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Best Long Term Care EMAR/EHR Software 2021

Best Long Term Care EMAREHR Software 2021

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Patients in health care continue to have access to their health records outside of the doctor’s office, which means that health services need to follow an electronic health register scheme (EHR). EHR tech improves continuously, and it is more valuable than ever for physicians and their practices.
Electronic medical Administration Records (EMAR) and electronic health records are also used interchangeably. They are often used interchangeably. However, though they share many features, EMAR and an EHR serve somewhat different objectives. To succeed in your technology investment and practice is key to understanding EMAR vs. EHR.

The Gap In A Letter Is Enormous-: EMAR and EHR
EMAR is an electronic medication administration system that is server-based and specially designed for institutional pharmacies, group homes, assisted living, senior living communities, and long-term care facilities. Moreover, this electronic medication administration record software automates the process of tracking, recording, and re-ordering medications and treatments safely and efficiently for residential care facilities and pharmacies.
Both EMAR and EHR are also wireless patient management reports. EMAR is a server-based infrastructure for managing electronic medicines for institutional pharmacies, assisted living, long-term treatment, and rehabilitation. The program automates distributing, monitoring, and reorganizing medicinal products and treatments in residential care installations and pharmacies safely and effectively.
Whereas, The EHR, in comparison, offers a comprehensive, longer-lasting perspective of a patient’s condition that provides the records for the patient from other physicians. It covers demographics, test outcomes, family status, current disease history, and drugs.

To know which Software for small assisted living is beneficial, you must focus on a comparison of both EMAR and EHR software.

Comparison of EMAR/EHR Software

Consider these features of the programs when evaluating various EMAR applications and EHR software:

Record of Every Patient

Medical practitioners depend consistently on Electronic medical administration record tools in order to record and report useful patient or visit-specific information and share this information. For quick scanning and reporting options, EMAR provides a more detailed prescription record and other histories of the patient, using medication and other barcodes. Besides, the range and solidity of EMAR and EHR applications in this field can vary. Easy to use and easy to view notes will greatly influence daily business practice, like speech transcript.

Relevant Features

EMAR and EHR apps adapt their products to specific specialties requiring additional focus on certain functions. For example, assisted living homes, group homes, or the practice of physical therapy may emphasize the supervision of employees and customer relations. The customization of your record fields to the needs of your specialist EMAR systems can vary as well.

Extended Characteristics
Any applications for medical administration records and EHR, in particular, have broadened their focus to cover a wider range of procedures across medical departments. These are one of the best Software that offers certain characteristics to senior living homes as well as other communities.

Topmost used EMAR and EHR softwares


The company was recently named athenahealth 2020 Best in KLAS for Ambulatory Small Practice EMR. They now partner with over 160,000 distributors across their network. The EHR has an internet site that enables users to review the regular timetable, handle orders and display the findings in a laboratory. The billing module can be used in combination with the EHR or on its own and has a proprietary rules engine, which is constantly revised.
Tools for management of medical practice provide visibility of day-to-day tasks, personalized testing, proactive patterns monitoring, and more. The athenahealth Marketplace enables consumers to link to third-party providers providing tried and tested, high-quality applications to resolve essential pain points for physicians.


ChartLogic is a management platform for EHR and the business cycle that offers health IT strategies for all healthcare companies. ChartLogic EHR captures the clinical meeting; it meets the doctors’ requirements, and preferences, the settlement of denied charges is rapid and successful and fast and effective.

EMAR, EHR independent living applications for assisted living, group homes, and senior living communities by ACC

Everything has proved more vital in today’s environment when powered by numbers.
Leading the team’s activities with experience and learned expertise would lead to a consistently superior focused personnel efficiency. Guide the activities and responsibilities of each team member by providing them with an instant report card to show them what they should do, how they are calculated, and how effectively they are really stored against the metric. This helps you to ‘orient yourself and to reduce your management activities. Your team will improve treatment, happiness with residents, and success in order to reduce your administration and improve your financial results.


Medical recording MicroMD EMAR EHR supports eliminating redundant paper and hospital centers, improving healthcare productivity, and improving patient safety. MicroMD EMAR is designed for all kinds of medical procedures, ranging from individual doctors to vast multi-specific medical organizations to MSO and PHOs. With each practice with many settings and vendors, the scalability of MicroMD supports single or several activities.
●Monitor device access for peace of mind with security features
●Specialty content can be easily adapted to your EMAR & EHR
●See in real-time health results via computer connectivity from medical equipment.
●Explore a variety of integration and interoperability capabilities and benefits

How to Choose The Best EHR-EMAR Software System?
It is heavily up to the kind of practice that you want the best EHR or EMAR apps. It would be best if you had a sophisticated EHR framework to increase the overall productivity for limited private practices. Assisted living as well as group homes usually require a more comprehensive software framework that allows patient reports to be pulled and edited for a number of procedures. Not only this but also reduce the medication errors; you can simply give medicine to your patient on time and the right dosage.
Get help from our staff in order to find the right EHR app for your practice. We will give you a free, hassle-free list of the best EHR-EMAR tech platforms for your organization after you have found out more about the basic necessities.