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Best Tools for Freelance Content Writers to get Work

Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 19 Nov 2019 No Comments

The game of business doesn’t end at picking a set of freelance writing tools nevertheless it’s all about making your choice perfect. Right tools and set up will run your business amazingly – the utmost urge of self-employers. Instead, not using the right freelance writing tools does the exact opposite. So, if you are a beginner then no need to worry about that. Here are the best tools for freelance content writers which will help them to improve Google Search Ranking through SEO.

Content Writing

OneLook Dictionary Search
Look for something to come up with ideas being a beginner? Then OneLook Dictionary Search is a perfect tool for you to decide on. It helps you in picking and matching alliteration that fits your brand.
Beginners often used to be oblivious when it came to business finances and most of the time, they themselves don’t know how much they are making. Freshbooks helps you to see a fancy-schmancy dashboard, every time when you log in, giving you an at-a-glance look at your finances.
If you are really a full-time freelance writer then use a project management system and basecamp is one such best tool to use since it is super instinctual, making it easier to hit the deadlines.
Taking notes, brainstorming ideas, writing blog posts, collaboration – all can be done just using a single tool also it will count as Social Media Marketing. Evernote is a note-taking application with which you cannot solely do all that, rather, you can write stuff, outline client projects, and take notes on client phone calls.
Hemingway App
Getting into blogging or copywriting and your writing tends to be a little too nominal then this app can be super helpful. It helps you in making your writing impressive by telling you to replace stupid words. It assists in making your blog conversational and understandable, catching more traffic.
Want to set up a freelance writer site to commence and grow your business? Then Bluehost is one a tool helping you to make your website come with a custom email address. Bluehost is a website itself hosting a service that comes with a FREE domain name.
Even experienced freelance writers are not perfect then how could you consider you a perfect writer as if you’re a beginner? Several writing mistakes are to be seen in writings. It could be acceptable if it is just meagred to writing mistakes but if your blog is plagiarized, your site would ultimately be blocked. Run your blog through Grammarly and it’s one of the best tools for a quick last-minute way to check your work.
Create and enter a dropbox which is the smallest hard drive. Dropbox enables you to save all of your important business files/documents live. Make a folder for each of your clients where you store the projects you’ve done for them. It helps you to keep everything organized. It saves your time as you can easily find anything that you need quickly.
Using Divi theme, you can create both your freelance writing site and blog. It is the easiest to use the theme. Use the visual builder to create anything you want as per choice without knowing a ton of fancy code as a compulsion.
Graphics play a vital role in making your site interesting and catching large traffic to it. Canva is an amazing tool to create blog graphics for which you don’t need to be a pro. Rather, play with the templates and you would come up with interesting graphics.