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4 Easy Steps To Add Facebook Comments To WordPress Websites

Posted by ThinSquare ON Friday , 10 May 2019 1 Comment

4 Easy Steps To Add Facebook Comments To WordPress Websites

Do you want to add Facebook Comments to WordPress website to boost user engagement? You can do it easily by following the process explained in this tutorial. Many people migrate website to WordPress because they want to acquire a flexible and user-friendly interface. The open source CMS facilitates the creation of feature-rich websites which attract a lot of visitors. Allowing users to login with their Facebook accounts and leave comments will increase their involvement with the interface. Visitors can also share the comments with their followers on the world’s largest social network. This can potentially boost the traffic to the website. It will also limit spam as people will be identifiable through their social profiles. Let’s see how you can enable Facebook comments on your WordPress website.

1. Install The WpDevArt Facebook comments Plugin

People familiar with the open source platform will know that adding functionality can be done easily through plugins. In fact, you can find a suitable plugin for almost every possible functionality in the world. These tools are available in free as well as premium categories. The solution that we have chosen for our tutorial is called WpDevArt Facebook comments. It is a freemium product meaning it comes in free as well as paid versions. Log in to your WordPress installation through your username and password. Go to the plugins section in the control panel menu on the left-hand side. Click to open the plugins screen and then choose the “Add new” option. Type the name of the plugin in the search box and then download it after locating it in the results.

2. Create An App ID On Facebook

Once you have activated the plugin, you will need an App ID which will be created on Facebook. In order to generate the ID, you will have to access the Facebook for Developers page. You can log in to the page with the username and password of your Facebook profile. Locate a link called “My Apps” on the top of the page. Click it and then select the “Add a New App” option. A pop-up will appear where you will have to provide a name for the new app. You will also need to enter an e-mail ID. Provide all the details and press the “Create App ID” tab. Move to the next step of this guide to add Facebook Comments to WordPress websites.

3. Connect The App To Your Website

As soon as you create the app, you will be directed to the new app’s account. On this screen, you must select the “Facebook Login” option in the “Add a Product” section. On this same page, you will find the App ID. It will be specified right on top of the screen. Just click it and it will be automatically copied.

Now you will be asked to choose a platform for the freshly-created application. Select the “Web” option. Enter your website’s URL in the “Site URL ” section and hit the “Save” button.

4. Configure The Plugin Settings

Now return to the control panel of your interface. You will now have to configure the plugin’s settings to complete the connection between the app and your interface. Locate the option called “FB comments” in the dashboard menu. Click on it to access the settings screen. Right on top of this page is the field where you must paste the App ID. Scroll down and define where you want to display the comments. You can do so by ticking the boxes against “Home”, “Post”, and “Pages” options. Save the changes and complete the process of integrating Facebook comments on your website.


You can now easily add Facebook Comments to WordPress websites. This will help you leverage the powerful social network to boost the engagement of visitors with your interface.