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Bad Website Code isn’t Always Bad if Hire a Website Design Company or a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai!

Web Design Company in Dubai

Posted by ThinSquare ON Thursday , 1 Apr 2021 No Comments

Coding is the backbone of any website. Any website developer knows that if the code is messy, the entire website structure would crumble. The fact nevertheless is that even bad code will run on a website, but it can cause complete chaos.

Several companies spent several hours and money to get the website code right. Some hire either a digital marketing agency or a web design company in Dubai to fix their website code issues.

Web Design Company in Dubai

Complete Cost of Owning Bad Code!

Any programmer with more than three years of experience would have been slowed by somebody else’s bad code at one point or the other. As the years passed, if a group was moving fast at the onset of a website project they found themselves gradually behind in the race due to this bad code. Each change made to the website code shatters three or perhaps more parts of it.

Sometimes the bad code can be so deep that it can’t be sorted out. As it continues to build, team morale, as well as efficiency, decelerates which could lead to almost zero production. As that happens, the management does what they can, they add more people to the website project in hopes it will help. These new people take time to understand the design of the system.

As they try to catch up with the rest of the team, they are pushed under pressure to get productivity up. This leads to more bad code, leading to more chaos than before.

It’s Time To Redesign!

After all these attempts to get things going, the team gives in and explains that this cannot continue. After accessing the situation the management gives in, perhaps hires a digital marketing agency or a web design agency dubai and the grand website redesign begins.

An entirely new team is gathered and everyone wants to join as it is a new adventure to create something marvelous. Only the greatest minds are eligible to join this team, the rest must continue to manage the existing system. These teams now race to the finish line, to build the new one while keeping up with the ongoing changes of the old one. The management will only replace the new system when it can do all that the old system can do. It could take years to get it done and once it is done the new team leaves. By that time, the old team who are to take over the system end up being completely lost and confused, calling for another redesign as the entire thing is a mess in their mind.

Any firm that has experienced even a small part of all this knows that it is essential to keep code clean, as a matter of market survival.

Ultimately, it is the Point of View!

Has it ever happened to you, where you have dug through a mess that took weeks that could have been dealt with faster? Or perhaps a one-line change, rather than in hundreds of contrasting modules? There are several reasons as to why these things may happen even as to why good code can become bad code? Well, who or what is to be blamed? Well, it lies in ourselves, as difficult as that is to hear.

It may seem to you as say a team member of the code team, that if I were to speak honestly about a flaw or issue to his or her manager, he or she may not want to listen. Yes, that is true, even if they can’t handle it, they want the truth. Ultimately, it is all about good code even if it affects the schedule. To help with your schedule, you may consider talking to the team from the Dubai-based website design company or a digital marketing agency hired by the management.

After all, it is all about working together to achieve the goals. You may also want to consider partnering with a digital marketing agency or a web design company in Dubai to help you deal with all of your coding requirements.

So bad code may not be such a bad thing it is a matter of tackling it the right way!
This article takes inspiration from the author of “Clean Code,”’s book Robert Martin.