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Targeting Competitor’s Branded Keywords – Get Expert Tips

search engine optimization

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 22 Feb 2016 No Comments

What can be a commonly used tactic across Google Adwords account? It can be none other than reaching your nearest competitor's names and brands with your stunning keyword strategy. As we all know that using competitor's name as keywords can be the worst thing at your disposal if you are looking to drive traffic and conversions as your main aim. (more…)

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Live Ahead by Means of Focusing Exceptional High Quality Content And Updated SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 1 Feb 2016 No Comments

The SEO and content strategies are the proactive measures, not the reactive. The changes in the Google algorithm have delivered in depth adjustments within the primary SEO strategy and the content development methods. The low exceptional work is removed from the Google list. Considering the updates of the Google algorithm, the rating of the pages has brought an average fall of almost 67% on the

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6 Big Mistakes That SEO Rookies Make

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 25 Jan 2016 No Comments

Search Engine Optimization requires experience in implementing the required methods in the most effective way. The writing lists down the 6 common mistakes done in the SEO process: Not Knowing What They Don’t Know The SEO techniques are developed according to the algorithm used by the search engines like Google. As it is a live process, the changes are obvious to happen. The import

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3 Methods for Defining Your SEO Content Needs

SEO Content Needs

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 23 Jan 2016 No Comments

Visitors expect the most up-to-date and fresh content that is useful to them. Search engines offer you the detail and complete information that are you searching for. However, updating your site everyday and adding some new information, articles, news and trends will help you to get noticed by the search engines. And your visitors will love your fresh and informative content. Although, writing

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5 Content Marketing Tips For Saving Time And Resources

content marketing1

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 5 Jan 2016 1 Comment

Content marketing is the way to convert the information and resources produced by the companies to represent themselves in the digital marketing era. In other words, content marketing is the process of advertising to get prepared to do the online business. Content marketing is the best strategy to develop and deliver the relevant content to do the profitable business. To produce conceptualized

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How to Optimize a Woo-Commerce for Google?

woocommerce optimization

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 4 Sep 2015 No Comments

Do you think your e-commerce website is performing well on Google? How swiftly it loads the web pages? Is it lethargic? These are some key points that will decide whether your website is performing well or an ensuring that the visitors are having a good experience with your site. So, it is worthwhile to spend some time for tuning/optimizing the site performance. If your website is slow, and UN-op

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How To Improve Ranking & Traffic Of Etsy Shop Store ?

Stsy Shop Optimization

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 8 Jun 2015 No Comments

Seasoned business owners and individuals planning to start up a new e-commerce business choose to sell their products on Etsy to increase their reach. Etsy is an e-commerce website that focuses on vintage items, craft supplies, and homemade goods. Whether you are selling a handmade bag, crochet stool covers or gold necklace, you can easily connect with different buyers and sellers around unique pr

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Top 15 Tricks To Optimize Shopify Store To Get Higher Ranking & Traffic

Shopify Store Ranking

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 2 Jun 2015 2 Comments

If you are looking forward to design a highly customizable online store, Shopify gives you a fantastic platform. After designing an attractive online store, do you think that you will be able to sell your merchandise if your potential clients are unable to find you in the dot com world? The answer would definitely be NO. So what shall be your next step? Well, you need to optimize your online store

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Top 10 Tricks To Increase Sales Of E-commerce Website On Holiday Seasons.

Increase Sale On Holiday Seasons

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 18 May 2015 No Comments

The holiday season means increased e-commerce spending. During the festive or holiday season, the number of sales goes up by 40 to 50%. With the holiday season right around the corner, you must give your online customers a chance to go on a shopping spree while staying in the comfort of their homes. Make your e-commerce business holiday season ready by using the below written tips and tricks. D

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Why Google Is Giving More Preference To Responsive Websites ?

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 7 Apr 2015 No Comments

Mobile usability has been an important part of the Google search algorithm. Mobile device optimized websites are taking place higher place than their non-optimized counterparts. Until recently, the ranking factor has been ambiguous. But everything’s going to change on 21st April. Till now, many webmasters have been avoided the responsiveness of website to make it mobile friendly. But this announ

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