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6 Tips for SMEs How to Expand Your Brand


Posted by ThinSquare ON Tuesday , 6 Aug 2019 1 Comment

From a small business, the transformation from just a company into a real brand is something from the realm of fantasy, which either big money or great success can translate into reality. But in fact, to make your brand recognizable by anyone who decided to set such a goal. To do this, you need to know which buttons to press and get ready to work hard. Here are six tips from our resource, following which will lead to brand recognition.

1. Social Media

It costs you nothing to create profiles on the most popular social networks, the developers of which provide various opportunities for business owners. Spending time on your online presence, blogging, filling out a profile and developing your company’s history (or yourself) may seem like a meaningless exercise, but this is far from true. Social networks are a meeting place for you and your future client. Here you have the opportunity to declare yourself, interest, attract, tell about your advantages and, as a result, sell your product or service free of charge and in any form convenient for you. In terms of disseminating information, social platforms are a unique product. Since they provide an opportunity to find your target audience: by age, sex, hobbies, preferences, education, place of residence, etc.

2. Trade shows

Exhibitions are a great place to find like-minded partners, partners, partners, and suppliers. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend money on organizing an exhibition stand, you can just come, walk around, get to know each other and give out your business cards. An active presence at themed exhibitions triggers a chain reaction – they learn about you and talk about you, as a result, contacts are established even with those people with whom you had no personal contact. Moreover, the area of ​​interest of these people in one way or another lies in the sphere of activity of your business. Even you can do badoo sign in login to have fun all time.

3. Connect with people

This advice follows from the foregoing. Do not lose a single opportunity to chat with a new person to disseminate information about your activities. These opportunities surround you at every step: seminars, pieces of training, lectures, networking events, etc. But do not spread the word on the tree. You should focus on the main thing – to tell about your company as briefly and succinctly as possible to arouse interest in the interlocutor and be remembered by him. As an option – prepare some small speeches in advance, in which all the information about your business will be started without unnecessary words. This will help not to get confused about the new situation and not to say too much.

4. Brand items

Well-made high-quality and useful advertising products never remain unclaimed. Therefore, spend money on its creation and make sure that it is surely turned out to be given to the right people: regular or new customers, sponsors, participants of network events, exhibition visitors and all interested parties. Your gifts should look expensive, have company logos and be associated with pleasant emotions. So they will never be thrown away or overdone. The people who received them will be loyal to your brand because these presents are a memory of a good time. And the constant use of these gifts in front of other people will serve as additional advertising for your company.

5. The local press

No doubt there are various types of media in your area, so why not use this tool with its ability to reach an audience located within the same geographic space? There are many ways (both paid and free) that can attract local media to help you. It all depends on your imagination, ability to negotiate and/or the thickness of the wallet. In this case, it is not at all necessary to use means of direct advertising. Indirect advertising is sometimes much more effective than energetic or aggressive imposition.

6. Sites for entrepreneurs

Specialized websites for entrepreneurs do not actively play a direct role in promoting a brand: it is difficult to advertise yourself and attract an audience to use goods or services (unless you give advice, thereby declaring yourself as a professional). But they can be gleaned with a lot of useful information about brand promotion and increasing its recognition.
These sites offer not only free information and learning opportunities but also introduce you to the community of professionals to build relationships and establish useful links that contribute to building your brand.

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