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Coding Assessment Test – A great medium to select the best coder or programmer

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 7 Feb 2020 1 Comment

Employees are an important component of every organization. Every organization wants to appoint and select the best employees who can perform the assigned task with greater efficiency and skill. The selection of the best employees from thousands of potential candidates can be a time-consuming and intimidating task for an organization. Moreover, a start-up who has just begun with his or her operati

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Best Programming Languages Every Developer Should Know in 2020


Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 31 Jan 2020 1 Comment

Programming languages and PC coding have made life more straightforward for us. Regardless of whether it's cars, banks, home machines, or emergency clinics, each part of our lives relies upon codes. No big surprise, coding is one of the center abilities required by most well-paying occupations today. Coding aptitudes are particularly of incentive in the IT, information examination, investigate

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Digital Identity Verification To Defeat an Array of Frauds

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 10 Dec 2019 No Comments

Know your customer (KYC) regulations are important for the world’s financial system and businesses to hinder cybercrimes and money laundering to protect the business and combat terrorist activity. As scams and frauds are hitting hard on businesses there is a need to have a sound identity verification solution installed to ensure security. Fraudsters are grooming more sophisticated than befor

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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Website More Attractive and User-Friendly

Posted by ThinSquare ON Sunday , 24 Nov 2019 1 Comment

According to a study published in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology, your website has about 50 milliseconds to make a great or bad impression. And if it’s true that first impressions last, your website better make an instant impact on your audience. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. However, you can make it happen by applying best practices and strategies to make

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5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Freshers Resume

Posted by ThinSquare ON Sunday , 24 Nov 2019 No Comments

Once you complete your graduation or post-graduation, the real and professional world starts. It is quite overwhelming to start working in a world that you are not familiar with. To land a job interview, a resume is of utmost importance. Since it is your first experience with the professional world, you can make mistakes, and a fresher usually makes quite a few mistakes when it comes to creating

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Why Tech Devices Are Essential For Modern Business Events


Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 29 Oct 2019 No Comments

Technology plays an important role in human life, our society gets lots of advantages and benefits from it. There is no region of work from your daily life to the business life where you cannot see the use of technology. Without technology, you cannot imagine any work. Which is home-based or professional work, technology will be used. Nowadays the use of technology is in health care departments, e

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Role of Hybrid Cloud and Latest Advancement in Auto Industry

Cloud Computing Synchronizing

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 24 Oct 2019 No Comments

Introduction The modern infrastructure of digital organizations needs platforms like big data, cloud technologies and AI to thrive. Why are modern IT enterprises depending on such platforms? As customers and businesses are benefitting from on-demand service providers (like Uber, Spotify), manufacturing sectors are also looking forward to taking steps towards personalization. Services delivered

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3 Reasons Why Agencies Charge More for SEO Services

SEO Services

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 4 Oct 2019 No Comments

These days, everyone has a website. Owning a website and a domain has never been easier and everyone wants to fit into the new ‘young entrepreneur’ lifestyle. A lot of times, people end up purchasing domains and websites and completely forget about how important it is to have the right SEO, advertising, marketing, and content strategy to help your brand grow. It is mostly about quality and not

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Best Beauty Apps For Android In 2019

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 2 Sep 2019 No Comments

Spending lots of money for a makeover through different stylish is not necessary if you have an Android device. It sounds like off-road or catching fish in space to you onward. If you are not familiar with the technology, then using an Android device is useless. Android is a huge platform and provides millions of apps for different topic and contents. In makeup and beauty, Android provides such ap

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The Role of AI and Big Data while Creating a User-Centric Shopping Assistant App


Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 29 Jul 2019 No Comments

It is already mid of the year 2019, and we are seeing the boundaries between retail and media getting blurred. With the advancement in technology, it is incredibly vital for the sellers to concentrate on providing convenience to the buyers during purchases. This can be achieved with the lethal combination of AI and big data through which it is possible to create a user-centric shoppi

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