Patagonia

This company took their long-form video marketing ideology to YouTube, where they feature stylists and individuals that use the Patagonia wears to share their experiences with the larger masses on wearing the brand’s outfits. These videos went to the extent of improving the brand’s credibility as well as their outfits in the eyes of the people.

8. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola had for long been into both short form and long form video marketing, their videos sometimes feature great celebrities especially those in the music and sports, and not to mention the effects they are making out of those videos.

In their longer duration videos, they decided to follow similar tracks as they did in their shorter videos and those videos are making hay while the sun shines for the Coca-Cola company.

9. Taco Bell

These American food and snacks chain of restaurants are killing it with video marketing and specifically the lengthy ones.

The videos they share on the social media are ranging from the preparation of Mexican dishes or delicacies to other food hacks and their relatives, which attracts the interest millions of viewers. Their long-form videos are somewhat revolutionary to them, due to the increasing number of engagements they’re gaining