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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow in 2016

digital marketing

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 6 Jan 2016 No Comments

Digital marketing is the online promotion of the business by the digital channels using the advertising and other online methods. Digital media contain websites, social media, radio, television, mobile, etc. In a straightforward way, any type of marketing done electronically is the digital marketing.

This main focus is on person-to-person (P2P) marketing, print advertising and direct online marketing. The traditional marketing is associated with a digital marketing with the things like URL landing pages, QR codes, web banner advertising, online directories, text codes, etc.

The flair of moving toward the digital marketing methods over the traditional methods is preferred by marketing agencies, business owners and the consumer’s itself. Everybody was interested to see the results in the quantify way and digital marketing uses methods like traffic measuring tools, PPC, e-marketing, etc.

The companies can well engage the users in the digital marketing ways like, messaging, forums, chats, etc. The digital marketing budgets are likely to increase in 2016 with the increase of mobile user applications. The single page websites and Google+ pages no longer belong to social media platform in 2016. Apart from this, a major change in search types will be that Bing and Google will have almost equal weight age.

The most adaptive digital marketing trends of 2016 are:

1. Productive Content Marketing

productive content marketing

The most approachable method of SEO is going to be the productive use of content marketing. Because the search algorithms are capturing the content origin, type and relevance. The original content will top the search. Hence content marketing is becoming an effective digital marketing method. The good content can increase the leads and the ability to pick the customer’s interest. A new trend of patronizing the content is being followed. The secure and sensible content marketing will be the latest technology of digital marketing in 2016.

2. Extensive use of Mobile Applications

Mobile Application

As the Wi Fi is becoming cheaper, the use of mobile users is increasing. Most of the surfing for product search and for communication with the client is done using mobile applications. Therefore, it has become the need of the hour to include mobile services in the online business with the help of digital marketing methods.

Last year, Google released a software to find out the sites which are not not using mobile services for the brand promotions of the products. The latest trend of the digital marketing is to capture the group of mobile users using the same type of services.

3. Paid Search options in SEO trends

SEO Trends

As the SEO techniques are becoming a measure to rate the website and hence rating the business growth with the help of digital marketing. The term paid search is the new addition in the arena after Google, Bing and Yahoo, the three most popular search engines shook their hands in 2015. This partnership offered a new way of doing marketing on the internet. The Google AdWords back in Yahoo search will provide more paid search options to cover the entire web search.

A new addition in the web world is the Bing search launched by Microsoft with Windows 10 and Microsoft edge browser which will definitely going to capture market in 2016. This will be a new paid search option, which will increase the reliability of the digital marketing results.

4. Wide use of Video Marketing

video marketing

The YouTube remained a key player in convincing the people by doing promotion through videos in the digital marketing methods in 2015. The trend is going to get a hike in 2016. it is seen that the video watching attracts more customers. Also the companies can define their thoughts in a better way. A two-three minute video describes the entire product whereas reading 2-3 page information consumes at least 10-20 minutes. Therefore, there will be a wide use of videos in the personal websites too in 2016.

It is seen that the video storytelling is a much easier method of digital marketing than the online advertising. It is more realistic and involves real information display on which the user can rely.

5. Using Marketing Analytics

marketing analytics

The digital marketing methods have taken over the traditional methods by applying only one strategy, knowing the customer in a better and faster way. This helps in the decision making process of the company for the promotion of a brands. The company adopts many methods for promotion, Which one is successful and which method did not work. The digital media monitors quickly and displays the results in a quantified manner. Hence the strategies and campaigns of doing business in an increased profitable way keep changing quite oftenly. The marketing analytics will be more developed to make decisions and strategies.

As the technology will keep changing, these trends will also keep on changing. But definitely these will provide an edge to enhance and explore new methods in digital marketing. We must wisely implement each trend to ensure that they return the investment and slowly give the profit by generating qualified leads and traffic.