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6 Big Mistakes That SEO Rookies Make

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Posted by ThinSquare ON Monday , 25 Jan 2016 No Comments

Search Engine Optimization requires experience in implementing the required methods in the most effective way. The writing lists down the 6 common mistakes done in the SEO process:

Not Knowing What They Don’t Know

The SEO techniques are developed according to the algorithm used by the search engines like Google. As it is a live process, the changes are obvious to happen. The importance is about the fact that how well we are updated with the changes? Are we working in the learning mode? If we have a lenient approach then we will not be able to do SEO.

Not Directly Addressing Bad Numbers

If the reports of the SEO are bad, then you need to explore the issue and try to fix it immediately. There can be fault at the client’s side, at your part and due to old or bad SEO process. One must rectify such issues otherwise a huge penalty is to be paid.

Not Focusing On The Most Important Items To Improve Revenue

SEO results depend on the ranking of the keywords. The main focus is to generate maximum revenue with the use of keywords ranking. A quarterly strategy may prove to be an effective measure to achieve business target. Also, the focus is on the development of good content and good links.

Sticking Too Close To The Contract

The SEO process is followed according to the wish of the client. It is purely a service oriented process in which the final results depend on the client’s rating. If content and service related issue are not resolved, the results will not be favorable.

Not Getting Help Until It’s Too Late

Normally, we can wait up to six months for the SEO results to come. If we don’t get favorable results within this time, we must ensure that the procedure which we are following is right. A senior SEO consultant needs to be hired immediately till we destroy our listing on the search engines forever.

Not Realizing A Client Is Forever

For any business to run for a long time, sincere efforts are required. Since the SEO process is related to direct online performance and real time working , you can not overdo the things, neither you afford to provide poor services. A SEO must try to do his job with 100% accuracy and excellence. If you are not getting immediate results and client leaves, he is sure to come back to seeing your efforts after some time. NO SEO effort goes wasted.

Final Outcome:

If you are a SEO and beginning your career, you are sure to make mistakes. Get the proper guidelines to correct them and become the master with the latest online help provided in times to come. Track the regular changes implemented. The SEO is going to stay for long on the web.